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If you have your thought or a word of advice to share with our readers, feel free to grab a pen and paper to write for us.

But before you send us an guest post, please read the below mentioned guide lines provided here so you know just what we’re looking for and how you can share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Our Blog and its readers

This is a totally new blog with around 800 daily visitors and around 50000 page views a month. The stats are not at all amazing by any means, but not bad either for a new blog which is only few months old. This blog is ready to improve with time as we are putting lot of effort to develop it and it will only improve with time. lovefindsitsway.com leader in basically a symbol of love and  relationships for men and women.

And as a Blog we are totally dedicated to changing romance and relationships in the world, we are here to help all singles and couples overcome obstacles in their love lives and lead a happier and more fulfilling life with each passing day.

Share your experiences with us

At lovefindsitsway.com we want to share ideas, stories and experiences with our readers. We strive to enrich the lives of our readers by sharing our and others experiences and thoughts on love so our valuable readers can understand and realize the importance of relationships, their own selves and the small things that really matter to achieve happiness and strength in their love and family lives.

And that’s where I believe we need you and your experiences!

After all, love is the beginning and the end of everything in the universe and it creates a teacher in us all. Every one of us has a life experience and a story to share and a lesson to teach to others through our own trysts and understanding with love.

And just by sharing your thoughts, you can play a part in changing someone’s life too. Share our platform and voice your ideas and your thoughts to our readers whose lives could be changed for the better because you helped them understand love from your perspective and through your experiences.

If you’re interested in contributing your ideas and sharing them with our readers, please read the submission guidelines mentioned below. 

Submission Guidelines

How can you share your ideas?

If you are willing to write an article or any story, please make sure it is fresh and original and not copied. If you’re inspired by a relationship issue or health issues and feel like sharing your ideas write to us and send it at this mail directly lovefindsitsway123@gmail.com if we like it we’ll publish it directly with your name and do follow link to your website.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

One of the most important thing we’re looking for more than anything else in your article is the essence of insight. It should be easy to share and truly expresses the thought and analyze it takes deep insight.

Our intention isn’t just to share what works and what doesn’t in relationships or health issues. Our purpose is to explain an idea, so our readers can learn and improve their lives intuitively with each article they read, by deciphering the article in a manner that’s comparable with their own lives.

We publish lot of articles on love and relationship issues that you could write about. But we’re also looking for personal experiences and life lessons that have helped you improve your life and your relationships. We are also looking for someone who can really write good articles on any health related issues that could serve our readers purpose.

How long should the article be?

We believe that any article that has proper flow and serves the purpose well is the best. A typical article in any blog is about 1400 to 1800 words. It’s up to you and your comfort level. Longer or shorter ones as long as they’re comprehensive and detailed, but not less than 1200 words.

Links in the article?

No, not unless it’s absolutely required. You may link to authoritative and credible websites only if the article requires a reference that can’t be summarized within the article itself. We’re particularly against including links to websites where the primary intention of existence is to sell a product or a service.

Links to any irrelevant sites will be deleted without any prior intimations.

How would I be credited for the article?

If your article is selected to be published, we would get in touch with you and you could send us your bio and your name will be linked directly to your website at the end of the article.

You can also provide link to your social media handle, in your author summary so it could be shared with our readers. Please remember that any links we wouldn’t recommend to our readers would be deleted without any prior intimation these include links or pages that are spammy in nature, websites targeting specific keywords in their domain name, websites selling products we wouldn’t recommend, etc.

Will you get paid for the article we publish?

No you will not be paid for your article, but by contributing to our blog you will definitely gain some readers and followers providing you with a platform to voice your ideas and reach out to over hundreds and maybe thousand daily readers in future who will visit our blog seeking information on love, relationship, dating and health issues.

Tips for submission

Proofread your article. On completion of your article, please read your article a few times before submitting it to us so you can check it for grammatical and typographical errors.

The Idea is original and not copied. If the article you submit is too similar in idea to something that’s already featured on our blog or copied from some other blog we may not be able to accept it as we will test the whole article with copyscape tool before publishing.

On receiving your article, we would typically respond within a few days. But if you don’t hear from us within few days after submitting your article, feel free to send us a follow up email.

After the article is published on our blog you may choose to publish your article in any other medium or even your own personal blog or website, but it must be done so only with a link directed back to your article in lovefindsitsway.com citing our blog as the original source for the article.

By submitting your article to lovefindsitsway.com you acknowledge and affirm that the article provided by you is written by you specifically for publication in our blog and is original and not previously published in part or whole in any medium whatsoever.

How to submit your article to our blog

To submit your article please email your article as a word file attachment to lovefindsitsway123@gmail.com with the subject line addressed as ‘Guest post submission”

We’re excited to hear from you, and look forward to sharing your thoughts and stories with the rest of the world.

When love is not madness it is not love


Manish Yadav