April 7, 2024

12 Scientifically Proven Steps To Fix Your Limiting Beliefs About Money

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Like everything else I’ve discussed on my blog, financial freedom and overcoming your limiting beliefs about money also starts in the mind. You have to first decide what you want

Next, you have to believe it’s possible and that you deserve it. Then you must focus on it by thinking about it and visualizing it as if it were already yours.

And finally, you have to be willing to pay the price to get it—with disciplined effort and persistence over time. But most people never get to even the first stages of accumulating wealth.

Too often, they are limited by their own beliefs about money and by the question of whether or not they deserve it which stops them from developing money consciousness.

If you want to become wealthy– improving your money consciousness is an important first step in attracting the abundance of financial wealth you deserve. 

In this article, I’ll reveal 12 powerful ways to fix your limiting beliefs about money and raise your money consciousness so that you can become wealthy and achieve financial success.

#1. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs About Money.

To become wealthy, you’ll need to surface, identify, root out, and replace any negative or limiting beliefs you may have about money.

Though it may seem odd that anyone would have a negative predisposition toward wealth, often we hold these beliefs in our subconscious from childhood.

Perhaps when you were young, you heard:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees. 
  • There’s not enough money to go around.
  • You have to have money to make money.
  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • People with money are evil, bad, and unethical.
  • People with a lot of money are selfish and self-centered
  • Everyone can’t be a millionaire.
  • You can’t buy happiness.
  • Rich people only care about money.
  • If you are rich, you can’t be spiritual.

These messages from early childhood can actually sabotage and dilute your later financial success, because they subconsciously emit a vibration that’s contrary to your conscious intentions

What did your parents, grandparents, teachers, religious leaders, friends, and coworkers teach you about money as you were growing up and as a young adult?

#2. My Father Told Me This About Money.

My father taught me that rich people got rich by exploiting the working classes. He constantly told me he wasn’t made of money, that money didn’t grow on trees, and that money was hard to come by.

My father worked really hard for making money. As a family, we were left with the belief that no matter how hard you work, you never get ahead.

There use to be constant fighting and screaming in my household.

Not surprisingly, my childhood was a miserable experience. Because childhood decisions made during times of intense emotional upset tend to stay with us longer—and remain stronger over time—I had retained my negative beliefs around money for over 20 years.

There are many other limiting decisions you can make about money that can keep you from making or enjoying the amount of money you deserve or want.

#3. Three Steps to Turn Around Your Limiting Beliefs About Money.

You can change this early programming using a simple yet powerful three step technique that replaces your limiting beliefs about money with more positive and empowering ones. 

While this exercise can be done on your own, it’s usually more powerful—and more fun!—to do it with a partner or a small group of people.

a). Write down your limiting belief About Money.

Money is the root of all evil.

b). Challenge, make fun of, and argue with the limiting belief.

You can do this by brainstorming a list of new beliefs that challenge the old ones. The more outrageous and fun you make them, the more powerful the resulting shift in your consciousness will be.

  • Money is the root of all philanthropy. 
  • Money is the root of great vacations!
  • Money might be the root of evil for someone who is evil, but I am a loving, generous, compassionate, and kind person who will use money to create good in the world.

You can even write out your new money beliefs on 3″ × 5″ index cards and add them to your stack of affirmations to be read out loud with enthusiasm and passion every day. 

This kind of daily discipline will go a long way toward helping you manifest success in the arena of money.

c). Create a positive turnaround statement to become wealthy.

The last step is to create a new statement that is the opposite of the original belief. You want this “turnaround statement” to be one that sends shivers of delight through your body when you say it.

Once you have it, walk around the room for a few moments repeating the new statement out loud with energy and passion.

Repeat this new belief several times a day for a minimum of 30 days and it will be yours forever.

#4. New belief about money - When it comes to me, money is the root of love, joy, and good works.

Remember, ideas about financial success never form by themselves!

You have to keep thinking the thoughts that build the “thought form” of prosperity. You have to take time each day and focus on thoughts of prosperity and images of financial success.

When you intentionally focus on these thoughts and images, they will eventually crowd out the limiting thoughts and images and begin to dominate your thinking.

If you want to accelerate reaching your financial goals, you need to practice saying positive money affirmations every day.

Here are a few more that I have used with great success:

  • God is my infinite supply, and large sums of money come to me quickly and easily for the highest good of all concerned.
  • I now have more money than I need to do everything I want to do.
  • Money comes to me in many unforeseen ways.
  • I am making positive choices about what to do with my money.
  • Every day, my income increases whether I am working, playing, or sleeping.
  • All my investments are profitable.
  • People love to pay me money for what I most enjoy doing.

Remember, you can plant any idea into the subconscious mind by repetition of thought infused with a positive expectancy and the emotion associated with already having it.

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#5. Use the Power of Releasing to Accelerate Your Millionaire Mind-set.

Whenever you are doing your money affirmations—or any affirmation, for that matter—it is not uncommon to become aware of competing thoughts (objections), such as Who are you kidding?

You’re never going to be rich. How many times do I have to tell you? You have to have money to make money. When this occurs, first write the objection down. 

Then you can close your eyes and just release the thought and the emotions that accompany it.

#6. The Basic Objection Releasing Questions.

Our tendency is to resist or ignore these thoughts and feelings, but that just keeps them around even longer.

All you have to do is let yourself fully experience the accompanying feeling and then release it.

Though you can do this with your eyes open or closed, most people find that closing their eyes helps them to focus more clearly on their feelings.

Letting be and letting go is a choice. It is much easier than you think. 

Just take yourself through this little process whenever a negative or limiting beliefs about money comes up.

#7. What am I feeling right now?

Focus on whatever feeling arises as you experience your negative limiting belief.

#8. Could I welcome and allow it?

Just welcome the feeling and let it be as best you can.

#9. Could I let it go?

Ask yourself the question Could I let this go?

Yes and no are both acceptable answers.

#10. Would I let it go?

Ask yourself, Am I willing to let this go?

If the answer is no, or if you are not sure, ask yourself.

Would I rather have this feeling, or would I rather be free?

Even if you would rather have the feeling, go on to the next question.

#11. When?

Ask yourself, When?

This is just an invitation to let it go now.

Remember that letting go is a decision you can make anytime you choose.

Just keep repeating the preceding steps as often as needed until you feel free of that particular feeling.

#12. Visualize What You Want as If You Already Have It.

Remember to also include money in your daily visualizations, seeing all your financial goals as already accomplished.

See images that affirm your desired level of income such as paychecks, rent checks, royalty checks, dividend statements, and people handing you cash.

See images of your ideal bank statements, stock reports, and real estate portfolios.

See images of the things you would be able to buy, do, and contribute to if you had already met all of your financial goals.

Make sure to add the kinesthetic and olfactory dimensions to your visualization—feel the smooth texture of the world’s finest silk against your skin, feel the relaxing feeling of a luxurious massage in the world’s finest spas, and smell the fragrance of your favorite cut flowers filling your home or the delicate scent of your favorite imported perfume.

Next, add in the auditory dimension such as the sound of the surf lapping up on the beach in front of your vacation home or the gentle hum of the finely tuned engine of your new Porsche.

Finally, remember to add in the feeling of appreciation and gratitude for already having these things.

 This feeling of abundance is part of what will actually attract more abundance to you.

Constantly fill your mind with images of what you want and picture yourself already having them

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