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What to Text a Girl You Like To Turn Her On 180 Burning Text Ideas

What to Text a Girl To Make Her Wet [180 Text Ideas For Turn Her On]

Many of my male subscribers have been asking me this one burning question all the time. What to text a girl to turn her on? Or what to say when texting a girl? What sexting conversations will get her

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how to get your husband interested in you sexually

9 Proven Ways To Get Your Husband Interested in You Sexually

Getting a man interested and involved sexually is no easy task, especially when he has lost interest and started to drift away from you. If your husband isn’t being interested or responsive sexually,

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7 Tips to Make Friends with Benefits Work

A friend with benefits relationship also denoted as FWB often describes as a relationship ideal for people who want to have sex regularly but not in a committed partnership. Although it’s unconventional

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Dating Hacks for Shy Women

12 Smart Dating Hacks for Shy Women

So, you’re shy. If you don’t like to expose yourself, you often find yourself wondering how other people manage to do it so easily. Well, no need to worry – we’ve smart dating hacks

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Low Libido In Women

How To Fix Low Libido in Women: 7 Important Truths That Will Blow Your Mind

As much as there isn’t yet a little blue pill to increase sex drive in women, there are things you can do to boost your libido! The first step is to recognize what’s holding it back- what is

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spice up your marriage life

7 Exciting Ways To Spice Up Your Married Life

Love is a beautiful thing and is one of the greatest forces that unite humans. People even go to unbelievable extents because of love. You may share your love with your friends and family, but this

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how to tighten your vagina

How To Tighten Your Vagina (Safe & Best Ways)

As women get older, it’s common for our bodies to change and the vagina might feel looser than it did when you were younger. While this isn’t always a cause for concern, some women do feel

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Sexting Examples and Paragraphs to Turn Him On and Moisten His Pants

100 Dirty Sexting Examples To Turn Him On (& Moisten His Pants)

There was time when teenagers and couples hardly knew anything about sexting examples and dirty talking ideas. It was those days when just a sensual look into your partner’s eye was more than enough

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