May 5, 2022

How to Bring The Sexual Excitement Back in Your Girl (Non-Sexual Way)

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Want to learn How to Bring The Sexual Excitement Back in Your Girl? Read here (my non-sexual way guide to get her excited for your again..

But before that let's clear some concept about sex.

Sex. Even if you aren’t the stereotypical male who thinks about sex constantly, chances are it occupies a great deal of your mental real estate.

And it may not seem like it, but the same is probably true of your lover!

Believe it or not, women do think about sex plenty.

On average, men muse on making love about once every hour, and women once every two or so.

It may seem like a huge gap, but in reality, you are both thinking about sex several times a day.

We are fascinated by everything to do with the mysterious, wondrous world of sexuality, but sometimes it can be hard to pin down exactly what “sex” means to others, especially to our most intimate partners.

Sometimes it can be hard even to define sex for ourselves, let alone our lovers!

But this is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting more sex.

How can you have more of something if you don’t know what that something is?

Let’s start with a very short exercise.

What specific activities come to mind when you read that word, sex?

If you were going to “have sex” with you partner tonight, what would that mean?

Is there a specific set of requirements for it to qualify in your head?

How do you know when sex has happened?

If your picture of sex is the same missionary position over and over again for the rest of your life (and you’re totally happy with that), than you probably don’t need this guide.

But, if like most people, you yearn for more variety and adventure in your sexual connections and want to bring the sexual excitement in you and your girl again, I am here to help.

The first step in making that work for you is to open your mind up a little bit to what “sex” actually means for you both.

For a lot of guys, sex only happens when they get inside someone and have their own orgasm.

And for many of the same guys, it doesn’t really matter one way or another if their lover gets off and that is why most guys fail to satisfy their woman sexually and the bad thing is they are not even aware of it. 

So let’s start there.

Kissing your girl passionately is really sex. 

Performing oral sex on your partner, that’s sex.

Manual stimulation is sex.

Mutual masturbation is sex.

And for a lot of women, these activities are by and far more likely to make your lover come than anything that involves your penis.

If you aren’t going to feel satisfied with the activities that get your lover off, why would she have the confidence to ask for them?

This might not be easy, but it is simple.

Follow the step-by-step techniques in this guide to learn how to bring the sexual excitement back in your girl.

Read this guide religiously and you will be well on your way to changing the attitudes about sex that pervade your relationship and following a new path towards your girl's sexual satisfaction.

The techniques here are all about adding more excitement and spark to your life.

First you will start with making your mundane life sexier and more exciting outside of the bedroom.

Then you’ll move on to techniques that help you fulfill some of her fantasies, before finally getting to the part where you have some of your own sexual fantasies fulfilled. 

You might feel like getting your lover to open up to new experiences is like pulling teeth, but the truth of the matter is, most women are just waiting for the opportunity to try out something new!

I’ve already explained that women think about sex at least a half dozen times a day.

You don’t really think she’s fantasizing about the same boring thing over and over again, do you?

For starters, a majority of women are interested in kinky sex ideas

Back in the 90s, studies showed that at least 25% of men and women were into kink.

And that was long before Fifty Shades of Grey got everyone hot and bothered about the possibilities of pain and pleasure.

Undoubtedly those numbers are much higher now.

The big picture was that men and women were into kinky sex in equal numbers.

And studies tell us that kinky couples don’t just have better sex than the ones who stick to the same boring routine, but they have better relationships as well.

Couples who can talk about the sex that brings them joy and pleasure in the bedroom, talk about all the other important things as well.

Undoubtedly, women who explore a greater number of sexual activities also experience more orgasms.

Science says it, so it must be true! But seriously, though, it stands to reason.

The more sexual tricks you try together, the more likely you are to hit on just the right combo to give her the Big O she so desperately deserves.

And she does deserve it, doesn’t she?

How long have you been trying to figure out exactly how to please her, how to bring the sexual excitement and adventures back into your relationship? Too long.

Now is your chance to take the happiness and fulfillment of your relationship into your own hands and make a real difference in your sex life.

Remember this article isn't direct about sex this article is to spice up and bring the excitement back first outside the bedroom ....once again outside the bedroom ... I do not want to disappoint you and if you are here only to read about sex (no emotions) there are plenty on my blog GO HERE TO CHECK OUT.

So, Let's About The Spice of Life (In other words, how to bring the sexual excitement back in your girl)

This is the real trick. You are never going to spice up your sex life if your every day is boring, bland and absolutely mundane.

If you want some excitement in the sack, you need to bring the spark back into your relationship with a bit of adventure and a touch of the taboo.

What sorts of things still get your blood pumping?

The most important thing about bringing new adventures into your relationship is the emotion.

You need to make each other feel again, in a real and authentic way.

Laugh, cry, scream, sigh. Feel something powerful, something that gets your hormones surging and your brain making all new connections.

Here are just a few ideas for non-sexual ways you can bring this spark back into your relationship and work up the will, in both of you, to try some freaky new things

#1. Fear: it may sound counter-intuitive, but some kinds of fear can really spice things up.

Something that gets your adrenaline pumping without sparking your anger or distrust, like skydiving or riding a roller-coaster.

What gets you so excited that it almost makes you pee your pants? That’s what you’re aiming for.

#2. Secrets: everyone has them. You might not even realize what sorts of secrets are hiding in your mind, but sharing a secret dream or a story from your past can bring up a lot of intense emotions, feelings that will undoubtedly bring you closer together.

#3. Competition: a little bit of a sexy wager, a rough and tumble sport, a head-to-head game of chess, a round or three of strip poker - what riles up your competitive spirit?

Competition isn’t always healthy. When it comes to money, beauty, or anything that might cause strife or stress in your relationship, competition is best left alone.

But a little bit of friendly game play can go a long way!

#4. Risk: the key to getting that perfect adrenaline rush, to finding new limits, new kinds of ecstasy in your like and your relationship, is pushing boundaries.

What can you do to go beyond the edges of normal and boring, into something extraordinary and bring back the excitement again.

#5. Nostalgia: sometimes the best tool you have to find your way back to the most exciting times in your relationship is your history.

What used to get the two of you going in the past?

What did you do on some of your earliest dates that make your skin tingle and caught your hearts on fire?

#6. New Eyes: second best to going back into your history is to look into your future.

Or, alternatively, go even further back into your history, before you new each other.

Try to look at each other as strangers just starting to fall in love. Pretend you don’t know each other inside and out.

What you might find is that this “blank slate” condition actually helps you to discover new things about each other that were hiding there the whole time.

#7. Technology: you might be amazed at how a few romantic emails, or some sexy messages and dirty lines, can spice up your sex life and allow you to discover new fantasies that you didn’t realize you or your lover had!

Keeping in touch throughout the day, even if it’s just to tell each other how much you love and appreciate your relationship.

#8. Adventure: the final frontier! That’s what all of this is really about, isn’t it? Finding your sense of adventure again. Where did it go?

My favorite definition of the word goes a little something like this: “daring and exciting activity calling for enterprise and enthusiasm.”

What gets you enthusiastic? What fills your brain with new ideas?

Here Are Four Simple Steps:

Even if you can’t pinpoint the exact moment that things started to get boring in your life or in your relationship.

You can follow these four simple steps today, to bring this sense of adventure back into your relationships and to hopefully find it’s way into your sex life.

a) Let go of your expectations. Except for one: expect to make mistakes.

This is pretty simple. The less you are invested in the outcome of your little adventure, the less you will need to worry about not getting what you want!

A wise man once told me that you know you’ve had an adventure because it’s only really fun after the fact.

Fun is fun for fun’s sake, all about the pleasure of the action. Adventures are about making amazing memories, building intimacy, gaining knowledge and experience.

b) Try something new. If all you ever do is play inside the lines of your existing routine, nothing is ever going to change.

If you want to have an adventure, you need to do something different.

Get outside, do what you love, spend time alone and together.

Learn how to say yes when opportunity presents itself. Accept the new things that come to you. Let them move you.

c) Get interested in other people. I’m not talking about threesomes, or open relationships, or swinging, or anything like that.

Those are certainly options that we’ll talk about other time, but for now, all I’m asking is that you and your lover take the opportunity to make some new friends.

Having intimate, close relationships outside of the love you share with your partner helps you to expand your horizons and takes some of the pressure off your primary relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is expecting their significant other to be everything to them.

Lover, best friend, provider, confidant, adventurer, business partner - how can everyone be all these things and still maintain a sense of newness and desire and physical attraction?

d) Keep a “to try” list and make time for it. This doesn’t have to be, in fact it shouldn’t be, entirely sexual.

Think about your desires on broader terms.

Make a list of all the things you would love to try once in your lifetime, big and small.

Have your lover do the same. Where your lists coincide, there are tons of activities that you can try together.

In the areas where your lists differ, you have the opportunity to try new things all on your own, to expand your own horizons and become someone worth getting excited about!

Now, I understand I haven't showed you any tips or tricks exactly on SEX in this article. 

Don't be nervous Dude, Read here how to play with her erogenous zones but still follow the above tips and steps religiously if you really want to learn how to bring the sexual excitement back in your girl.

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