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Day 4: Planting Seeds of Desire…


This lessons are getting more hot and exciting! Can you finally see the potential of how things can be with your relationship now that you understand how the mind of your man works?

Now you know how you can use this to actually seduce him and make him feel like a dominant, powerful man who can make you weak in the knees.

The beauty of this program doesn’t just lie in giving what your man wants.

It’s actually having your own desires and needs met too! Because all ladies have their own fantasies too, don’t you?

So how can you plant those seeds of desire in his brain?

#1. Drop Subtle Hints.

The best way to do that is to drop subtle hints in your man’s mind. You’re probably asking yourself, why drop subtle hints when I can just tell him directly what I want?

The thing is, it’s better to drop hints to make your man feel like it’s his own idea, instead of you demanding him to do something for you.

Try to send him a text of a photo of a sex toy you saw online, or sneak in a lingerie in his briefcase.

On Language of Desire’s Planting Desire Seeds Module, I can show you what are the steps you can take to build a collection of what you can use to give him subtle hints. You can access that here.

Once you give him those hints and he asks you what it’s about, act innocent. This will then make your man prod further to ask what it means, and then you can turn that question back to him.

He can then make his own assumptions of what you want to happen based on the fantasies you want him to fulfill for you.

#2.Stroke His Ego

And I’m not talking about his “special tool” here.

I’m talking about making him feel masculine when he does something special for you. Because most of the time, your desires don’t just revolve around sex.

Most of the time, these are things that you need him to do for you whether that’s taking out the garbage, dropping the kids to school or helping with the dishes.

However, sometimes you tend to get nag your man when he doesn’t do something that you want and that makes him not just feel annoyed, but emasculated at the same time.

So whenever you need him to do something, instead of saying “I want you to…” “or I need you to do this…” try saying “will you please help me with this…?”

It makes your man feel more masculine because he correlates helping you to rescue you to do something as well.

This also works for when you want him to do something special for you. Let’s face it. Most women are guilty of blaming their guy for not being romantic with them when they don’t do the things they expect them to.

The truth is, they don’t know. They can’t read your minds. So when you drop hints and tell him… “oh I love it when you do _______, it makes me feel really special. (Language of Desire System have an entire list of things you might want to add to that, you can access them here.

And don’t forget that when he does something right, let him know that he can be rewarded for it later on 😉

Hope you loved reading see you tomorrow in the final lesson i.e. day 5 of the course. I have something awesome to share with you.

Stay sexy,

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