Surviving Infidelity in Marriage – Yes you Can Just Read Here.

Surviving infidelity in marriage: Big Question is it possible?Believe me, surviving infidelity is difficult but not impossible. Your marriage can survive an affair!  When you discover that your partner

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Why Sexual Intimacy in Marriage Matters The Most (Find Here)

No article on marriages and relationships would be complete without a discussion of the role of sexual intimacy in marriage.Sexual intimacy in marriage is the one thing you share with your spouse that

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10 Cures To Control Your Anger (Key to a Happy Marriage)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of anger? Fight, Conflict, Resentment, Pain and many other negative thoughts Right? Whatever it is, in this article you’ll learn how to

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10 Coupon Tips To Help You Save Money

Lack of money affects our love life in a negative way. Therefore, making every effort to manage our money effectively does pay off in our relationships.Most people look for deals when they shop. Most of

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5 Small Daily Habits to Support Your Weight Loss: Must Read

Losing weight with your significant other is easier than doing it all alone. This is because you encourage each other along the way, and you are accountable to each other.Truth is, when you’re trying

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The Easy Way to Weight Loss: 10,000 Steps With Your Loved One

"One proven way to lose excess weight, to keep fat away forever and to feel healthier, is the Step Diet." You will literally walk your way to weight loss! And it becomes easier when you do it with your

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Are You Aware of Your Roles and Responsibilities in Your Marriage?

Whether you are already married and you’re in a relationship. I just want to ask you one simple question? Are you truly happy with your relationship? You may be, but I bet you’re NOT 100 percent sure

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3 Points For Building a Strong Marriage (Read This Before It’s Too Late)

Marriage is GOD’s gift from heaven which most of the times we tend to neglect due to our personal ego, grudge and sometimes due to situations that are out of our control. But for building a strong marriage

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