August 23, 2019

Day 4 Planting The Seeds of Desire

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Planting the seeds of desire with the delicious sizzling touch technique. . .This is an amazing lesson please read this until the end.

Obviously when writing information about SEX, I am going to spend a bunch of time talking about genitals... But there are COUNTLESS other erogenous zones on our bodies.

All of these overlooked nooks and crannies and hot buttons can AMP UP your sexual pleasure and create that SENSUAL tsunami you want! 🙂

I’m going to show you... how to use the “sizzling touch” method to joyfully explore each other and SIMPLE tricks that will cause a trail of goose bumps to spring up from his scalp to his toes Fun fact:

Do you know what causes goose bumps?

Goose bumps are an involuntary reaction to things like cold, as well as strong emotions, like arousal.

The brain sends a message to the tiny little muscles around the hair follicles, causing them to retract.

Remember, enjoying touch and things that feel good, as well as giving and receiving pleasure, are at the cornerstones of being a woman with a sizzling touch.

Where Are The Body’s Erogenous Zones? I will list them out, from head to toe...just to whet your imagination a little:

scalp, ears, face, lips, neck, shoulders, breasts / chest, nipples, tummy, inner arms / armpit, hands, back, sides of rib cage, thighs,feet ...and genitals, obviously 😉

​That’s a LOT of body parts! And chances are that you and your man have a few I didn’t even list!

A huge part of the fun in store for you is all the DELICIOUS experimenting you get to do!

Gather Up Some Supplies There are sooo many things you can use on this erotic touch adventure!

The good news is that there are a lot of things you already have in your own home, like:

  • • feathers (you can even use a cat know the ones with feathers on a stick)
  • • ice cubes
  • • a chain necklace
  • • a beaded necklace (anything from cheap plastic beads to your grandma’s pearls)
  • • candle wax (use soft paraffin wax candles with no scent or color – they melt at a lower temp, making dripping wax on skin safer)
  • • massage oil, coconut or olive oil
  • • body lotion
  • • silk scarves or neckties
  • • your own fingers
  • • ...and anything you might think of experimenting with!

When we get to the specific techniques, I might suggest an item that you don’t have.

But for this first phase, you can use what you have on hand!

Try It Out On Yourself The foundation of being sensual is knowing what you like first and then trying it out on your partner.

And while you can’t easily tickle yourself (it’s pretty impossible to surprise your own brain), you can see what it feels like to experience a variety of sensations across your erogenous zones.

From your list of supplies, gather up a few things you want to try out.

In a private moment, experiment with touching them against different parts of your body.

  • Try a slow, languid stroke...then try a slap or spank. 
  • Lightly use your fingernails against your inner arm. 
  • Slide an ice cube down your inner thigh.
  • Drag a feather across your neck. 
  • Put your chain necklace in the fridge for an hour or so, then run it across your shoulders or your chest.
  • Massage your own scalp. 

And you probably already have a favorite body oil or body lotion you use that feels oh-so-amazing on your skin.

See how it feels. What did you like?

Did anything surprise you?

Note the things you particularly enjoyed. 

You will use that info later!

To be honest I have shared a lot of private stuff for FREE HERE. But if you seriously want to learn some hot and steamy techniques to spice things up with your man. I request you to Watch This Video Here and Take Action. . . Trust me you can get anything better than this stuff.

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