March 8, 2024

How To Be Truly Happy Even If You Are Struggling in Life

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Many of us have grown up to believe that success, in whatever form, will bring us happiness. But have you ever given a thought about how to be truly happy when you are struggling in life?

Unfortunately, this ultimately leads to a “I’ll be happy when......” or IBHW (I'll Be Here Waiting )mentality which is backwards in its approach to creating true happiness and abundance.

Success doesn’t cause happiness. Instead, where happiness goes, abundance flows.

This is a critical piece to understand that you need stop being miserable if you wish to experience your most abundant life. 

Happiness first, abundance second. In terms of being truly happy, there is no greater happiness, no greater energetic vibration than living in tune with yourself and your true destiny.

Being You will fuel the flames of happiness within you like nothing else and that’s the point at which manifesting really begins to work like magic.

The bigger equation would look like this: Where You go, happiness goes. Where happiness goes, abundance flows.

So let’s talk about how to be truly happy, enjoy life and stop being miserable.

The "Right" Car, The "Right" Job, The "Right" House Will Make Us Truly Happy!

Many of us were raised with the thinking that having the “right” car, the “right” job, the “right” house, being the “right” weight or living the “right” lifestyle will bring us happiness.

You’ve likely already discovered that the pursuit of the “right” stuff doesn’t guarantee your happiness.

I’m happy to share with you however that there is one thing that will guarantee abundance, success and happiness. The great news is that you’re already well on your way.

True happiness or what some refer to as “spiritual happiness” actually begins with You, when you’re living life on your terms and fully in tune with who you are.

Think of the most genuinely happy person that you know. What characterizes their state of happiness?

You’ll likely notice that they exude a natural sense of peace and serenity; that they’re kind and caring; humble and non-materialistic; they don’t worry or complain much; they’re grateful for everything they have in life; their life has meaning and purpose; and happiness just seems to naturally flow from them.

You’ll likely also notice that they live a a very full and abundant life. How did these individuals achieve true happiness?

Bronnie Ware’s Study On True Happiness and Joy.

An Australian hospice care nurse called Bronnie Ware, recently conducted a study of terminally ill patients who were in the final few weeks of life.

In her study, Ware asked these patients whether they had any regrets and whether there was anything they would have done differently. Here’s what most people said:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life that was true to myself, not the life that others expected of me.

The answer can be found in considering the number one regret of all the respondents in Bronnie Ware’s study, “I didn’t live life on my terms”.

It certainly suggests where the path to happiness lies - in living life on your terms.

But not only that, the results also highlight the fact that true or “spiritual” happiness is what matters most to us.

This is what gives our life depth and meaning. None of the respondents expressed any regrets that they wished they’d filled their life with more of the “right” things.

Instead, they regretted leaving many of their heartfelt dreams behind and not honouring who they were and what they truly wanted in life.

It also seems that we intuitively know what it takes to achieve true happiness, we only need to learn how to get there.

You Are Your Own Best Guide to Finding The Road to True Happiness.

Fortunately, you are your own best guide to finding the road to your own spiritual happiness which is found in the depths of your soul and spirit, that part of yourself that knows You best.

Your spirit knows who you really are and what you truly desire in life, it’s coded right onto your microchip.

Even if your life is filled with all the “right” stuff, if you’re ignoring your spirit you’ll experience a gnawing emptiness or sense of discontentment.

You may have already noticed this in your own life. Maybe you’ve spent much time and energy pursuing something, such as a new home, a career or a relationship only to discover later that it didn’t make you truly happy.

Maybe you realized that it wasn’t even what you truly wanted. By now you’ve learned that manifesting what you want begins with feeling good and sending positive vibrations into the universe which will cause more of what you desire to come to you.

What’s inherently backwards about the IBHW approach is that it begins with a lack or feeling “bad” mentality that will not offer the energetic vibrations required to create what you truly want.

Abundance, in any form, begins by feeling good and living from a place of true happiness which is where You are.

WARNING! Being fully in tune with who you are causes a serious, life-enhancing condition called “happiness”!

There is simply no happier feeling in the world than looking around at everything and everyone that’s in your life and saying, “Yes, this is Me”.

That is the point at which manifesting your desires happens almost magically. Being You feels great and there’s simply no greater vibrational frequency than that to help you create whatever you desire.

Fortunately, you’ve already begun this journey and made huge leaps forward to live more in tune with who you truly are.

You can likely feel the difference it’s already making to your life. Keep going and keep growing.

As you move forward, continue to seek You and happiness will follow. Be true to yourself. Don’t listen to what others say. Nurture your spirit and spirituality.

Look at the big life picture. Develop a connection to something bigger than yourself. Listen to your intuition. Honour your dreams. Always seek to be happy.

These are just a few ideas to help you continue to walk through life in your own shoes and discover true happiness.

Over time you’ll know you’re happier and more in tune when you feel a “fullness” instead of an “emptiness” in your life.

That’s also the magical point in time when you’ll also discover that your life is filled with abundance in so many ways too. And that’s something to be happy about!

Exercise: How To Be Truly Happy And Enjoy Life.

This is an exercise to help clear your life of things that aren’t in tune with who you are and to invite more things that are. 

Grab a sheet of paper and find a quiet place to sit.

You can either make a list of areas of your life in which you’re not truly happy ex. I’m not happy with my work.

Once you have your list, choose one of the areas and ask yourself, “how am I not honouring myself or living on my terms with this particular area/thing/person in my life?”

Write down your thoughts. ex. I don’t enjoy my job anymore. I’d much rather pursue a career as a photographer. Enjoying my work is important to me.

Next, write down anything you could do differently which would be more in harmony with who you are and what you desire in your life. ex. I can start building a photography business while phasing out of my other work.

As you begin to fill your life with more things that are in tune with who you are, your happiness will continue to grow and grow and abundance will start to flow and flow.

Here is an example that I found on Google while I was researching for this article.

Donna hadn’t been happy at work for quite some time and could feel “something” niggling her from within.

She’s a highly talented and passionate photographer who finally decided to pursue what felt right to her.

Donna decided to keep herself in happy space even when things were not going the way she wanted.

She continued to be happy and simultaneously practiced her photography for several months before finally launching her own business. And guess what? 

Her pictures are selling and almost immediately she had clients knocking on her door, wanting to hire her. Donna began with happiness. And what she found was abundance.

Here a few tips that will help you start being happier now:

This simple tips will help you to enjoy life and make a shift to focusing on the present and experiencing happiness now.

1. If You Want to Be Truly Happy Learn to Let Go.

Release the past and any thoughts, beliefs or feelings that keep you weighed down. Let go of any attachments to expectations about the future that will burden you as well.

As the saying goes, “Let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” You cannot lose what is meant for you.

2. Simplify Your Life To Enjoy Life.

At our essence, humans are a relatively simple species. However, we complicate things by filling our lives with stuff that isn’t in tune with our true nature.

Whatever is in your life that is not truly you, will drain and block the flow of energy in your life.

3. Help Others to Be Truly Happy.

Unhappiness is the result of negative thinking about yourself or your life. Stop being miserable and trust me the best way to stop thinking about yourself or your perceived shortcomings it to help others. 

There is great joy in discovering what you can do to help change the life of someone else.

You also can’t spend your time focusing on your past or your future when your focus is on helping someone in the present and being truly happy.

4. To Be Truly Happy And Enjoy Life Fill Your Life With Things You Love.

If you’re not enjoying what’s in your “now”, know when it’s time to make a change.

Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a project you’ve been working on or anything else, make a change or leave if it’s not making you happy.

If you want to be truly happy, you have to feel good about who or what’s in your life right now.

If you wish to foster the kind of happiness that lasts, the kind of happiness that will sustain you no matter what life sends your way and the kind of happiness that will help tune you in to the real You, there is no better place to start than now.

I will stop here. If you really enjoyed this blog on how to be truly happy even when you are struggling in life please do not forget to share and comment.

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