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As you’ll learn throughout this amazing article, what’s key to a long-lasting relationship? What makes a man fall in love (and stay in love)

Tips for Long-Lasting Relationship 

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Here you’ll learn how to alter his gut-level, emotional feelings about himself when he’s with you. As you’ll see, this is the key to his heart.

The Paleolithic Principle

Understand that he processes information differently than you

If you can understand the way that he processes information, then you can easily get him to open up—based on the fact that when you understand 

…questions that will tap into his deepest feelings and thoughts he may not even know he had and feelings

The Question System

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 Romantic long-lasting relationship

For a man to experience fun, excitement, and anticipation in his romantic long-lasting relationship, he needs you to trigger his “hunter/protector” instinct and CRAVE to cherish and protect you

As you’ll see, femininity is what really draws in a masculine man like a moth to a flame - and once you learn how to act like a dream girl...


Next, there’s The Dream girl Factor, where you’ll learn how to slough off your habitual, unattractive, fear-based responses to his distance and aloofness