February 11, 2024

13 Self Care Ideas to Make You Feel Good Now

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Self-love or self-care is a critical element to living a happy and blissful. Whether you want to make money and become rich or you want to feel good and amazing all the time self-care is the gateway to achieve all of your goals and dreams in life.

Therefore, these 13 self-care ideas or self-love activities which is purely for the purpose of self-nurturance will definitely take your life to the next level.

This exercise should be something that you look forward to each day! A regular practice of self-nurturing activities will help to increase your self-awareness, get you in touch with your spiritual self and boost feelings of self-worth, love and accomplishment.

Choose one self-care idea from these motivating list to do each day. Spend at least 10 minutes doing your chosen activity each day.

Try to mix these self care ideas up each day to make sure you are meeting all of your needs - taking care of your body, stimulating your mind, nurturing your emotional side and tending to the needs of your spirit.

After each self care activity, reflect on your thoughts, feelings and experiences to analyze your progress.

13 Self-care or self help daily activity options:

#1. Cook a healthy, nutritious meal for yourself.

This self care idea is about nourishing and honoring your body. For your meal, choose a selection of healthy and delicious foods that will give your body the nutrients it needs, as well as pleasing your taste-buds. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

#2. Listen to music you enjoy.

Music is a great self care therapeutic tool which can help to relax and engage the mind and body in a variety of ways. In this activity, put on some music you enjoy, relax and pay attention to how it is making you feel.

#3. Explore somewhere you haven’t been before.

As humans, we are designed to seek out novel situations. In this activity, decide on a place or area that you haven’t been before and would like to explore. Spend time getting to know this place.

#4. A great self-help activity is to learn something new.

Engage your brain by learning some new information. Choose a topic which interests you and research about it. If you make some interesting discoveries, feel free to explain what you found out to others. 

This is a creative self-care idea that will not only enhance the positive thinking capacity of your mind but also keep you stress free and relaxed.

#5. Write a loving letter to yourself

This self help idea involves writing a letter to yourself which is filled with love, kindness and inspiration for the future. In this letter, write about your strengths, accomplishments, the things you have overcome and the qualities that make you special. 

You can also include the things you want to achieve in the future. Sign and date your letter and put it somewhere safe, so you can refer back to it in future.

#6. Have a bath.

With bath I am not talking about our routine bath. With bath I mean try something different. Add aromatherapy bath oils and put on soft music for extra relaxation.

A bath is a great way to relax and allow yourself to let go of anything that has been on your mind. 

#7. Read a book (self help book will also do)

Reading engages the imagination and well as learning. If reading is something you really enjoy doing, I urge you to make time for this in your life.

It doesn’t matter what type of book at is as long as it interests you and you feel enjoyment when reading.

#8. Take a nap to feel good.

If you’re feeling tired or run down and have a bit of free time one morning, afternoon or evening, why not take a nap?

Getting enough rest is really important for your physical and mental health, and even a short power-nap can do wonders for your energy levels.

#9. Bond with nature (best self care activity I love)

A great way to get in touch with your spiritual self and find peace is to get out and bond with nature. Leave the noise and clutter of home or city life and embrace some fresh surroundings. 

Go for a walk or simply sit and enjoy being a part of the life around you. Allow yourself to become aware of the sights, smells and sights you are surrounded by.

Note: It’s important that when you do this activity, you turn off your cellphone or other devices. Being constantly connected to other people can prevent you from fully relaxing and becoming one with your surroundings

#10. Spend time playing with a pet.

If you have a pet, you will know that they can be one of the great sources of joy in our lives. Spend some time playing with your pet and cherishing the bond that you have.

#11. Do a type of exercise you enjoy.

This self care activity is also about nourishing and honoring your body. A regular dose of exercise has a whole range of benefits for your health and wellbeing – including relieving stress, stimulating your brain, burning excess energy, maintaining a healthy weight and building strength.

Make sure you regularly make time to do the types of exercise you enjoy. For instance, walking, running, yoga, swimming, football, or dancing.

#12. Spend quality time with someone who loves, supports and inspires you.

This self help idea is about nurturing your social needs. We all need love and support from others. Plan a fun date or activity with someone you enjoy being around. 

Note: Although this activity is WITH somebody else, it is not exclusively for THEIR benefit. It is still helping to nurture your own needs. Just make sure that you spend time with someone who boosts you up rather than brings you down.

#13. Create your own self care ideas.

You also have the option of choosing your own self care ideas. Remember, it needs to be healthy, rewarding, appealing to your spiritual self and self-focused (rather than other-person focused).


I hope you loved reading these 13 self care ideas that has the potential to empower your life. If you loved reading please do not forget to share and comment below.

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