March 8, 2024

4 Ways To Believe in Your Dreams – Create Luck + Fortune + Power

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Do you wonder thinking how to believe in your dreams? Most of us grew up with the belief that we were going to be thwarted when we wanted something. Just think how often children ask for something and receive the unthinking response "No, you can’t have it!".

And then consider how few of us deprive ourselves of what we want when we’re grown up – so much so this has been dubbed the “age of self-indulgence”.

Perhaps that's a response to being thwarted so often as children. You see, the problem is that when children are thwarted they develop some powerful beliefs that they will rarely/only sometimes/never get what they want.

That's why many of us can't be passionate or intense in our desire something new in our lives when we are adults. 

Not only that, but when we do want things, a lot of us tend to focus on the lack or absence of them rather than the idea of abundance.

That won’t make anything manifest!

As kids, we learned that resources were in short supply. We were, to put it bluntly, brought up with a poverty consciousness. 

We were raised on ideas such as these: “Life is a struggle”. “There isn’t enough to go round.”

Nothing will ever change.”

Don’t expect too much, you’ll only be disappointed.”

“You can’t have that.”

“You can’t do that.”

“That’s not for the likes of us.” 

“You can’t trust men/women/the rich/the poor/the…..

”Well, you get the idea, I’m sure. 

We just picked it all up, never questioned it, absorbed it like a sponge, and our unconscious believes it all to be true – to this day!

And there is no better example of this lack of consciousness than around money. Want more? Tried to manifest it? And failed? 

Maybe you believe this is because money is in short supply and there isn’t enough to go round.

But do you seriously believe the world is short of money? Really? 

Apparently the world’s wealth is 100 trillion dollars – that’s $100,000,000,000,000. Enough for us all, I think. What’s stopping you getting some of that isn’t a shortage of money – it’s what you believe about your relationship to money.

The power of belief or how much you believe in yourself or your dreams what shapes your reality.

In general, most people who want more money in their lives are suffering a serious lack of it.

They may be deeply in debt, or they may simply be struggling financially to keep their heads above water. Because money is such an important commodity in our society, the lack of it generates an intense amount of fear, and that tends to be where people's attention goes.

No matter how clearly you might say you want more money in your life, it's inevitable that your focus will often be on the lack of money in your life.

That’s driving your wish for change, but it’s also impeding it. You've probably heard a lot of people say that what you focus on is what you attract to yourself.

And there’s certainly an element of truth in that. If you're focusing on lack, your thoughts are not on abundance – that's pretty clear.

#1. Do You Really Believe in Your Dreams.

Creating Financial Abundance But there's another aspect of this which is hugely important: do you really believe in yourself that you can generate or attract wealth into your life?

You see, a lot of us are limited by the beliefs we carry – again, beliefs which were "given to us" during childhood.

 You have to understand that in the first seven years of life, a child's capacity for reasoning is not developed to any significant extent.

She or he will tend to take the information given by parents or caretakers literally. And once implanted, these beliefs are held in the subconscious mind (or the unconscious, if you prefer) – which means that you might not even be aware of them later in life. 

And the truth is that most people who want – or need – a lot of money as adults will have received negative messages about money when they were children.

Parents may not necessarily mean to do this, but they can convey some pretty profound attitudes and beliefs just by the way they behave, let alone what they say.

#2. The Childhood Experience - How Your Belief Was Shaped.

Did you grow up in an environment where there was a sense of poverty – what we might call “poverty consciousness”?

Were you being shown in one way or another, or even directly told, things like "We can't afford it." Or "There's never enough to go round." Or "If you go on spending money like that, you'll never have any."?

Sad to say, it's quite normal and common for people to be brought up to believe that poverty consciousness is the norm.

And then there's another layer of limiting beliefs around the acquisition of money: were you taught that it was wrong to be "greedy"?

Or did you somehow get the message that "money was the root of all evil"?

Or perhaps you were told that "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"?

Or what about this piece of ridiculousness: “Money doesn’t grow on trees”? And maybe, if you came from a religious family, there was some moralistic issue around money.

After all, as we all know, "it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven".

I had an English client who spoke of her desire to generate wealth through manifesting abundance.

And yet things just weren't working out for her. No matter what she tried, her financial situation didn't change. Month after month she looked at her income and expenditure, and found they were generally the same. She just couldn't generate abundance.

When we looked into this we discovered she came from a poor family where all the messages around money were about lack – sayings such as "there will never be enough to go round" or "money is hard to come by" were the order of the day.

Her family were manual workers and artisans, and historically they had been the exploited class: laborers paid little, often hired by the day even when they were skilled craftsmen.

When she spoke about her family’s attitudes to this way of life, it was obvious that the family had carried a huge amount of shame around the poverty they lived with.

But very interestingly, it seemed like the family had created its own myth of "the virtuous poor" to compensate for this because they no idea about the power of belief. 

Roughly speaking, the family myth became this: "We built the world – the bridges, the furniture, the houses, the railways and more – and we're damn proud of what we did…nothing would be here without us and our type.

And somehow it doesn't matter that we were dirt poor. Because we built those things and those things are still standing today, we were virtuous."

There was a religious aspect to this as well: somehow there was a place reserved in heaven for the members of this family, complete with poverty consciousness, because they’d suffered on earth with such poverty.

But I think it was chiefly the shame of being poor which had led the family to come up with myth of them belonging to the virtuous poor.

Because, don’t you think, that if being poor is virtuous, then being rich must be evil or bad in some way?

And if your deepest beliefs tell you wealth is evil or bad, then how likely are you ever to be wealthy?

How likely is it that you will ever generate abundance? I tell you that story to illustrate the power and subtlety of limiting beliefs.

Because if you've been trying to generate wealth and you haven't managed to do so, it's a fair bet there's something pretty powerful holding you back. What, what, you ask?

Stand by for the shocking answer….. A set of beliefs you hold about money which interferes with your ability to attract it. And the same is true for almost anything that you want in your life.

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#3. (Experiment By Scientists) How If You Believe in Your Dreams You Can Have Luck, Good Fortune, And Personal Power.

Now, on the matter of luck, just as an aside, I want to mention a piece of research done by scientists.

These researchers set up a situation where people thought they were coming in for an interview to take part in a psychological study about attitudes to luck.

But the real experiment was more subtle: the scientists put a $10 bill on the sidewalk outside the venue where each woman or man would pass it on their way into the interview.

The scientists noted who picked up the money and who did not. Then, without referring to the money, the researchers asked all the people coming to see them if they would describe themselves as “lucky”.

And you may not be surprised to hear that the people who believed themselves to be "lucky" were the ones who consistently saw and picked up the money.

Yet the money was in plain view of everyone. If only they’d seen it.

What this demonstrates beyond question is that your attitude of mind, your beliefs about what the world will provide and how lucky you are, determines whether or not you see the opportunities around you and take advantage of them.

Once again, the truth is that what you believe about yourself determines how your life plays out.

So dealing with limiting beliefs is absolutely vital for success in manifestation.

In fact, I believe the reason manifestation doesn't work for the majority of people who try it is because they do not deal with the limiting beliefs they hold about themselves.

Let me give you a few more examples to make the point.

First of all, a woman came to see me complaining that she had been visualizing herself in a wonderful romantic relationship, walking along the beach hand-in-hand, enjoying great sex with a man who truly loved her, honored her, and respected her.

She hadn't even tried to make the image of the man specific – she'd left it open to the universe, quite reasonably, to provide the man who could make her happy and who would be honest and faithful.

And she'd been doing this for several weeks. She'd also taken action: she'd joined a dating club and several local societies. But… you guessed it! Nothing. Not the merest sniff of an eligible bachelor.

Or indeed any other man for that matter. And of course she complained: she complained that manifestation was a silly idea that didn't work.

That it was all a delusion promoted by “flaky new age gurus”, as she put it.

And of course it was easy to see her pain and grief in the language that she was using about her failure to manifest what she wanted.

But when we started talking it didn't really take me long to work out what had gone wrong. She’d had a series of more or less abusive relationships, and it turned out that she had been abused emotionally and physically by her family members when she was a girl.

Her expectations of life as an adult were completely formed by her childhood experience: she expected men to treat her badly.

That was how she saw the world. And she hadn't done any work on improving her self-esteem or changing her expectations.

She was simply visualizing a relationship with a wonderful man – while she didn't actually believe that she could have such a thing.

Needless to say, she didn't. Yet her difficulty was understanding why, when she had such a clear vision of the kind of relationship she wanted, it simply wasn't happening for her.

"Surely," she said, "if I form an image of a wonderful man and a beautiful relationship, and I put energy into that, then it's bound to come to pass if what you say about the law of attraction is true?"

But the truth is this: you must have absolute belief in your dreams and in the possibility of your dreams and desires manifesting before that can happen.

Let me repeat that: you need to have absolute belief in your dreams that what you are trying to manifest is possible.

Right now, you might be thinking – “Surely, I know what I believe and what I don’t.” Regrettably that isn't so.

As I already explained, a lot of the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us are held in the unconscious, so you're not even aware of them.

#4. Here is a Set Of New Beliefs on Money To Start Believing in Yourself Again.

I know a lot of people find this challenging, so let me try and make it clearer to you how this works: have a look at the list of suggestions below, and see which of them resonate with you to improve your power of belief.

  • Money is the root of all goodness.
  • It's easier for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.
  • The poor get rich and the rich get even richer.
  • Money is a great blessing and creates happiness.
  • The richest people in the world are among the happiest.
  • Money really does grow on trees.
  • Money is one of the easiest things to accumulate that you could possibly imagine.
  • There's no need to provide for the future because money will always be available to meet your needs.
  • The more I spend, the more I possess
  • There are more than enough resources for every single person on this planet to be abundantly wealthy.

Now of course I'm playing with you here. You probably had a gut reaction to some of those statements.

But when I tell you that I believe every one of those statements to be true, how do you respond?

You see, it's only matter of perspective. What I've written above may or may not be true. It doesn't matter. What matters is what I believe to be true.

So if I believe it's better to be born lucky than rich and indeed I believe I was born lucky, then my life is going to be full of "happy coincidences" and lucky events that give me what I want.

The average person, I've come to discover, holds more negative beliefs about themselves than you could begin to imagine - both around the likelihood of being successful (low), and the likelihood of their generating prosperity or becoming abundant, being happy, or being healthy (even lower).

Indeed, without being too cynical about it, I've met many more people who believe that "life's a bitch then you die" than people who believe "life is absolutely fantastic, fulfilling, full of opportunities, and can give me everything I desire".

I hope I've made my point about limiting beliefs.

I suppose the one question which lingers in the air, and needs to be answered, is why total belief in the possibility of what you're trying to manifest is necessary for you to get it in your life.

There's no easy answer to that question.

The simple way of dealing with it is to say that total belief is an attractive positive force which goes out into the universe and activates a sequence of events which brings your desired objective to you.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this in-depth guide on how to believe in your dreams. If you really enjoyed it please do not forget to share and comment your thoughts.

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