What Your Man Think When He Looks at You

Have you ever wondered what your man think when he looks at you? Or what he tells his friends about you? Well, wonder no more, my friend

What he thinks  about you physically

Men react to visual stimulation, much more so than women do. And, here’s a dirty little secret – they have what is called a “spank bank.”

The beginning of your RELATIONSHIP matters

Think of it this way: At the early stages of a relationship – say, when you first kiss, or when you go out on your first date, or when you first make love .

What he thinks about you as a potential girlfriend.

If you were to ask a thousand men what they want in women, you’d get a lot of different answers – after all, they’re not robots, they’re men.

He wants to know how GROUNDED you are.

The other most common thing that men think about when they think about women is how grounded they are. I understand that “grounded” is kind of a catch-all phrase.