February 11, 2024

Secret Science Behind Law of Attraction And Your Dream Life

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Have you ever wondered how the law of attraction works in your life? And how it can fulfill all your good dreams and unfortunately also the bad things that you constantly think about?

The fact is the law of attraction is the secret ingredient that has the true potential and power to send you on the path to your dream life.

Remember Bronnie Ware (the woman who studied people in hospice care, at the end of their lives)?

Well, of all the respondents in her study of palliative patients, the most common regret was that they didn’t have the courage to live life on their terms.

In other words, they hadn’t lived a life that was in tune with their true self nor had they aligned with their personal destiny.

And most died having left more than half of their dreams unfulfilled.

Most unfortunately, these individuals had overlooked or not understood the importance of fulfilling their dreams. So what’s your dream you ask?

If you have ever asked yourself what is the deeper purpose or meaning of life then you already have a sense of your mission or dream life.

If you have ever wondered if there wasn’t something more to your life but didn’t know where to begin then you’ve heard your dream calling your name.

This is where the power of law of attraction comes to rescue you. In other words, you cannot fulfill your dreams without using the law of attraction in the correct way in your life.

If you’ve ever wondered how to manifest the life of your dreams and whether there was a secret ingredient that might help you, you’ve already given thought to your mission.

You’re going to shake your head when I tell you what your most important mission is. It’s so simple yet so often overlooked until it’s too late.

Law of Attraction Says You Are Here To Live Your Dream Life.

Really, that’s it! The law of attraction says, that your mission is to live your life in such a fashion that you’ll be able to look back and say, “Yeah, I lived a life that was true to me.” 

That means living the life you’re meant to live, becoming the person you’re meant to be, fulfilling your highest potential and living with purpose.

That’s what it means to be You. The secret to becoming You, the secret that will destine you for success in all areas of your life is this – learning how to tune into your personal destiny.

Before I go much further however, I would like to clarify one thing. The journey to becoming You and tuning into your destiny is going to require you to explore, challenge and expand your spiritual thinking.

One principle that is key throughout this guide is that there exists a universal power or energy that is greater than yourself, that’s greater than all of us.

It’s the same energy that created us and this Earth we call home. It’s the energy that connects us all.

Some may call it God, Lifeforce, the Creator, Buddha, the Allmighty or whatever works for them but no matter where you fall on the spirituality continuum, trust that you are not alone.

There is a force greater than all of us that creates, aligns and guides our human lives.

It’s the same force you can call it law of attraction or universe that gives us life, makes mountains, delivers sunlight, grows green grass, wags a dog’s tail, causes rainbows, creates music, invented chocolate, binds friends and family, fulfils dreams and so much more. (For the purposes of this guide, the term “Universe” or "Law of Attraction", refers to this power and universal energy.

Feel free to use whatever term works best for you.) Now let’s talk about your personal destiny. You are likely familiar with the term “microchipping”.

Microchipping is a process whereby a tiny computer chip is implanted under the skin of the family pet so that it can be tracked if it’s ever lost. The microchip contains data and information that is unique to each individual pet.

The Law of Attraction is like a Tiny Microchip Implanted Within You.

Instead of containing simple personal data however, your destiny microchip contains highly spiritual information.

It contains information about who you are, why you’re here and what you’re meant to achieve in your lifetime.

Before you were even born, the Universe coded your personal destiny onto your microchip and planted it within you.

Your microchip was programmed with a custom destiny for you and only you to fulfil. Yes, when they made you they really did break the mold!

Not only did your microchip contain information regarding your future destiny but it also contained critical information about your true essence, your unique gift, your life purpose and the real You.

It also contained important information about your dream life and outlined how fulfilling your dreams would not only be life-changing for you but for others as well.

Somewhere in your subconscious the Universe also let you know that fulfilling all of your life dreams would begin with fulfilling your destiny.

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The Law of Attraction And The Universe Always Wants You To Succeed.

The Universe is very helpful and wanted you to succeed so it also gave you a map of a path to follow. It wanted to give you everything you would need to fulfil your destiny.

Every detail of your mission here on Earth was preplanned. The Universe put together a masterful map and a timeline of things to do, people to meet, coincidences to align, challenges to overcome, successes to celebrate, lessons to learn, miracles to happen, tears to shed, smiles to smile and so much more.

Everything you needed to succeed at your mission was contained within you. The Universe even devised a highly intelligent and innate guidance system, your intuition, to help you along your path.

All that was required of you was to follow the path of your destiny. But for some reason you’ve found yourself lost, sidetracked or out of tune

You know that you have a dream. You know that your life has a higher purpose and meaning. You know that you’re a wholly unique being with a unique gift to share with the world. You know it because you can feel it.

That’s what brought you here today, embarking on this exciting, life-changing journey of self-discovery and growth.

Terrifyingly, the vast majority of people leave the life of their dreams behind and wonder where they went wrong.

What these folks didn’t understand is that living in tune with your destiny or dreams is the pathway to creating your best life, living the life of your dreams and living a life of no regrets. 

Oprah Winfrey's Story.

Look at Oprah. (You may not like her personally, but you can’t deny that she’s a powerful symbol of growth and change!)

Even though she’s one of the most powerful women in the world, it wasn’t always like that for her.

Oprah grew up a black female in a poor family who was sexually abused by members of her family.

She started off broke, battered, and broken and only through living in tune with her own special destiny did she get to where she is today. Oprah speaks often of the reason for her success.

As she explains, she always knew that she had a “calling” to help others through her talent in broadcasting.

Oprah has remained true to her calling and her true nature throughout her lifetime. She has always lived in tune with her personal destiny and, as a result, her phenomenal success has only continued to grow over the years.

Her path was certainly not an easy one but what is compelling about her story is that overcoming her own life challenges allowed her to become even more of who she is, a strong, grounded woman who inspires millions of others worldwide because of the wisdom she’s gained through her own life experiences.

That is a life that is well lived and an example of a life lived in tune

Common Traits of Happy And Successful People

Look around you at the happiest and most successful people that you know. You don’t have to be the world’s biggest media maven to be successful.

What common traits do you see in these people? How do they choose to live their lives? How have they been able to live in tune with their destiny? How do they feel inside themselves?

Do they seem to be “on a mission”? Chances are that they are on a mission, their mission.

The Universe wants to you fulfil your mission too. The Universe wants you to be able to look back upon your life and say that you lived life on your terms and fulfilled your dreams.

You are destined for success, all that it takes is for you to be yourself. Maybe your destiny includes sharing your gift as an excellent dog trainer.

Or maybe your destiny lies in pursuing your passion as a dancer. Or a mountain climber. Maybe your destiny involves building more awareness and change around environmental sustainability.

Your Destiny And Your Dream is Inside You Wanting Desperately To Get Outside.

Whatever your destiny is it’s already inside you, just waiting for you to answer it’s call. What is “calling” you and beckoning you to take steps in that direction, no matter how seemingly impossible or crazy it may seem?

You may wonder how you’ll possibly realize your destiny and you may not even know where to begin.

I doubt that Oprah had any idea of the direction that life would take her or how her destiny would eventually unfold either. She simply continued to take steps in the direction of what called her, which was broadcasting.

You only need to follow the call, the Universe will support and guide you the rest of the way.

 If you’re not yet sure of your destiny, there’s an exercise at the end of this guide that will help you begin to tune into your personal destiny and your dreams.

Let The Law of Attraction and The Universe Work in Tandem With You.

What’s most important at this point is that you remain open to discovering and tuning into your destiny and allowing the law of attraction and the Universe to work in tandem with you.

  1. Decide now that you are going to live the life that you were meant to live. 
  2. Decide now that you’re going to live the life that is truly yours.
  3. Decide now that you’re not going to leave this lifetime without having fulfilled your mission.
  4. Decide now that you’re not going to look back with regrets

There. You’ve just made the most important decision that you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

Exercise: Brainstorming.

Get a piece of paper or your journal and find a quiet place to sit and write. This isn’t a brainstorming exercise but a “brainstorming” exercise, intended to help connect you with your true passions and interests.

Before you begin, take 3 deep breaths and ask the Universe to guide you through this exercise.

You might say something like, “Dear Universe, please guide me as I find my way to my true destiny. Thank you.”

 Think back to when you were younger. What did you absolutely love to do? What were your interests and passions? What activities or pursuits were you most excited about?

Write down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind. What about now? What do you love to do?

What activities or pursuits can you get completely lost in? What are you most passionate about? Do you feel something calling you?

Again, write down any thoughts or ideas that come to mind, no matter how crazy they may seem.

Now fast forward to the end of your lifetime and imagine that Bronnie Ware is asking you whether you have any regrets.

What would you say? What would your life have looked like if you had lived it on your terms and fulfilled all of your dreams?

Reflect upon what you’ve written. Within your answers is valuable information or clues about your destiny and possible directions for you to investigate.

Commit to taking a step, or several steps, towards living life on your terms by doing more of the things that you truly enjoy. 

Perhaps there’s one idea that stands out to you. If so, take a step in that direction and give it a try!

The whole point of the exercise is to allow yourself to do things that you truly want to do and to discover more of yourself in the process.

I will stop here. If you loved reading this powerful guide on the science behind law of attraction and your dream life please do not forget to share it with your loved ones.

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