March 8, 2024

15 Little-Known Ways To Change Your Attitude To Change Your Life

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Your attitude can significantly affect your life—and your work life. It can have an impact on your negotiations and how people interact with you. Is it time to change your attitude to change your life?

First off, If you’re looking for preachy advice on ‘thinking positive’, you may as well stop reading RIGHT NOW.

Ditto if you want a lecture on morals or vague advice on ‘why the glass is half full’.

The truth is that I don’t believe in doing things by halves and neither should you.

But! If you’re interested in living a life of ABSOLUTES – absolute prosperity, absolute abundance, absolute peace, absolute joy – then you should keep reading.

Because following are some of the best, simplest, and MOST DOWNRIGHT EFFECTIVE pieces of advice the world has to offer on how to crank up the thermostat on your ‘happiness settings’ right now no money, investment, or time required.

Here is a top notch guide on how to change your attitude that will change your mindset and eventually change your life.

#1. Discover The Truth: Is Your Attitude ‘Working’ For You?

First up, though – does this article even apply to you? Good question. Here’s how to tell if YOU have an ‘attitude problem’ that needs fixing!

1. Do you tend to have a pessimistic outlook? Do you have a ‘glass is half full’ mentality? Do you expect the ‘same crap, different day’ from life? Do you feel vindicated when bad things happen? If this is your perspective, your attitude needs some work. 

2. Are you easily rattled? Getting rattled easily isn’t just about having ‘bad nerves’ it’s a definite sign that your outlook on life is based on FEAR. If, deep down, you believe that the world is against you, of course you’ll be scared easily – but all the drama is unnecessary. Getting angry, or freaked out and creating dramatic reactions is a strong hint that your attitude could do with some work. 

3. Do you stick with painful situations (a boring job, a bad relationship) out of fear that that’s the best there is on offer? Again, a classic fear-based, scarcity-based attitude problem. When you believe there’s only one slice of pie left – and you’re really hungry – you’ll choke that last slice down, no matter whether you like the flavor or not. But if your attitude is enlightened enough to see the entire banquet around you 24/7, you likely won’t force yourself to go through the motions if you’re not truly enjoying it, right? 

4. Do you find it hard to gain the respect and liking of others? Life isn’t a popularity contest … but the truth is that others can sense whether you’ve ‘got it together’ or not. And a great attitude attracts others like a magnet of excellence.

If you answered ‘yes’ more often than you answered ‘no’ to these questions, that’s nothing to worry about.

The simple fact that you’re here reading this article speaks volumes about your desire and ability to change the mindset and outlook that’s not working for you.

The truth is, all you need to do to change your life is change your ATTITUDE.

#2. Why Do Some People Seem to ‘Have It All’?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to ‘have it all together’ – the job, the relationship, the money, health, the self confidence, happiness – while others seem to struggle constantly?

Why life just seems to ‘work’ for some people, but others get a kick in the teeth?

Well, I’m no meta physicist. But among those who are, the truth appears to be shockingly simple: it’s all a case of what you believe is possible

The way you perceive yourself, your life, and the opportunities you have quite literally becomes your reality. You can create what you want by way of how you choose to see your life.

In other words, if your attitude is letting you down, it’s not just your MOOD that’s suffering … … it’s your whole LIFE!

Fortunately, the solution is simple: you just have to change your mind to change your life.

#3. How to Change Your Attitude And MindSet, Jedi-Style

To change your life, you need to change your mind. That’s a given. This is all pretty ‘deep’ stuff, it’s true but it’s also very SIMPLE. And the simple truth is, our thoughts create our reality.

In other words, if you’re seeing the world through crap-tinted glasses, everything’s going to look … well, kinda brown.

And of course, the reverse is also true: people who, deep down inside, believe that the world is on their side and that they will always be provided for end up living the kind of life that proves them right. Intriguing.

Something else you should know: the universe appears to be a deeply malleable medium.

Meta physicists everywhere are handing back news from the coalface that’s pretty exciting, but also potentially quite disturbing: Life appears to agree with whatever we suggest to it.

So if we believe great things, we GET great things. If we believe that there’s not enough, however – not enough jobs, happiness, money, love, peace and further, that whatever’s left is running out well, that’s the reality we get handed also.

It appears to come down to what’s going on in our subconscious more than anything else: the ideas and beliefs we conceived early on in life.

(Ironically, most of these beliefs were likely created in part by others laboring under misapprehensions of their own. Bummer, huh?)

Now here’s how to use these facts to your own material, emotional, and - dare I say it - even spiritual advantage.

#4. Three Ways to Change Your Life via Your Attitude.

Interested in living a life more in tune with the spiritual laws of this universe? Then wrap your metaphysical mind around these three basic truths.

#5. Thoughts Are Things. Be, Then Do, And You’ll Have (Read This Inspiring Story)

The Reverend Terry Cole-Whittaker writes in What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business of a young man she knew who experienced pressure from his father to work in the family drugstore.

The son didn’t want to join the family business, but – due to his father’s insisting that ‘the family business is in your blood, you’ll never succeed anywhere else’ - believed there were no other viable options out there for him.

Sure enough, after he graduated from college, he tried out a bunch of different options – and nothing panned out.

Finally he got so desperate that he gave in to what he saw as ‘the inevitable’ and returned to work with his father in the drugstore – even though it made him miserable. What’s happening here?

It’s obvious: the son so lacked belief in the abundance of the world, and the plethora of options available for him, that he chose his father’s happiness over his own and in compromising this way, ended up making nobody happy!

Next came counseling: Terry herself stepped in and helped the son to change what she calls his ‘personal law’ (i.e belief system) from one of ‘I can only succeed in my dad’s drugstore’ to one of ‘I am able to be fulfilled in any job I choose’.

Soon thereafter, he quit the drugstore and went out into the world to find his passion and seek his fortune – ending up (and quickly, too) as a very successful accountant, even gaining his father’s respect and acceptance along the way.

And guess what? His father eventually confided that he, too, had wanted to quit the family drugstore when he was a boy – but had lacked the courage to do so.

Hmmmm! Interesting little story, right? (And yes, it’s true.) The ‘moral’ is blindingly simple: our thoughts create our reality.

If we believe we cannot do something, we’re right. Options galore are always available: we live in a world of richness, opportunity.

Trust me, there are always options available you can set your goals and achieve them!

BUT! If we believe that ‘there is only one option’ … if we’re operating out of a place of scarcity and lack of abundance then our minds are literally CLOSED to anything else, and we’re trapped in what psychiatrist Dr Brad Blanton calls ‘the bullshit jail of the mind’. A.k.a. a prison of our own construction.

Thoughts are things. Every action, every event, every word, every-thing in the world existed first as a thought.

So change your thoughts to change your mindset and eventually change your life. 

What we have in our lives existed first as a thought also – and equally, what we don’t have (but want) exists as a thought: ‘I can’t have this.’ To change what you have, first change how you THINK. Be, then do, and you shall have.

#6. How to Use This Information To Change Your Attitude.

This one’s easy: you just have to acknowledge to yourself that there is a powerful world beyond the world of the senses.

Understand that things happen to us that chemistry and biology can’t explain (but that metaphysics is beginning to.)

Understand that what happens in your head is broadcast – on some level – into that hidden world … and that consequences always come from what we choose to believe.

It might sound easy (‘My first step is to just admit that things happen that science can’t explain? Duh!’) but it’s actually a pretty big deal.

Start by accepting merely the POSSIBILITY that your own thoughts are helping mold your reality. Play with the concept. Have fun with it. And look for evidence that this is happening in your life.

#7. . Belief in Scarcity Creates Impoverishment; Belief in Abundance Creates Wealth.

This one’s a killer! Simply put, the law goes like this: if you’re operating out of a fear-based, scarcity-based mindset, you will always end up creating that reality in your life.

So if you believe there isn’t enough to go round, sooner or later you’ll discover that ‘fact’ for yourself by way of your own life.

Ditto with abundance. If you believe the world is a fruitful place of rich opportunities, and that there’s plenty of everything to go around, you’ll find these truths appearing over and over in your life.

Of course, that’s not to say that people who believe in abundance don’t face challenges in their lives. They do.

But the truth is, they seem to face them a lot less often than the scarcity-believers and when they do, they usually find a way to turn the situation to their advantage somehow.

So what’s the deal? Is the world truly an abundant place? Should we be afraid of scarcity?

Well … the truth is that these are actually TRICK QUESTIONS. There IS no ‘one way’ to see the world. It all comes down to how we choose to see it.

If you believe that there will always be enough for you, then you’ll always feel like the world is safe and you’re being taken care of even if your actual present circumstances might frighten someone less certain of the goodness of life.

Likewise, even if on the surface you seem to have plenty - but deep down you feel ‘unworthy’ and as if sooner or later ‘real life’ is going to ‘catch up with you’ then it literally doesn’t matter how much you have.

You’ll still feel uneasy, anxious, and worried that it’s too good to be true.

The world will seem scary and uncaring to you.

And it won’t matter how much you have, because it will SEEM unstable and temporary to you.

And guess what? You got it – whatever you believe, whether the world is good and abundant or scary and uncaring, YOU’RE RIGHT.

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#8. How to Use This Information To Change Your Attitude And Change Your Life.

Clearly, the ideal here is to ditch the scarcity-based attitude and embrace one of abundance.

Not only does life tend to just ‘work better’ that way, but you also FEEL better – safer, more cared-for, and certain that everything will be okay.

A belief in abundance works to give you the things you believe, deep down, are your birthright. The things that (you believe) you have an unquestioned right to.

Getting rid of your scarcity-based attitude will enable you to see the literally UNLIMITED number of opportunities and options and availabilities that surround you every day.

Whether it’s more money, a better job, happiness in love, the company of people you enjoy – there are billions of opportunities for you to create those things.

Removing your fear and scarcity simply enables you to see (and make use of) those opportunities.

Changing your beliefs isn’t just about changing the words you consciously tell yourself inside your head though. This isn’t about burying your head in the sand or meaninglessly chanting positive mantras or affirmations (‘everything’s okay, everything’s okay, everything’s okay’.)

Instead, you’ve got to literally change your beliefs at the UNCONSCIOUS level

If this were construction work, the wrecking ball would b coming out right around now. Yup, it’s a big task.

But the rewards are – literally – endless: if you can do this for yourself, you will change the warp and weft of your very LIFE. You will see opportunities everywhere you go – and how to use them well.

So here’s what to do.

#9. Notice Your Beliefs To Change Your Attitude.

Become conscious of your unconscious misinterpretations. You’ve got to challenge your beliefs to change them.

This involves taking a step back and learning to observe your own mind at work. (It might take some practice, so don’t worry if you’re not perfect at this right away!)

#10. Be The Observer.

Next time you start to plug into your old cycle of fear and scarcity-based anxiety, notice what’s happening … and then dare to QUESTION it. Ask yourself, ‘Is this a belief I have, or an actual law?’

#11. Jettison What Doesn’t Work.

If it’s a belief (and trust me, they always are), admit to yourself that this belief isn’t working for you any more. Then replace it with a new one that works better for you.

Remember, your beliefs are the blueprint of your experience in this life – so choose one that will help you to create the best and change your life.

#12. Affirm What You Love To Change Your Mindset.

A great way to replace old, outdated beliefs with new ones that better support your position of abundance in this world is through the use of affirmations.

Good affirmations are always phrased in the present moment, as though what you want has already come to pass.

#13. Use These Affirmations to Start.

Useful affirmations to play with include: This world is beautiful and abundant and I am abundantly provided for.

Or There are opportunities everywhere for me:

I see them clearly and use them well. Or, my favorite, Thank you for the ______ I love. (It’s very powerful to express heartfelt gratitude for what you desire – so use this one carefully, because it works!)

For more on positive affirmations you can read this article HERE.

#14. Thoughts Are the Dynamos Behind the ACTIONS That Get You What You Want.

Can thoughts really manifest wonderful things for us?

As a matter of fact, they can. I’ve seen this happen in my own life over and over and over again – to the extent that I can no longer realistically doubt the power of thoughts to create reality.

It is true, though, that it’s somewhat of an imprecise science.

We don’t understand how this part of life really works. We know that something’s happening but we’re not sure what the exact result will be, what it will look like, or when it’ll happen.

These are some big questions. To answer them, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture for a second For the most part, the truth seems to lie in – again – how we THINK about our lives and the world itself.

If we believe that abundance is available and is our right, then our reality will adjust to reflect that belief.

 (Nobody’s saying that changing your belief system is easy, by the way. Simple, yes - easy, no!)

Thoughts are the driving force behind the action that creates the result. But! Look again at that sentence: thoughts are the driving force behind the ACTION that creates the result.

Changing your belief system changes the way you act in life. Believing that there are opportunities everywhere is usually enough to motivate you to ACT on those opportunities. But to clear up any misapprehension for the person who’s reading this right now and thinking to themselves, ‘Sweet!

So now I can just quit my job and lie back in a hammock with a pink gin, thinking about getting rich and living forever …’ Um, no.

You still have to act if you want to reap the benefit of those thoughts.

Acting out of an abundance-based belief system definitely FEELS different than acting from a scarcity-based one.

Instead of feeling like you’re fighting the world and its unseen forces of evil all trying to trip you up and frustrate you … … it feels like you’re simply accepting the gifts that are offered your way. It’s MUCH nicer.

And if you’re used to acting on fear-spurred impulses, it probably won’t feel like ‘action’ at ALL. But however it feels, the truth is that beliefs aren’t enough on their own.

They must be used as the driving force behind your ability to ACT.

If I want to go to Thailand for a holiday, I can THINK about it all I want. I can spend whole afternoons daydreaming about the beaches, the snorkeling, the Mai Tais.

But until I actually get on the phone to the travel agent, book my tickets, and hand over my cash – and then get my butt on that plane – none of those thoughts are going to add up to much more than a few pleasant hours spent building castles in the air.

(Of course, if I believe that the world is so abundant that a trip to Thailand will be easy and natural, then the whole process of making it happen will feel easy and natural instead of the hair-ripping, tooth-grinding, paper-pushing, red-tape-tangling nightmare of someone operating out of fear, irritation, and scarcity.)

So just remember: a thought is the dynamo behind the ACTIONS that eventually get you what you want. Changing your belief system is absolutely necessary first, of course.

Without discarding your beliefs of scarcity and fear, nothing’s going to come easy and it will all feel like a struggle.

But once you’ve changed the belief system, you still have to ACT on the opportunities that you now see everywhere.

It just feels better to do so – more natural, more blessed, like you’re accepting manna from heaven (which is, in fact, exactly what you’re doing.)

#15. How to Use This Information To Change Your Life.

If your thoughts are based on a BELIEF of abundance, your actions – and their results – will reflect that.

Of course, the obvious problem with this concept: what about the starving babies in Africa? What about the Jews in the Holocaust? What about people who get cancer, car accidents, random misfortune?

This is fairly ‘advanced’ stuff, and as such, is beyond the scope of this article.

 (I have heard it suggested, though, that - although nobody’s suggesting that such people are in any way to blame for their terrible misfortune - there may have been some deep rooted notion of fear or culpability which in some way draws the resonance of tragedy down upon them.)

That belief may be able to create a reality packed with great jobs, relationships, money, and love - There is an abundance of everything and it is your right to have as much as you need to be happy.

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