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The Story Of My Life Maybe Yours Too 

Have you ever felt frustrated, dejected and thoughtless? I feel when I think about the most hated thing in my life which is my day job. For some lucky people it’s 9 AM to 6 PM and 9 AM to 8 PM or sometimes even 10 for some unlucky people like me.

Well, quitting your day job and living a prosperous life that’s the dream for most of us right.

I know most of you just like me have realistic and kinder dreams. A dream that includes your family, a kind of job that gives pleasure and not pressure. We are common people with realistic and kinder dreams.

We don’t want BMW and Ferrari, but we do want a car that looks pleasing to eye and satisfy our soul. We don’t want to live the Hollywood kind of lifestyle, but we do want a life that gives us good status and respect among the people and the society where we live.

Hi I am Manish, a Banker by profession and passionate Blogger by hobby. I am the founder of the blog  https://lovefindsitsway.com which is my dream project and my life's journey.

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I always wanted to do something different and leave my Bank Job. I always wanted to write about Happiness, inner peace, success and motivation especially for youngsters to help them understand the true importance of happiness and success in life which I believe play a very significant role in your love life too, it's because if you leave success the one you love will leave you.

Take my words for granted and I ll expand my feelings in the last part of this post why success really matters. For now let's read ahead.

I request you to read this page till the end, even if you have stumbled somehow on this page unknowingly, I assure when you leave you will definitely feel it was worth reading and I insist you to use whatever inspiration you got to enhance and improve your own life and the surrounding where you live.

Moving on from where we left, The sad and tormenting end of my love life really inspired me move in search of my lost happiness and inner peace.

Believe me it took me 6 long years to get over my ex, but than I realized your happiness is not something that is dependent on someone's existence in your life.

To be honest when my relationship crumbled, it was the most tormenting and dreadful experience I went through.

I cannot explain the pain and grief that surrounded my life, the only thing I craved was to die, die and die. It was the most testing and frustrating phase of my life.

Thanks to my friend GOD, I managed somehow to come out of it, still the memories and those lovely moments linger in my thoughts when I think about her.

Sometimes I desperately wish in my heart to get a chance to see her once.

But I know it's not possible at least in this life, well she is definitely the inspiration behind my blogging career.

It's because even though I was searching for my happiness in her, but eventually I ended up finding my happiness by being in my own approximation.​

Ok..Ok.. I guess I am getting diverted from the topic let's continue and get to the main theme of this page.

The idea behind writing this page is to get myself inspired and at the same time inspire people like you. Because somewhere in my heart I know, in fact I believe the story of my life resembles the story of your life too.

Believe me guys it’s not only the story of my life, it’s yours too. Ask yourself is it a crime to have a realistic and modest dream?

Just think about it for a moment and your heart will tell you the sheer truth, we all deserve to live a fulfilling life but somewhere in our heart we think.

Is it possible? Will it happen for me?

It’s a question that haunt me every night and day, as I am writing this page I want to tell you a truth I am not a successful person in my life.

I am someone who is just like you, but the only difference is I have the burning desire in my heart to be successful and quit my day job.

I am someone who works till late night in hope of becoming a successful entrepreneur, when the world around me sleep. Every day I move out of my house at 9 AM and return at 8 PM and post dinner from 9 PM to 12.30 AM.

I work on my blog and when I sleep the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur some day never lets me sleep.

I don’t have time to play with my two year old kid. He waits for me to come from office and when I do come I am so drained after spending those fucking 12 hours in my office that I am pissed off and I simply ignore his plea calling “papa papa”.

It's because the moment I come home the next thing on my mind is my blog, I really feel bad for my son. But that’s the way life goes, success is not easy, it takes lots of sacrifices, dedication and integrity to achieve it.

Are you ready to do all this sacrifices?

Aaah! How badly I wish to quit my job. All I want is to take my blogging career to the next level by helping people with my generous advice to improve their relationship and love life.

I believe just like me you all have a dream, it can be blogging. Consulting, acting, or marketing, securing a decent job or maybe you want to have your own business. It can be anything for that matter.

All I want to say is ask in your mind. Do you really have what it takes to be successful or you are just day dreaming?

It’s very easy to quit your job, all you need is a pen, paper or a laptop to type your resignation letter in excitement but have you ever thought of the future what next?

It feels awesome to fantasize about our dream and hope in our prayers for it to come true as most of us do in our free time.

It just take few seconds to imagine or fantasize the life you want to live few seconds but life time to achieve that dream.

My friend the sheer truth is dreams don’t come true with hope, fantasy and prayer most of the times in the real world.

I am not demoralizing you chasing your dream is definitely not impossible if not easy, All I want to say is success is not easy, but not impossible too.

All you need to have is an intent!

Ask Yourself?

Are you ready to take all the pain and effort required to achieve the success you want?

Are you ready to serve people without expecting anything in return?

Are you ready to sacrifice your personal and family life?

Are you ready to listen to people’s taunts and sarcasm?

I know at this point of time, your adrenal is pumped up and you are absolutely ready to accept any challenge that life throws at you.

But, hold on!

It’s not that easy as you think. At some point, I bet you will think to quit. I think of quitting my blogging career every day.

But when I look high towards my dream I get a sense of comfort and ease which gives me lot of confidence to build faith and trust in my mind and heart.

I wonder how Neil does everything so efficiently.

Oh! I forget to mention about Neil Patel the famous online entrepreneur top most influencer on the web and one of the top 10 online marketers.

Neil Patel

I don't know him personally, but I derive my inspiration from him the way he goes out of the way to help and motivate new bloggers like me.

The more I speak about him will be less, he is the king of every blogger’s heart. He is icon of confidence, symbol of hard work and live proof of what it takes to achieve success in life.

I wish I could meet him once in life and that is possible only if I have lots of money which is possible only through my dream project blogging.

And I am pretty darn sure that my current job cannot fulfill this expectation. No matter how hard I work for my organization and I believe that is not the case only with me, but also with most of you. Correct me if I am wrong?

Neil is my inspiration when I feel sad, dejected and confused I look up at him, don’t know why but for some reason he has been like a revolution in my life. The moment I think of him I start to feel better.

To know more about him click here but only if you are curious and have the burning desire for achieving success in life, because he is kind of a big deal.

Everyone has someone in life who inspires them, I have Neil Patel. What about you?

If you haven’t thought about it up till now, now it’s time to think from where you drive your inspiration or you are just living to die poor one day.

It’s a big question and the answer for it lies in your heart.

As far as I am concerned I am working hard on my blogging and I will continue to do it.

I am ready to sacrifice my personal life and give whatever it takes so that I can live the rest of my life peaceful and prosperous. I want to work so much in this couple of years that I will never have to work like crazy or at least not 9 to 8 for the rest of my life.

Some times when I see my neighbors enjoying at their home and me working hard I feel really bad but that’s the way it is.

It's been more than a year now I started blogging. I am working day and night without thinking about anything else other than blogging.

I don't have enough capital to purchase those costly tools required to sky rocket my website traffic and take it to the next level. But I am grinding and waiting for things to shape up in future with my persistent effort and perseverance.

I hope some day GOOGLE will reward my hard work and pour thousands of visitors on my blog.

I do everything on my own sometimes it really feels like too much but can't avoid it as I am not born with a silver spoon. But I will have to do it to ensure my son is born with a silver spoon.

Well for your general information My blog receives approximately 18000 to 20000 unique visitors per day and generates on an average 3000 USD per month in revenue which is quite good for someone who is working alone with out any out sourcing and also with a day job. and this revenue is only to going to increase from here on.

I am not telling this to Brag about myself, what I mean is everything is possible if you have the will power and belief to do it.

Believe me guys a time will come in your life when you will think even after trying so hard there's no change in your situation.

Trust me it's important to go through this phase. There will be a time when you will see happy faces around you, but you will be not happy. You will feel dejected and left alone in a corner.

But don't lose hope just move on my friend, Remember GOD is testing your patience and checking your limits. You just need to stay focused and continue with your efforts.

You know why I am writing this lines because this is exactly what I am going through right now and maybe most of you must have gone through in your life too. It's 3 A.M. Date - 22.04.2016 in the morning and I am still awake when the world around me is sleeping and I am wondering where my life is heading towards - confused, frustrated, dejected and hopeless.

If this is your situation don't worry all you need to do is just face it, face it and face it that's the only way to get through and believe me the victory will be even more tasty and sweet than the pain and frustration you are going through.

I still remember when my lovely wife asked me to buy a necklace for her, I told her I don’t have money and if I buy the necklace for you, I will be short of money for my Web Hosting plan that I wanted to purchase for my blog from Big Rock.

It really hurts isn’t it? Your kid looks for something in the toys section and you try to divert their attention as it disturbs your monthly budget. I am pretty much sure it’s a common story for many of you reading this page.

Guess what maybe you are guy reading this page but not married like me, you want to give the best possible gift to your Babe! But you don’t have the money to buy it. It really kills deep inside how helpless you feel isn't it?

But that's the way it is and remember only you can change your current situation no one else can do. If you don't have money maybe the girl you love so much one day will leave you.

Believe me she definitely will - I hope you remember I told I will discuss about why success matters in the first part of this post. Now I will tell you why! Nobody can explain this better than me (can you imagine your girlfriend your sweetheart going in arms of your best friend leaving you) It's painful to imagine, but even more painful to see that scene in reality)

I am a live proof of that, no offense God Bless her wherever she is. Guys it's my personal experience because love only is not enough to survive we live in a selfish world and we are all selfish its the bitter truth so better accept it. If you are not successful she will leave you.

I wonder how things will shape up in future for me and I know if I am not successful people will look at me insanely that’s how the world is.

Because the world remembers only successful people and put the one’s in garbage that are success less

Nobody cares how hard you fought and tried what matters is your current situation.

Last but not the least I am not telling all this things to brag about how hard I am working.

I just want to give you all the confidence and inspiration to chase your dreams and do the things you are best at.

The way I am trying to shape up my dreams, I want you too to try it for yourself.

I love bogging and making people find their true happiness and dreams to turning them into reality in real life, you do what you love to do to chase your dream that’s all I want to say.

You can do it, just have to believe!

So start it right now and follow your heart, follow your dream!

If you have any issues shoot me a mail on - manish@lovefindsitsway.com

Have a beautiful life and future and more importantly start doing what you love and you will automatically get what you want!

In the end I will only pray for you to live life abundantly.​


Manish Yadav