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How To Make Him Hard And CRAVE You (Tried & Tested Tips)


Okay, honestly? If you want to learn how to make him hard and do everything that you want him to do to you in bed, then this amazing guide is for you.

But if you get his pants off and aren’t greeted by a raging, incredible hard-on, it’s not a big deal.

It happens with lot of women basically you need to turn up the heat and find out exactly what makes a guy hard. 

You need to learn how to tease a man sexually for helping him achieve that rock hard erection in bed.

Before you learn to make him hard please understand: Penises aren’t magic.

Ask any guy who’s had his for a while, and he’ll tell you that these things are kind of unpredictable, and that he can be feeling INSANELY turned on and attracted to a woman and NOT have a hard-on.

In fact, some men, due to age or some other reason, have lower testosterone and sometimes need a little help to get things cooking.

Or he can be not turned on at all, but have an awkward boner that just won’t go away at the supermarket (forcing him to spend an hour in the product section by the cucumbers).

Either way, if he IS already hard, you simply “lube up” and move on to try different sex moves and have fun in bed.

If he’s NOT hard or is only semi-hard, that gives you the opportunity to tease and torment him even more.

So how do you get him “ready for action?” So, how to make him hard learn here because it's going to be an awesome guide.

#1. You’ve got a few options, each using a different sense

You can use any or all of them to get the firm, ready erection you want to work your magic on.

Dirty talk. Tell him how sexy he is. Tell him how beautiful his cock is! Trust me this little sexy phrases is what makes a guy hard in bed.

Think back to when you watched porn with him. What were some of the things that really stood out? And what things made his dick stand up?

Say dirty things some things like,

“I love your big cock. I can’t wait to wrap my hands around it.”

“Tell me how you want me to touch him.”

“When I’m done with your cock he’s gonna be soooooo sore.”

Visually tease him to make him hard in bed. This is where you may want to shed some of your own clothes.

Just be sure to do it slowly, languidly, giving him time for his eyes to explore every newly exposed inch of flesh.

Use some stripper moves. Undulate your hips in long, slow circles, much like an aerobics warm-up.

Walk around topless, just wearing your panties.

Hold your hands over your breasts, pretending to be “shy.” Bend down to pick up something off the floor.

Let him watch while you shave your bikini area. Ask for his input on what he’d like to see.

This how to get him hard.....this little kinky sex ideas and sexual gestures can bring amazing changes in your sex life.

If you’re not entirely comfortable with these visual tactics, try playing some sexy music in the background. It can help ease sexual tension and relax the mood.

You probably already knew that men get intensely aroused by watching women masturbate.

So touching yourself is a great way to seduce him and help him get things started.

And of course, you can always start things off with some porn.

If he watches porn, you probably have an idea as to what “flavor” porn he prefers. 

He’ll appreciate the event even more if you can have the TV or computer queued up and ready to go.

Tactilely. If he’s even a little hard (or even if he’s not) there are a few techniques you can use to cause a rush of blood to his little head and get him hard.

Even if you don’t immediately get the “rager” out of him you want, men can still get a great amount of pleasure from having their flaccid or semi-flaccid penises touched.

Here are a few “tactile” techniques:a

Make Him Hard and Horny With the Kiss of Your Fingernails:

This one is super simple but often very effective.

Simply take the fingernails of one hand and very lightly run them along the underside of his penis.

Apply as little pressure as you can, so your fingernails are just barely “kissing” his flesh.

For added stimulation and tease, start down by the bulb of his penis, run your nails along his balls, up his shaft and stop JUST SHORT of his glans.

Repeat this action while whispering some of the dirty words and phrases you picked up from watching porn, or you can use read them here in this guide by me on how to talk dirty to your man.

Note that The Kiss of the Fingernails works equally as well on other parts of a man’s body: his chest, nipples, thighs, and back.

The lighter you touch a man, the more sensitive and “awake” his skin becomes.

The Soft Stroke to Get Him Rock Hard.

With “The Soft Stroke,” you take matters, quite literally, into your own hands.

Lube up (I’ll explain that in a second) and use the overwhelming slickness to slowly and lightly stroke his shaft.

For added bonus points you can use your free hand to tickle his balls.

If his shaft isn’t hard enough to truly “stroke,” then focus just on the glans, using the lube to send little shocks of pleasure through his system.

Bust out The Big Guns:

Ladies, put them titties to good use! This is just to get things started, remember (he might want to get carried away).

Rub his (flaccid or semi-flaccid) cock in between your tits or all over your tits.

Even if your boobs are on the small side, rubbing your nipples against his shaft or head will probably be enough to activate the launch sequence.

If the above tricks doesn’t work, you have three MORE options to get him hard.

#1. Let him do it. As men are absolute masters of their own genitalia, and he probably knows exactly how he needs to be touched to get hard.

Let him. You can say, “How about we break the rules just a little bit and let you get this party started.” Don’t put pressure on him to make him hard. That will totally act against you.

#2. Touch everything BUT his penis. A man is more than just a penis, and focusing on OTHER parts of his body might allow him to relax enough to give you what you want.

Skim your hands and nails across his body. Dig your nails in teasingly.

Bring your body close to his while continuing to tell him that he’s not allowed to touch you.

If none of that works, then it means he’s really nervous, or distracted, or whatever other of the millions of reasons that can impact sexual function.

Don’t make it a big deal. Whatever you do, do NOT get mad about getting him hard.

#3. Here’s another thing you can try if his penis doesn’t want to “play along.”

Keep in mind, the whole reason you’re learning this hand job exercise in the first place is to increase the intimacy and keep the intimate bond between you and your man. 

You want to show him how much his happiness and pleasure are important to you.

You want him to feel desired and needed. (And you want some reciprocity too, right?)

Just lay there and touch, stroke, and caress his penis and balls.

Take the pressure off the table. “I don’t even need to see you get hard right now, baby. I love doing this for you.”

Ask him about anything. Talk to him. Or don’t talk.

Watch TV or listen to music. Go with what feels right.

Most men will let you do this for hours. My wife did this one time with me. We sat on the couch watching Cricket while she rubbed my cock and played with my balls all day long.

Even though it was almost a 3 years ago, it’s a day we look back on fondly.

In fact, I can just reference that day – “Hey, remember the time we watched Cricket all day while you played with my dick?” – and she’ll get super hot and I get raging erection.

In your situation - What if he STILL can’t get hard?

So if your man’s penis isn’t in the mood, don’t let that ruin the day or cause strain in the relationship.

Like I said before, men can be super turned on without having an erection.

He’ll appreciate all the attention he’s getting from you (and your hands).

I will stop here. If you loved reading this guide on how to make him hard. But before you take your leave I've something incredible for you.

This instructional video may be a bit shocking for you, but it will teach you how to make any man completely & utterly obsessed with you & only you by using simple techniques. Check it out here to learn how.

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