March 31, 2024

11 Easy Steps on How To Embrace Change to Improve Your Life

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Change is inevitable. At this very moment, for instance, your body and cells are changing. That is why as a human being we all need to learn how to embrace change and find new ways to grow in life..

The Earth is changing. The economy, technology, how we do business, even how we communicate is changing. 

And though you can resist that change and potentially be swept away by it, you can also choose to cooperate with it, adapt to it, be positive in life and benefit from it.

Every day, you grow into a different version of yourself. You meet someone new, improve a skill, or read a phrase in a book that adds clarity to your life.

These small moments may be so ordinary that you don’t realize you take a small step forward each day. 

Here are 11 examples on how to embrace change and improve your life with inspirational ideas and also leave your comfort zone.

#1. You Either Find Ways to Grow in Life or Die.

In 1910, Florists’ Telegraph Delivery—known today as FTD—was founded by 15 American florists who began using the telegraph to exchange orders and deliver flowers to customers’ loved ones thousands of miles away. 

Gone were the days when a daughter or sister would go to the local florist and order a small bouquet. Family members were relocating to cities and towns far from home.

And FTD flourished by identifying this trend and combining it with the telegraph, which represented a change in the way we communicate.

Around the same time, the American railroad industry began to see the automobile and the airplane as new technologies designed to transport people and goods from place to place.

But unlike other industries who readily embraced these new machines, the railroad industry resisted, believing instead that they were in the railroad business—not the business of transporting goods and people.

They didn’t realize what they were up against. They didn’t grow. Though businesses focusing on the railroads might have become automobile and aircraft businesses, they didn’t. As a result, they almost died out.

#2. Where Do You Need to Grow So That You Can Improve Your Life?

When change happens, you can either cooperate with it and learn how to benefit from it or you can resist it and eventually get run over by it. It’s your choice.

When you learn how to embrace change wholeheartedly as an inevitable part of life, looking for ways to use new changes to make your life richer, easier, and more fulfilling, your life will work much better.

You will experience change as an opportunity for growth and new experiences.

#3. Jack Canfield Story on Ways To Grow in Life By Embracing Change.

Once Jack Canfield was hired to consult with the Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C. They had just announced they were moving the entire command to San Diego, California, which meant that a lot of civil service jobs were going to be lost in that transition.

His job was to conduct a seminar for all the nonmilitary personnel who would not be moving to California.

And though the Naval Sea Systems Command had offered everyone jobs and transfers to San Diego (including reimbursement of all moving expenses) or assistance in locating a new job in the Washington, D.C., area, many of the employees had become almost frozen with fear and resentment

Though nearly all of them looked at this change as a major disaster in their lives, he encouraged them to look at it as an opportunity—as something new.

He taught them about E + R = O and how although the move to San Diego (E) was inevitable, their outcome—whether or not they flourished—afterward (O) was entirely dependent on their response (R) to the situation.

“Perhaps you’ll find a more empowering job in D.C.,” I said, “or even get a job with better pay.

Or maybe you would like to move to California where it’s warm most of the year and new friends and adventures are awaiting you.”

Slowly they began to move from panic and fear to realizing that things could indeed work out, maybe even for the better, if only they embraced this change as an opportunity to create something new and better.

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#4. How to Embrace Change And Find New Ways To Grow in Life.

Realize that there are two kinds of change—cyclical change and structural change—neither of which you can control.

Cyclical change, such as the change we see in the stock market, happens several times a year. Prices go up and they go down. There are bull markets and corrections.

We see seasonal changes in the weather, holiday spending by the American public, more travel in the summer, and so on.

These are changes that happen in cycles, and frankly most of them we just accept as a normal part of life.

But there are also structural changes—such as when the computer was invented and completely changed how we live, work, get our news, and make purchases.

Structural changes are the kinds of changes where there is no going back to doing things the way they were before.

And these are the kinds of changes that can sweep you away if you resist them.

Like the Naval Sea Systems Command employees, FTD florists, or the railroad industry, will you embrace these structural changes and work to improve your life—or will you resist them?

Remember back to a time when you experienced a change but resisted.

Perhaps it was a move, a job transfer, a change in suppliers, a change in technology in your company, a change in management, or even your teenager going off to college—a change you were going to have to deal with and you thought it was the worst thing in the world.

#5. What Happens When You Surrender To Change?

What happened once you surrendered to the change? Did your life actually eventually improve?

Can you look back now and say, “Wow, I’m glad that happened. Look at the good it eventually brought me.”

If you can always remember that you’ve been through changes in the past—and that they’ve largely worked out for the best—you can begin to approach each new change with the excitement and anticipation you should.

To help embrace any change, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What’s changing in my life that I’m currently resisting?
  2. Why am I resisting that change?
  3. What am I afraid of with respect to this change?
  4. What am I afraid might happen to me?
  5. What’s the payoff for my keeping things the way they are?
  6. What’s the cost I’m paying for keeping things the way they are?
  7. What benefits might there be in this change?
  8. What would I have to do to cooperate with this change?
  9. What’s the next step I could take to cooperate with this change?
  10. When will I take it?

When you ask yourself these questions you automatically start to change your attitude and shift your mindset towards positivity.

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#6. To Embrace Change Be Confident and Listen to Yourself.

Embracing change can sometimes be scary because it can make us think that we’re losing our true selves.

And it gets even worse when we start comparing ourselves to others. It’s something we can’t help, it’s in our DNA: we look at other people and try to figure out whether we are doing okay or not, based on how they are doing.

Embracing change comes a lot easier if you stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on your goals and improving your life

. All the novelties you need to go through should only be measured in relation to yourself.

#7. Invest in Self-Care to Embrace Change.

Prioritizing your physical, emotional, and mental health is essential to maintaining positive change.

A healthy mind and body will help you be energized to invest in your goals.

Whether it’s exercise, hobbies, or mindfulness practices, a dedicated self-care routine should be a priority for success.

#8. Recognize Your Negative Triggers.

Sometimes, your mind can get the best of you. Identifying and understanding what might steer you off course allows you to proactively avoid or manage mental blocks.

Whether it’s a specific person, hostile work environment, or communication style, recognizing your negative triggers will help you step back and take action, whether advocating for your needs or taking a moment to pause and recollect yourself.

#9. Take Action To Embrace Change And Improve Your Life.

We should not sit back and procrastinate – instead we should take small steps towards the goal

No matter how small the actions are, when we keep working towards the goal, we know we are moving forward.

We should always acknowledge and celebrate the small successes – they further give us the push to take the next step forward.

#10. Cultivating Resilience in the Face of Adversity.

Change often brings adversity, and resilience becomes our guiding light during difficult times.

Resilience is not about bouncing back to the way things were but about bouncing forward, growing stronger and wiser through the challenges.

Nurture your resilience by practicing self-care, cultivating a support system, and reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth. Embrace change as an invitation to tap into your inner resilience and discover the indomitable spirit within you.

#11. Embracing Change Mindfully.

Mindfulness serves as an anchor amidst the turbulence of change. By cultivating a present-moment awareness, we can navigate change with clarity and intention. 

Embrace mindfulness practices such as meditation, breathwork, and self-reflection to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the changes unfolding around you.

Through mindfulness, you can find solace, peace, and the ability to respond to change in a way that aligns with your true values and aspirations.

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