May 17, 2024

10 Steps On Mastering The Law of Attraction And Changing Your Life

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Why do some people win the attention of others easily, are able to make friends readily and gain the admiration of others, while others just barely get along? When we meet some people, we are impressed by their pleasant "personality."

Something about the way they project themselves makes us feel confident in them, admire them, and feel comfortable with them.

These people have mastered the law of attraction. They attract the attention of their bosses, their customers, and others.

Such men and women are the people we choose to be our mentors. It is from this group that the leaders of companies are chosen, and it is these people who climb readily up the ladder of success.

The American psychologist William James defined personality as a set of individually evolved characteristic patterns of behavior, which determines daily functioning on both conscious and unconscious levels.

Personality is said to represent the balance between innate drives and a combination of conscious and external controls.

The important thing to remember is that attractive characteristics can be developed.

Some facets of us are inborn our physical appearance, basic intelligence, and some talents but each of us has the capacity to make the most of our innate traits and to develop them to give us that type of personality that others will admire.

We can learn how to use the law of attraction. It's not easy to grow into the person you want to be, but it starts with a strong desire and commitment to develop your innate traits. 

You can develop an outgoing, cheerful, optimistic, and positive demeanor a personality that will win the approbation of the men and women with whom you interrelate.

Mastering The Law of Attraction is about exactly how to make manifesting your dreams a reality! This guide will show you 10 powerful ways to apply the law of attraction correctly.

#1. Mastering The Law of Attraction by Looking for the Good

It is just as easy to go through life looking for the good and the beautiful instead of the ugly; for the noble instead of the ignoble; for the bright and cheerful instead of the dark and gloomy; the hopeful instead of the despairing; to see the bright side instead of the dark side.

To set your face always toward the sunlight is just as easy as to see always the shadows, and it makes all the difference in your character between content and discontent, between happiness and misery, and in your life between prosperity and adversity, between success and failure. 

Feed these thoughts into your subconscious mind. This is how to apply and master the law of attraction.

#2. Look For The Best in Others.

One way to develop the best traits in yourself is to look for the best traits in others. Appreciate others by taking a largehearted attitude toward everyone you meet, by trying to pierce through the mask of the outer man or woman, to the innermost core, and by cultivating kindly feelings toward all, you can acquire this inestimable gift.

Nothing will pay you better than acquiring the power to make others feel at ease, happy, and satisfied with themselves.

Sunny people dispel melancholy, gloom, worry, and anxiety from all those with whom they come in contact, just as the sun drives away darkness.

When they enter a roomful of people, where the conversation has been lagging, and where everybody seems bored, they transform the surroundings like the sun bursting through thick, black clouds after a storm.

Everybody takes on a joyous spirit from the glad soul who just entered; tongues are untied, conversation which dragged becomes bright and spirited, and the whole atmosphere vibrates with gladness and good cheer.

Be empathetic. Empathetic people put themselves in the shoes of the person with whom they interrelate.

They not only hear what that. person says, but they feel what he or she feels at that moment. How can anyone fail to respond positively to such people?

#3. Maintain a Cheerful Disposition To Master The Law of Attraction.

Unless you have a mental attitude that is free of bitterness and guile and you look at each day as a blessing to be enjoyed and savored, you will have an unhappy and most likely unproductive life.

We cannot do our best work while we harbor revengeful or even unfriendly thoughts toward others. Our faculties only give up their best when working in perfect harmony.

There must be goodwill in the heart or we cannot do good work with head or hand. Hatred, revenge, and jealousy are poisons, as fatal to all that is noblest in us as arsenic is fatal to physical life.

A kindly attitude, a feeling of goodwill toward others, is our best protection against bitter hatred or injurious thoughts of any kind.

In a gracious personality there is a charm from which it is very hard to get away. It is difficult to snub the person who possesses it. There is something about him or her that attracts you.

No matter how busy or how worried you may be, or how much you may dislike to be interrupted, somehow you haven't the heart to turn away a person with a pleasing personality.

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#4. The Secret of Being Pleasant And Using The Law of Attraction.

Emerson says, "What you are speaks so loudly, that I cannot hear what you say." We cannot conceal what we are, how we feel, because we radiate our atmosphere, our personality; and this is cold or warm, attractive or repellent, according to our dominant traits and qualities.

A person who is selfish, always thinking of him or herself and looking out for his or her own advantage, who is cold, unsympathetic, greedy, cannot radiate a warm, mellow atmosphere.

If selfishness, indifference, avarice, and greed are dominant in your, nature, you will radiate it and it will repel others because these are the qualities people instinctively detest.

The qualities that attract are outflowing, buoyant; the qualities that repel are inflowing.

That is, people who have no magnetism are self-centered; they think too much about themselves.

They do not give out enough; they are always after something, absorbing, receiving some benefit, trying to get some advantage for themselves.

They lack sympathy, lack cordiality, good fellowship; they are bad mixers.

#5. Men and Women Are Human Magnets.

A piece of magnetized steel will attract only the products of iron ore. It has no affinity for wood, copper, rubber, or any other substance that has no iron in it.

When you were a child you found that your little steel magnet would pick up a needle but not a match or a toothpick. It would draw to itself only that like itself. Men and women are human magnets.

Just as a steel magnet drawn through a pile of rubbish will pull out only the things that have an affinity for it, so we are constantly drawing to us, establishing relations with, the things and the people that respond to our thoughts and ideals.

Our environment, our associates, our general condition are the result of our mental attraction.

These things have come to us on the physical plane because we have concentrated on them, have, related ourselves to them mentally; they are our affinities, and will remain with us as long as the affinity for them continues to exist in our minds.

#6. Applying And Mastering the Law of Attraction.

Some people are naturally magnetic, but when you analyze their character you will find they possess certain qualities that we all instinctively admire, the qualities that attract every single human being, such as generosity, magnanimity, cordiality, broad sympathies, large views of life, helpfulness, optimism.

They are followers of the law of attraction. There is not one of these qualities that you cannot cultivate and strengthen a great deal.

If you do so, you will get a hearing where others will not. Whatever your business, your reputation and your success will depend in a great degree on the quality of the impression you make upon others.

It means everything, therefore, to young men and women to use the law of attraction to develop a magnetic, forceful, attractive personality.

Cultivate the heart qualities. Intellect and brainpower have little, if anything, to do with personal magnetism. It is the lovable, not the intellectual, that draws and holds people. 

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#7. Live a Healthy Life.

The first step toward mastering the law of attraction and making yourself magnetic is to build up your health. Vigorous health, coupled with a right mental attitude, an optimistic, hopeful, cheerful, happy mind, will increase your magnetism wonderfully. 

A person with robust health radiates an atmosphere of strength, vigor, and courage, while one who lacks vitality drains from others instead of giving to them.

Physical force and abounding joyousness of health help to create a magnetic, forceful personality.

People with buoyant, alert minds, with a sparkle in their eyes and elasticity in their step, and who are bubbling over with abundant physical vitality, have a tremendous advantage over those who are devitalized and physically weak.

#8. Mastering The Law of Attraction Also Requires Admitting Your Mistakes.

One way to turn people off is to be a bumptious, self-important, arrogant individual who never admits a mistake.

Investment guru Warren Buffett; probably one of the richest people in the world, not only knows how to use "failure" and "mistakes," but he goes so far as to advertise them.

In 1989 he started a formal practice of telling on himself by publishing a list of his mistakes in his "Letter to Investors." 

In this letter, Buffett confessed not only mistakes made, but opportunities lost because he failed to act appropriately.

It is Buffett's belief that candor benefits the manager at least as much as the shareholder. He puts it this way: "The CEO who misleads others in public may eventually mislead himself in private."

Buffett believes in the value of studying one's mistakes, rather than concentrating only on success.

Perhaps it's this level of candor that frees Warren Buffett to be joyful at work.

He is known for always being upbeat and supportive, genuinely excited about coming to work every day. People are attracted to him. Is it because he is rich? Or is it the other way around?

#9. Choose a Mentor Be a Mentor.

An excellent way to move ahead in your career is to seek and follow a mentor. This man or woman has all of the attributes discussed above and is not only able but also willing to share them with others.

Mentors are good exemplars of people who have mastered the law of attraction.

They can not only provide you with knowledge, but also guide you through the nuances of company culture.

And, when you have achieved success and have moved into a leadership position, you can repay your mentor by becoming a mentor to a newcomer to the organization.

#10. Mastering The Law of Attraction (Do's And Don'ts)

Unless you have a mental attitude that is free of bitterness and guile and you look at each day as a blessing to be enjoyed and savored, you will have' an unhappy and most likely unproductive life. Banish negativity from your thoughts.

Know the law of attraction the qualities and characteristics that distinguish the magnetic and the nonmagnetic. We can cultivate the generous, magnanimous; cheerful, helpful mental qualities and crush their opposites; and as we do this we shall find ourselves becoming more interested in others, and they in turn becoming more interested in us.

Study the men and women those you know personally and those from the past and present times about whom you have read whose personalities you admire. Use them as models for your behavior.

Learn, to radiate joy and generosity. Fling out your gladness without reserve.

Be empathetic. Empathetic people. Put themselves in the shoes of the people with whom they interrelate. They not only hear what others say, but feel what they feel when they say it. People cannot help but respond positively to such people.

Be enthusiastic. People who are enthusiastic about themselves  and whose actions undertake their work with the assurance of success will realize the fulfillment of their promise. Enthusiasm multiplies your power, raises whatever ability you have to its highest level.

One way to implement and master the law of attraction in the workplace is to encourage your associates to express their ideas, especially when they differ from yours. This not only provides you with new ideas, but also makes them realize that you recognize their talents and look upon them as partners not subordinates . 

Seek and then follow a mentor, a person you admire and from whom you can learn. When you have achieved success, offer your services as a mentor to others.

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