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Day 2: Find Out What REALLY Turns Him On…


Welcome to Day 2 of our Dirty Talking Crash Course!

I hope you enjoyed reading yesterday’s lesson. It’s crucial for you to know that your boundaries, your wants and desires are first before trying to understand and cater to your man’s sexual desires.

Now here’s the thing. When it comes to sex, Most women think that her men will have all figured out and more importantly 95 percent women also don’t know what exactly turns there men on.

That is why I want you to read this lesson till the end as the dirty words in this lesson will certainly moisten his pants and set him on fire (for you and not for any other women)

Most women assume that at the end of the day, they just want to sow their seeds and be sleep with as many women as long as they can get away with it.

You think that they’re always looking for someone hotter, someone sexier, someone with bigger boobs or ass… that “perfect” woman who would do anything and everything to fulfill their sexual desires.

That’s the reason why you feel hurt and cheated on whenever they turn to porn instead of turning to you when they’re trying to satisfy their desires.

But is it really the bigger boobs or ass that makes him want to desire other women? Or is it something far more deeper?

You see, men aren’t as shallow as you think they are.

It’s not because they don’t think you’re sexually attractive that they turn to porn, and their sex drive isn’t driven by sleeping with hundreds of women either.

If you want to understand what really turns him on, and how you can use this to your advantage to turn his attention back to you, then read on.

#1. What Does Sex Mean to Him?

It’s about seduction, power, ego, conquest, accomplishment, and validation.

It’s about knowing he’s rendered you defenseless against his magnificent dong and his tremendous sexual prowess.

It’s the satisfaction he gets knowing he can deliver sublime physical bliss to you.

It’s the pride he takes in making ladylike you lose all control in the bedroom.

Now imagine this. If you let your man feel empowered.. if you can make him feel that he can seduce you, make you feel like a man by allowing him to fulfill not just his desires, but your own sexual desires as well.

He won’t even give it a second thought to look for any other women or turn to porn to satisfy his urges.

So what do you do to make this happen?

Start with practicing on how to talk dirty to him. When you talk dirty, you’re reinforcing his sexual prowess and in return, strengthens his connection with you.

Now if you’re uncomfortable with talking dirty, I have a worksheet on our separate program (not free)and you can access the “Dirty Talk Thesaurus Worksheet” Here at

Now of course, if you want to take it up a notch, you need to learn how to get comfortable with his special “Tool”

#2. Getting Comfortable with his special “Tool”

The moment your man discovered the power of his penis, and the pleasures he can have with it, your man has been obsessed with it.

And it’s not just your man, it’s how nature is designed.

In the animal kingdom, you would often see the male show and project their penis to attract potential partners and to assert dominance.

So how do you get your man to feel like the dominant powerful creature that he is?

That is through admiring his penis. The bottom line:

The more affection, attention, and love you shower on his cock, the more he feels like a man. A big, strong, sexy, virile MAN.

Stare at it, tell him how much you love it, use descriptive words and phrases do describe his penis during sex.

Now don’t worry if you’re still feeling uncomfortable with this stage.

Still I want you to read this dirty lines to get that dirty feeling of seducing a man.


Baby I crave for you so damn hard that…

I want you here right now!

I am so damn ready for you…

your body is delicious dirty, cheesy lines & thoughts running through my mind…

you feel amazingly hot, you know that…

I can’t wait to. . .feel you deep inside me..

have you..

fuck you….have your cock in my mouth…

feel your tongue on my clitoris..

Isn’t that amazing. . .

If you want to learn and get comfortable with the right phrases to say, you can find out more about it Here at

#3. Rethinking Pornography and Using it to Your Advantage.

Now this may be a little bit more controversial, but before you turn away from this program, this needs to be discussed because it’s one of the misunderstood issues in a relationship. According to statistics based on the Language of Desire’s Research:

  • Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry, about $57 billion worldwide
  • 1 in 8 online searches are for erotic content
  • According to general surveys, 70% of men and 30% of women watch porn
  • It’s estimated that 68% of young men and 18% of young women watch porn once per week
  • 30% of all data transferred over the Internet is porn

Now think about it for a second. We’re not here to judge whether porn is good or bad.

Let’s approach this as researchers and understand the facts. And the facts lie in the numbers. Men watch porn. Period. So the question now is why? The first simple reason is that men watch sex and get aroused. It’s not because they find a girl over porn more sexier or more attractive.

They see boobs, they get a boner and that’s because men are visual creatures. You can also note that he gets aroused by seeing the women to look very eager to want sex and to just relish the pleasure she feels having sex. Now that also triggers the desire in your man’s brain.

The desire to have a woman just let go of their inhibitions and let him feel that he’s satisfying all your sexual desires. And it’s not just about him getting to please the woman, it’s the woman’s enthusiasm to get to please his desires as well. Now think about it for a second. These are all his sexual desires. Desires that turns him on.

Now instead of looking at porn and telling yourself how it is ruining your relationship, think of it this way instead. What if it was you, who can show your man that you’re letting go of all your inhibitions and just enjoying having sex with him?

What if you show him that you’re equally enthusiastic about fulfilling his own sexual desires as well? I’m not here to change your mind about porn, but I’m here to help you understand why your man is turned on by porn and what you can choose to do about it moving forward. Now for the next lesson, I’m going to teach you special techniques that will want him to crave and want you MORE.

And if you want to learn more about why man prefer watching porn you can find out more about it Here at

Stay sexy,

Manish –

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