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Day 5 The 3 Silent Seduction Techniques


I’ve shared with you a lot within this past few days, and this are actionable lessons that you can apply in your relationship now, and you will eventually see how this techniques and strategies can slowly transform and renew your relationship with your man.

Now as you may have noticed most of the tips that I have shared are for people who are in a relationship.

So what can you single ladies do to try and seduce the man of your desires and get him to want you too?

While you can’t use all of the techniques I previously shared before, there are some nuggets there that you can still use.

However, being too pushy and too straight forward about your desires to a man that you are still trying to bag will make him think that you’re too needy and pull away, or worse, use you without even getting to commit to you.

So I’m sharing with you 3 out of 19 Silent Seduction Techniques to Signal to use on your potential partner.

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#1. Mirroring

This is a huge technique but very very subtle.

Mirroring means mimicking his body language. If he is talking to you with a huge smile, talk to him with a huge smile as well. If he’s taking small sips of his beer on your date, take small sips of your beer too.

Mirroring creates affinity and a bond. Just make sure that you don’t make this too obvious, otherwise your date or partner will just feel weird and awkward.

#2. Soft Touches

By nature women are designed with the senses to hear, see, smell, taste and of course touch. Touches build rapport with people and definitely with your potential partner too.

But these touches shouldn’t linger more than 5 seconds, especially if you’re just on a first date and still trying to get to know each other.

You can use soft touches whenever he tells a joke, and then you grab him by his arm for a few seconds.

If he is reciprocating with the touches, you can take it up a notch by touching his thighs. Lay it on there for a few seconds and then pull away.

This paints a picture in his mind that you want to touch his crotch because your hand is very close to his “special tool”

#3. Lips

Lips are the easiest seduction technique. Because your lips will allow him to imagine kissing you.

In order for you to build that fantasy in his mind, lick your lips very subtle from time to time. Biting your lips works too.

Another step that you can do is to also look at his lips from time to time when he’s talking.

Let him think that you’re imagining kissing him as well. He will definitely take the hint.

Caution: All of these Silent Seduction Techniques work only when you do it in a subtle manner.

If you fail to do that, things can get pretty awkward and your chances of taking your man home with you will drop drastically.

So take the time to practice and practice the art of subtle seduction with these Techniques.

So there you have it!

I enjoyed sharing all these lessons with you ladies, now the power is in your hands to use them for the greater good.

What I have shared with you in this 5 Day Dirty Talking Crash Course is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now imagine, if you have all the tools, techniques and strategies at the palm of your hand?

Imagine what kind of romantic, sensual and fun relationship you can have with your partner?

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