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Do this once a day and he will worship you

With worship I mean - Men want you to talk dirty the right way.

What to say, how to say it, when to say it? Such confusion. You keep trying to learn the right “dirty talking lines” and wasting your time and mind on the surface.

The essence of dirty talk is the emotion your words produce. Dirty talk doesn’t just happen during sex, it’s almost more important what you say before sex, throughout the day, than what you say during sex.

Your words serve to tingle his imagination and build up his desire of you over time.

Men think of sex all the time, so why not have him thinking of you doing the dirty talk to seduce him – not some porn star?

You see dirty talking is awesome but you must Remember, the lines themselves are useless if you don’t express your emotions and say them with complete belief or faith.

You have to be 100% confident about what you say.

If you are uncomfortable or think you’ll sound dumb – you probably will. The only way to make your dirty talk perfect is by changing your sexual attitude and assuming the perfect role that gives you permission to be as DIRTY as he wants you to be.

STOP listening to what WOMEN say about dirty talk. Women are clueless about what sounds good to a guy and are capable of saying horribly STUPID shit that is a COMPLETE turn off to men.

I’ve read in Cosmo or some other BS magazine that it’s a good idea to say stuff like:

“I can’t imagine having sex with anyone else” or “I never want any other cock inside me” - Please, never ever say things like that.

He DOES NOT want to imagine you having sex with someone else, or having another guy’s cock inside you.

Here are some lines you can use because they produce the correct emotions:

“Do whatever you want to me” / give him control and permission to dominate you.

“Do you like it when I get on my knees in front of you?” / say it in a playful, seductive tone.

“I’ve been a good girl. Please don’t punish me tonight ;)” / you say “don’t” but actually you are begging to be “punished.” Begging is an art. Single words that produce good results are “yes” and “please.”

Anything you say triggers certain emotions, and the emotions you want to trigger are, to name just a few: power, dominance, ownership, feeling important and desired.

Once you understand this, you won’t need to memorize “lines” anymore because you’ll know how to construct your own lines.

Men want you to talk dirty the right way, because the right words can produce magical results.

You say the right word, this triggers an emotion that makes him orgasm IMMEDIATELY.

But if you keep saying some crappy stuff, there’s a big chance he’ll get turned off instantly and try to shut you up. Even worse are women that are as talkative as a dead fish.

Every real woman should know what words make his mind melt. But to make that happen you need to super-charge your confidence and you’ll feel totally comfortable saying naughty stuff to him, he’ll wonder ... “Where was this woman all my life?”

Every real woman should know what words make his mind melt. 

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