May 5, 2022

150 Cheesy Pick Up Lines To Make Him Blush & Lose Control

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Do you want some cheesy pick up lines to use on your guy or any guy you have crush on? Do you want to make him lose control by talking dirty without even touching him?

If YES! Read this amazing post on cheesy pick up lines to use on guys. A Powerful checklist of more than 150 dirty pick up lines to drive him wild.

To start out, I’m just going to have you send a few playful texts.

I want you to keep this at a PG level. Sweet and flirty!

You are going to compliment him and make him feel masculine with these cheesy pick up lines.

Start your lines with something like:

I admire. . .

I adore. . .

What I love about you. . .

I appreciate. . .

I really like. . .

I enjoy. . .

I’m crazy about. . .

I value. . .

You are the best at. . .

I respect. . .

Turn up the heat a few degrees with this cheesy pick up lines.

So far, you’ve sweetly let him know you admire and enjoy being with him. Now you are going to turn up the heat just a little with some texts or lines that build anticipation.

These texts aren’t going to be graphic. They are still flirty, but just a little more directed at sex.

I can’t stop thinking about your. . .

. . . sexy lips. I love how you kiss me 🙂

. . . satisfied smile last night

. . . touch. You know exactly how to make my body

sing 😉

You’ve got me so distracted. . .

. . . I think I need a cold shower 😉

. . . just thinking about being alone with you

. . . remembering last Thursday night

I smile when I think about. . .

. . .what I wish you were doing to me right now.

. . . our romantic getaway last month. Damn, it was

steamy 😉

. . . letting you have your way with me 😉

You turn me on with your. . .

. . . bedroom eyes. I know exactly what’s on your mind

when you look at me like that.

. . . kisses. They make me want to surrender to you 😉

. . . strong hands. So manly yet gentle. And a little

naughty 😉

And follow up that with something you genuinely want to compliment him about. Men love feeling respected and acknowledged for their accomplishments, hard work, AND how they make you feel.

. . . how hard you work to provide for our family.

. . . how much you do around the house.

. . .your integrity. It’s a rare trait!

. . .your passion for your career.

. . . how much you love your kids.

. . . doing the yard work and chores I don’t like 🙂

. . .your willingness to always help someone you care about.

. . .your sense of humor. You always can make me laugh 🙂

. . . how much you care about your health.

. . .your intelligence.

. . . how you care about our community.

. . . you will always kill a spider without laughing at my fear of them!

When it comes to feelings, tell him how he makes you feel from your heart.

You make me feel. . .

. . . safe

. . . loved

. . . appreciated

. . . beautiful

. . . sexy

. . . cared for

. . . understood

. . . like a queen

And remember. . . a little objectifying goes a long way! 😉

I really like. . .

I’m crazy about. . .

I adore. . .

. . .your scruffy beard. It’s hot 🙂

. . . how well you take care of your body. Looking good,

mister 🙂

. . .your strong arms, especially when you hold me

close 🙂

. . . how cute your butt looks in those new jeans 😉

. . .your soulful eyes

. . .your chiseled jaw

. . . that new haircut

. . .your broad shoulders

You can leave it there or follow it up with something that will make him feel appreciated. . .

. . . I’m so thankful

. . . I’m a lucky woman

. . .You’re the best

. . . I love you so much

Do this at least two to three times during the week. Ideally, once in the beginning of the week, and once close to the weekend.

Believe me these lines will certainly bring harmonious situations in your love life.

Also, note that his response isn’t really important. He may send a simple thank you, he may reply with a compliment of his own.

You are just piquing his interest here and training him that sometimes a text from you will be a flirty or sweet surprise.

The point with your texts is to ramp up his desire when he hears his phone buzz with a cheesy pick up lines from you.

Your text prompts may lead to some dialogue back and forth.

But if he doesn’t reply with sexy messages of his own, it’s okay. He is now learning how texting is a sexy communication tool, and he may not feel comfortable yet.

If he only replies with a smiley face or short sentences, don’t worry that he doesn’t like it. He still may be unsure of how to engage with you.

Ask him easy questions after your messages that he can answer with a yes or no.

Does that sound fun?

Are you smiling too?

Do you like that?

Want to do that tonight?

# The slow boil

Now it’s time to venture into more graphic territory. By now, he should be used to getting cheesy pick up lines from you.

Using digital communication gives him the chance to build his confidence, so stick to texting unless he takes the lead and talks dirty in person.

Talking about the senses is a great way to get his mind exactly where you want it.

If you’ve recently had sex, one thing that works is to recall a specific moment, sensation, or feeling from your time together. You can also build anticipation for next time.

I can’t stop thinking about. . .

. . . the amazing orgasm you gave me. I’m still quivering

remembering it.

. . . the wonderful way your tongue feels when it explores

my body.

. . . the look on your face when you came. I love watching

you climax.

. . .you and your amazing penis 😉

. . . how good it felt when you took me from behind,

grabbing my hips, and getting so deep.

. . .wrapping my mouth around your dick and hearing

you moan in pleasure.

Do you have any idea. . .

. . . just how turned on you get me?

. . . how drop-dead sexy I find you?

. . . how hot it was when you looked me straight in the

eyes as you slowly entered me inch by delicious inch?

. . . how amazing you feel inside me?

When you get home tonight. . .

. . . I am going to rip off your pants and have my way

with you! 😉

. . .don’t say a word. Just push me against the wall

and kiss me deeply.

. . .we are skipping dinner and going straight for dessert.

I can’t wait. . .

. . . for Friday. We have the house to ourselves and I

am so turned on thinking of everything I want you to

do to me.

. . . to be naked in bed with you.

. . . to feel your body on top of mine.

The goal with your messages is to increase the passion level and get him comfortable sexting with you.

Use his replies to gauge his comfort level.

If he engages in dirty dialogue, awesome! Keep going 🙂 Feel free to ask him questions and lead the conversation. . .

If you were here with me, tell me what you’d be doing to my body.

What dirty thoughts are running through your mind right now?

If we were together, what would you want me to do?

If he only replies with a smiley face or short sentences, don’t worry that he doesn’t like it. He still may be unsure of how to engage with you.

Remember, after your dirty messages ask him easy questions he can answer with a yes or no.

Does that turn you on?

Are you turned on right now?

Do you like that idea?

Are you looking forward to Saturday like I am?

Would that feel good?

Would you like that?

Did you enjoy that?

Want me to keep going?

If he isn’t writing his own sexy pickup lines back to you, wait a couple of days before sending another dirty text.


# Put him on simmer

Logically, you’d think the next step would be to move to face to face dirty talk, or at least to keep things moving in the raunchy direction.

Not necessarily. If he moves things forward, GREAT! Follow his lead. You can take it right on down to Dirty Town if that’s where he goes.

However, if he is still a bit shy and seems to be waiting for you to make all the moves, dialing it back to the PG-level builds some tension.

He might realize he misses the sexual momentum with you.

One of the keys to mastering dirty talk is understanding that this a dance you are doing with your partner.

And in dancing, sometimes the tempo goes at a furious pace and other times, it slows way down. That is part of what keeps it interesting.

Over these next few days, I want you to dial things all the way back to innuendo. You can tease him by making him think you are about to get dirty, but then put on your best Little Miss Innocent act.


You: I can’t stop thinking about. . .

Him: Yeah? 😉

You: How excited I am to see the new Brad Pitt movie.

Him: Oh.

You: What did you think I was going to say? 😉

Or tease him like this:

You: Oh wow. . .

Him: What?

You: It’s pouring out! I just got so wet running to the car.

Him: Oh really? 😉

You: Get your mind out of the gutter, mister. I’m talking about the weather! 😉

You can also return back to compliment him on non-sexual things like Tease. Flirt. Be playful. But keep it sweet and innocent.

Yes, this is likely going to confuse him. It may even frustrate him. That’s totally fine.

You want to keep him guessing from time to time. This keeps him engaged and eager to hear when your naughty side will return.

Next steps:

You now have insights into what language he responds well to. Continue to use flirting and dirty talk to build his confidence.

If you are separated by long distance or you can’t be physical due to a health limitation, this is a great technique to build an intimate bond without removing one piece of clothing or even touching 🙂

You can use text or phone as the medium for this. What you are going to do is describe in a deliberately slow and descriptive manner what it feels like to make love with him.

This is less raunchy and absolutely erotic. Even romantic.

Telling him how he makes you feel desired, sexy, and satisfied. Those are the key things to focus on!

Here is an example of the cheesy pick up lines one of my email subscriber sent me to share with you.

Hey babe, I was sitting here thinking about that time we went dancing in Cabo on vacation. Remember that night?

B: I sure do. That was a lot of fun 😉

W: Mmmm.. . yes it was. Sit back and listen while I replay it for you, ok?

B: Okay 🙂

W: The sun had just set. We were breathless and sweaty on the dance floor. The band announced it was their last song before a break. . .

W: You grabbed my hips and pulled me close to you. Tight. Everybody in the whole club knew I belonged to you. 😉

W: I don’t even know what song was playing. I was so lost in feeling your body pressed up against mine. Swaying together in the heat. Breathing in the sweet tropical air. . . mixed with a little booze and sweat 🙂

W: You had your hands resting right on the top of my ass. Possessive. Provocative. I love that.

W: I was moving my hips in a slow gyration against you. Sending a message to you of what was to take place when we got back to our room.

W: The song ended and you pulled your face away from where it was nuzzling my neck. I took one look in your sparkling eyes and knew my body was in for a treat.

W: You grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd, away from the club. I love the confident way you walk, by the way 😉

W: The night air was warm, but I had goose bumps dancing across my skin. The dirty thoughts running through my mind on that quick walk to our room could barely be contained.

W: We got to the room, and the second the door closed behind us, you were on me. Kissing me and walking me backward to the bed.

W: I immediately tried undoing your belt in a rush, but your strong hands grabbed mine and stopped me. “We have all night,” you whispered.

W: “Take off your dress, please. Let me admire you,” you commanded.

W: To tease you, I slowly untied the strap around my neck. I let the fabric gently fall away as I stood there.

W: You smiled. I turned around so you could see my hips and ass as I pulled it inch by inch the rest of the way off.

W: Did you like that view?

B: Mmmm hmmm. You looked so sexy, babe.

W: You must have thought so 😉 In one sudden movement you grabbed me and twirling me around, pushed me down on the bed. Under you.

W: I could feel your erection in your pants, begging to be set free 😉

W: The faint sounds of the band started up in the distance as you kissed me. Hard.

W: I put my hands on your belt buckle. This time you didn’t stop me. Eager to set you free, I practically ripped your pants getting them off 😉

W: Your mouth was moving its way south toward my breasts. I love how you enjoy foreplay, but tonight I needed to feel you inside of me. Urgently.

W: Before you could even suck one of my nipples, I grabbed your rock hard dick and eased it inside of me.

W: I think I surprised you at how wet I already was.

W: Do you have any idea how incredible it feels when you push yourself inside me? I always gasp a little because it literally takes my breath away.

W: The band was in full swing and the breeze was carrying the sound right through our window.

W: The rhythm was mesmerizing. You began making your thrusts in time with the music. Our bodies were in perfect unison like they were playing the songs just for us.

W: I moved my legs so I could have my knees over your shoulders. That way you could push your dick as deep as possible and I could watch your face when you came.

W: I couldn’t help but moan so loud because you felt so good. I didn’t even care if the room next door could hear me.

W: Faster and harder you fucked me. I knew you were close to orgasm.

W: “Cum for me, baby!” I commanded you. I wanted to feel you explode inside of me.

W: You closed your eyes and gasped for breath. You moaned in ecstasy as your orgasm took over.

W: I love watching you in that moment. The look of pure bliss you get when you cum is so satisfying to me 🙂

W: And then you collapsed next to me. Exhausted and empty. Satiated. You pulled me close to you and nuzzled your nose in my tousled hair.

W: I love making you feel that way, baby. You make me so very happy 🙂

Notice how she recalled so many details from that night. The sounds, images, feelings, and sensations.

Throughout the story, she gave little nuggets of appreciation letting him know how much he satisfies her emotionally and sexually.

Step One A: Recall a scene from your past

The first time you do this, it may help to write it out ahead of time. Grab your journal or pull up a new Word document to use for your creation.

We are going to use Willow’s story as an outline and substitute your own personal details as needed.

Think about a time you made love that was memorable. If you can’t think of something incredibly memorable, you can feel free to embellish, too.

Jot down the answers to these things:

  • Where it takes place
  • What were you wearing
  • Day of the week and time of day
  • Foreplay activities
  • Intercourse and positions
  • Afterglow

Step One B: Make it a fantasy

You can feel free to use Willow’s story as a cheesy pick up lines to use on your man in its entirety if you want.

Tell your man that you have a fantasy to share with him.

You: Doesn’t the idea of a tropical vacation sound nice?

Him: Yes.

You: Sit back and listen while I paint a picture of how that might look. . .

And then type out the rest of the story.

Step Two A: Adorn the action if you are writing your own

As you can see from Willow’s example, she added a lot of detail to the action taking place. She took his mind on a sensual journey with her words.

You can use her language as-is (changing out the actual details) or you can alter it to sound more like you. You can also feel free to create your own!

If you decide to write your own. . .

Focus on how your body and his body felt. Describe the sensations touch, scent, sound.

There was a thin layer of sweat on your chest. It tasted slightly salty when I kissed you there.

I ran my fingers down your arms, delighting in how your muscles rippled beneath my touch.

I arched my back when your mouth covered my breast. I wanted to push myself as close as I could to you. Every swirl of your tongue and tweak of your teeth sent shivers through me.

Paint a vivid picture for him while using this cheesy pick up lines.

Your body was lit by the glow of the candlelight.

The last rays of the sun were sneaking through the blinds, casting a warm light over the bed.

Your eyes had a determined look. I knew without you even saying a word that you were going to make my body explode.

Tell him how he made you feel emotionally. I felt so safe falling asleep in your arms.

No man has ever given me as much pleasure sexually and emotionally like you have.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a sexy man in my life.

The world around us just falls away when I’m with you.

No matter what, I recommend you continue to change things up and try out new ideas!

Always keep in mind the balance between teasing and full-on raunch. Alternating between the two extremes will keep him intrigued!


I will stop here. If you enjoyed reading this marathon guide on cheesy pick up lines to use on guys then you’ll also love my powerful recommendation.

If you’re still with me that means your love life truly matters to you. Especially when it comes to pleasing your man sexually and emotionally.

So, on this note without wasting any time: I urge you Watch This Powerful VIDEO Here or Below It’s called the “Language of Desire” System.

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