August 7, 2019

Men want you to be a feminine, sexy WOMAN.

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Today is your second class I hope you'll love this one as this will lay the foundation of your relationship with your man.

Men want you to be a feminine, sexy WOMAN.

It’s the 21st century. Women complain how there are no “real men” out there anymore. Guys watch romance movies and cry with you.

Women are becoming more like men. Equality is important, but to what extent? Do you really need to be a truck driver to prove you are “man enough?”

At some point we might just go neutral altogether and delete genders for equality’s sake. Just how you complain about how men are becoming sissies and don’t have that toughness about them as REAL MEN used to, the same goes for women.

This is especially true in the Western world. Women are becoming less and less feminine. Anything and everything is “sexist” and some women are repelled by the thought of doing anything submissive. I’m not saying you need to shine a guy’s shoes, wash his feet and live in the kitchen. But bear with me.

Men miss the woman in you. They don’t want to be with a hardcore feminist that’s nagging all day about this and that and wants only the good parts of equality – the parts in her own interest.

If you are wondering why Western guy’s fall in love with women from Eastern, more patriarchal cultures, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America – it’s because in these cultures women are still women.

They are feminine, and their femininity is sexy. Women care for their men. They want to make him happy and “serve” him, in any way, both sexually and generally in life.

Be his support, his right-hand woman – consigliere, not a vampire sucking life energy out of him. The only thing you should be sucking the life out of is his cock. I’m sure he’ll appreciate that. And that’s the point of femininity.

A woman that’s feminine has no problem with being “under” and serving her man. She’s confident enough in her status and sexuality to enjoy it instead of viewing it as “male domination.”

Men love women, not women acting like men. Let him be the man. Let him protect you. Let him feel that he’s taking care of you in some way. Let him assume his natural role. This is especially important in the bedroom. Your ability to evoke the hidden BEAST inside him is what makes or breaks your sex life.

The more feminine you are the more he’ll enjoy being with you. This doesn’t mean you should have constant PMS, no. People define “femininity” in a thousand different ways. Here’s my definition: femininity is class.

Being classy, sexy, taking care of yourself physically, your hair, skin, how you dress and look – hot, but not trashy, sexy with a style, a nice smell, and – of course – a smile.

It’s about being sexually comfortable with being a woman and showing class. That’s all. The more feminine you are the more he’ll desire to bang you, day and night.

The bigger discrepancy between your “lady on the streets” innocence and “whore between the sheets” behavior is the more he’ll enjoy fucking you.

Now, men don’t tell you this but he doesn’t want you to be “one of the guys.” He maybe doesn’t want you to be in front of a mirror all day either, but he does want you to be sexy and presentable. He doesn’t want you to get hammered and vomit all over the place because you drank too much beer out of a bottle.

No. You need to ooze sexiness, not burp onions and fart. Go to that Victoria’s Secret or whatever shop and buy a bunch of lingerie, get a bikini wax and buy some high heels and you’ll be one step closer to being what he wants in bed.

When you are dressed, make him wonder what’s under and he’ll undress you in his mind before he rips your clothes apart.

Enjoy being a woman.

Do what other women won’t, so you can do what other women can’t.

One secret leads to the other. Men don’t just want you to be their innocent slut, they also want you to be different and unique. Men compare you to their past relationships. You don’t have to be the best in the world – just better than his ex-girlfriends.

He compares you to his past experiences and to porn. Yes, you can blame porn for our high expectations of women, but that’s the stuff men want to relive in real life.

There is no cure. Instead of complaining, see how you can use reality to your advantage. The biggest turn on for a guy is a thirst in your eyes for his cock – accepting him and wanting him. Every single drop counts.

Spitting is rejection, swallowing is love. Everyone wants to feel desired.

The secret is to show that you care. Stuff like:

“I’m not putting that THING anywhere near my mouth – only sluts do that!”

“Don’t you even think of trying to put that in my butt – go fuck that whore of your ex girlfriend”

“You want to try anal? Are you gay or what?”

“What? You want to cum in my mouth?”

“Why don’t YOU swallow your own cum? Jerk!”

And the list goes on. With an attitude like that, you won’t get far. If his ex girlfriend happily swallowed his load and took it in the butt, that’s what he’ll expect to get from you too. If he doesn’t, it’s only a matter of time before he moves on to a woman who’s the real deal.

The secret to having a man fall deeply in love with you is showing that you care by being fully dedicated to making him feel like a Sultan. How low will you go? Would you lick his anus?

Would you let him mouth fuck you? What about cumming deep inside your


If you are not willing to do all the “dirty” and “nasty” stuff he wants you to do – some other chick will, sooner or later. Adapt, or say farewell.

Men don’t want to go backwards sexually, the same how women don’t want to go back in lifestyle.

Everything in life is a trade, you give and get, and men that have a choice will always choose a woman that cares about his pleasure and is willing to do whatever makes him happy.

Do what other women will not, and you can live the life and have the love life other women cannot. My course teaches you how to enjoy doing all this “dirty” stuff and be THE ONE woman that is different from all the rest.

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  1. I am a Christian and we practice no sex outside of marriage. For me that also includes oral sex. There is a guy that I am seeing, I would like some tips on things I can do or say until the right time come for me to have both oral sex and sex that I enjoy having.
    Thank you.

  2. Hi. I have a long distance relationship and we fight a lot because sometimes I feel him very far and not caring. He always say I care my way and it’s a turn off for me. I need him to show me he cares so I can show him more and be more open to him. Can you help please. Thx

    1. The next time you meet him show him lot of love, I mean true love not that motherly pampering what I mean give him something that will remind him of you when he is away from you. Believe slowly and steadily he will start caring you but don’t just chase him make him chase you and don’t let him take yo for granted. .

  3. Thank you so much for your teachings. You are the only one who gives us tips for some of us who can’t afford to buy them.
    God bless.

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