February 11, 2024

How To Raise Your Vibration Instantly to Attract Your Dreams

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Do you know why it is important to raise your vibration? Well, I believe you know a bit about vibrational frequency and importance of your feelings to attract your dreams. But there's a lot of stuff that you don't know which we are going to cover in this in-depth article.

Let's begin it with your feelings. I don’t feel like it. You’ve probably uttered that expression many, many times in your lifetime.

What you likely didn’t realize is that it’s probably one of the most intuitive and intelligent things you can ever say to yourself. When you truly desire something in life, you have to feel like it”.

In other words, manifesting is not only about feeling good emotions and thinking good thoughts, it’s about understanding that your desires must be in right vibrational frequency with who you truly are. 

That is the point at which your energy will be vibrating at its greatest and that is the point at which you will begin to manifest like magic.

Your feelings give you valuable feedback about not only your thoughts but also the vibrations you are transmitting.

Critical information about the frequency you are aligned with is provided through your feelings.

Moreover, your feelings will also tell you how closely you are tuned in to what you truly desire.

Your feelings and Vibrations are your greatest allies.

Understanding the role and power of your feelings in raising your vibration is paramount to being able to manifest the life you’ve always wanted. 

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they’re at the mercy of their feelings.

Most think that their feelings are nothing more than a reaction to a particular event. Something sad happens and they feel sad.

Something good happens and they feel happy. Something unexpected happens and they feel scared. This isn’t the case at all.

Whatever is happening in your life good or bad it's because of the vibrational frequency you are in. If things are not happening the way you want it means you need to raise your vibration.

Your feelings are actually the foundation of your intuitive guidance system which is designed to help you remember who you are and what you’re here for.

Raising your vibration and feelings can attract your dream life.

Your feelings exist to help you tune into your true destiny.

In fact, they are a direct link to all the information that was coded onto your “microchip” at the time that you were first created.

At the very core of your being is pure, positive Source energy. Your physical self is always connected to that powerful energy in a number of ways.

Your feelings are simply your vibrational feedback system which tell you how closely you are aligned with that Source energy, the energy that is truly You.

You and your source energy is the highest or strongest vibrational frequency you’ll ever experience.

It’s pure love, joy and creation at its highest. When you’re fully aligned with this energy, the signal is strong, energized and clear, like receiving perfect reception on the radio. Loved, happy, free, joyful, beautiful are just a few words to describe how you feel when you’re aligned with this energy.

On the other hand, the less aligned you are with this energy, the further away you’ll feel from the signal and the weaker the signal strength.

It will seem just like receiving poor, static reception on the radio. Being out of tune or out of signal range doesn’t sound or feel good nor is it what you truly want.

Fear, vulnerability, stress or disinterest are a few words that might describe the feelings you experience when you’re not aligned with this energy and not receiving what you wish to receive.

Once you understand that your feelings are giving you helpful feedback about just how attuned you are to your true self, you can begin to pay closer attention to them and begin to harness the power of your built-in guidance system to take you where you wish to go.

But how do you do that? How do you tune into the natural energy and raise your vibration?

How do you use that energy to help you manifest what you wish to create in your life?

Pay close attention to your feelings and what they’re telling you.

It’s really quite simple. Pay close attention to your feelings and what they’re telling you. The closer you are to the frequency of You and who you really are, the better you feel.

Certainly, it is important to be mindful of your thoughts for they will generate your feelings and your feelings will create your vibrational frequency.

If you’re thinking a thought that is critical of yourself, of others or of the world, or a thought that doesn’t match who you are, it will inevitably create negative feelings and vibrational discord.

You simply cannot think negative thoughts and feel good at the same time. Negative feelings are a helpful indicator however that what you’re thinking about isn’t serving you.

Your feelings are telling you that you’re not in alignment with who you really are because, as you’re discovering, being You feels good.

To start to feel better and get back in tune with yourself immediately, choose to find a thought that feels a bit better.

For example, if you’ve decided that you wish to get out of debt but you’re thinking,

“I’ll never get out of debt. I owe too much”.

You’ve chosen a thought that will not serve your desire to get out of debt.

But not only that, your thought is not in tune with who you truly wish to be, a debt free individual who mindfully manages their finances

Switching to a more positive thought such as, “I can take one step every day to help rid myself of debt” is much more in line with your desire.

It’s also a thought that will raise your vibration and help you feel much better by leaving you with a sense of control and purpose in terms of your finances.

But here’s the really important part to remember about manifesting your desires it’s not only important to choose feel good thoughts but it’s even more important to raise your vibration and be aligned with what you’re thinking about.

You really have to raise your vibration to feel it.

You really have to feel like it. You have to want whatever it is that you desire. So what does that really mean?

Have you ever thought that you wanted one thing only to discover later that you really wanted something else?

 So often we think we want something without taking the time to discover how we truly feel about what we want.

You may think that you want a certain type of car because your friend Jack has one. Or you may think that you want a certain job because it offers decent pay and a degree of security.

You may think you want to buy a house in a certain neighborhood because it’s the place to live in your town.

Many people try to manifest things in this manner with limited or no success. The reason is that it takes a completely backwards approach to creating what you want.

The path to successfully manifesting what you want begins by choosing a goal or target that is truly yours and one that you feel incredibly excited about.

When you feel excited about a goal you automatically raise your vibration enough to attract it into your life. 

If you’re not really excited or really feel like what you’re thinking about, you may not be aligned with your true desire or something that reflects your true self.

Example: Why your feelings or vibrational frequency is important?

Kathy  had been at her job for a couple of years and recently applied for a promotion as she felt ready to advance to a new level. The job that she applied for was within her current organization and matched her skillset. 

Yet prior to applying for the position Kathy told her friends that she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay with the company much longer.

She also expressed that she no longer felt highly motivated in her work and needed new challenges.

Not surprisingly, Kathy did not get the job. While she may have “thought” that she wanted it, the energy and the vibrational frequency that she was transmitting clearly communicated that she didn’t really want the job.

Yes, she wanted a change but she didn’t want that particular job. What you feel is what you get.

When you’re truly in line with yourself and your desires, your energy will be vibrating so high that manifesting your desire will come almost effortlessly. In Kathy’s case, she got what she felt.

She didn’t truly feel excited about the job so she didn’t get it. The job and her energy were simply not in alignment.

It was only when Kathy reflected upon what happened and how she truly felt that she realized that she wanted to leave the organization and pursue a position elsewhere.

That is what excited her. And as is so often the case, when Kathy closed one door, another door of opportunity opened almost immediately.

Within days of her handing in her resignation, Kathy was offered an even better position that matched all of her job criteria at another company.

You will create what you feel.

You can speed up your manifestation process by ensuring that your feelings are in tune with your desires - and a wonderfully simple way to do this is by asking yourself the question, “What do I really want?”

Sit quietly with yourself and listen for the answer, which may come to you as a thought or some sort of sensation within your body which will raise your vibration. 

Listen to the messages that you’ll receive from your intuitive guidance system.

If an idea comes to mind and your response is “but I don’t feel like it....”, it is likely not the right course of action as your energy will not be aligned with that idea.

If you have an idea that you “feel like”, one that is truly You, you’ll feel relaxed, at peace, excited or any combination of highly-charged, positive emotions.

Your energy will be far more in tune with what you truly desire and, as a result, you’ll get exactly what you feel.

Your life will “feel like” you. Living your life and your destiny is designed to really good.

Fortunately, it’s easy to measure how closely you’re living in tune with yourself by gauging how good you feel.

A little while later it’ll become even more obvious to measure how closely you’re living in tune with yourself by seeing what you get.

Exercise: To raise your vibration and find out what you want?

This is an exercise to raise your vibration and help deepen your awareness of your feelings and the feedback that they’re offering you about potential steps to take or directions to move in.

Sit quietly and do an inner inquiry about a particular situation or desire.

  • Ask yourself this question: What do I want? 
  • You can ask yourself the question once or you may wish to ask it several times. For some people it works best to ask the question repeatedly to help tune into the subconscious
  • Listen for the answer that comes to you. You may have several thoughts come to mind. Which thought came first? If you’re thinking about several options, which one feels the best?
  • Notice any sensations you might experience in your body. Do you feel anxiety or tension anywhere? Do have have a knot in our stomach? Do you feel calm and relaxed?
  • What do you really “feel like”? Which direction feels right?

Let your intuition and your inner knowing guide you to raise your vibration and attract everything that you want in life. 

The more that you practice this exercise the better you’ll become at using the intuitive intelligence of your feelings to help guide you towards your deepest desires.

That's all for now. If you loved reading this guide on how to raise your vibration please do not forget to share and comment.

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