April 16, 2024

12 Time Proven Principles To Stop Worrying About Money

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If you've ever felt like money and money problems take up way too much of your thoughts and mental energy, you're right. A study from Bankrate found that 52% of Americans cite money as the number one cause of stress and anxiety in their lives.

More than work, more than relationships, more than current events, and even one's own health, money is stressing us out.

But it's time to stop worrying about money because in this guide I'll share 12 amazing tips that'll help you to reduce financial stress and money related problems.

So keep reading to manifest money and create your new reality.

#1. My Story How I Stopped Worrying About Money.

I know it is a pretty bold statement saying someone to stop worrying about money. I wouldn’t have believed it myself, unless I had experienced it firsthand.

I manifested money out of thin air at a time when I was flat broke, scared out of my mind, and so deeply in debt I didn’t think I’d ever consider myself abundant.

Now, I have more money than I ever dreamed of, and I no longer worry about money.

Ever. I’ve consciously created enough money, and for long enough, to know that even if I lost all of my money by somehow going unconscious and mis-creating my reality, I could create all of that money again.

Thousands, if not millions, of people have had experiences with consciously creating abundance.

But even people who have magically made money appear are oftentimes hard-pressed to repeat the process at will.

Money will seem to magically appear in times of great need or struggle, when the only choice is to surrender—but once things are back to the status quo, that ability to magically allow money seems to go back into hiding.

That cycle of stress and desperation needn’t be your reality. It is possible for you to become so good at creating money (and other abundances) that you never have to worry again.

#2. I Wasn’t Born with a Silver Spoon.

I didn’t come from a wealthy family. In fact, my father grew up during the Great Depression. His father was out of work during those years.

My parents did manage to do a bit better financially than their parents did (which wasn’t saying much), but struggle was still a constant.

With three kids in the family, we couldn’t afford many of the things my friends were able to enjoy—like ski lessons and summer camps.

But we had the basics, and unlike my parents, we never went hungry.

Of course, my parents gifted their “lack of consciousness” to me—and unknowingly, I took it.

Despite brains, ability, and some decent education, as a young adult I could never manage to get ahead financially

I got married in my early thirties to someone who shared the “struggle” mindset.

We did more of what our parents did: living from paycheck to paycheck, never getting ahead, and never questioning why. But then, when I was about thirty, I learned about the law of attraction.

#3. The Law of Attraction.

I have to tell you, the idea that we “attract” what shows up in our lives simply blew me away.

I mean, come on—why didn’t we learn about this in school?

Why didn’t everyone know about this? This was huge. I was ecstatic to think that my days of struggle and scarcity could change without me having to sell my soul or work a job I hated.

For my whole life, I’d been under the impression that, if you wanted to work like a dog, you could (just maybe) get ahead—but you’d have to sacrifice your time, health, and oftentimes your relationships to do it. 

The only other option seemed to be to go to school for years and years and get a job doing something you didn’t really like, but that paid you lots of money.

But to think I could just change myself and get ahead? That caught my attention. I was all in from the start.

However, as I soon discovered, knowing the Law of Attraction and consciously creating an abundant reality are two totally different things.

I did have some astounding, if sporadic, success with consciously creating money and creating your new reality, but it took an some years before I really understood what it takes to create true abundance. 

But before I began to allow unlimited abundance into my life. In between those quantum leaps, I slid to some pretty desperate low points.

I didn’t go from poverty to total abundance overnight. It took time for me to get clear about everything I believed, and to become conscious of my thoughts and emotions around money, deserving, prosperity, and abundance.

But every step I took toward consciousness created a discernable change in my reality.

I now live a life that seems like a fairy tale. I am healthier than I’ve ever been. I do creative work I adore. I have a spiritual life that feeds my soul, I have absolute control over my emotions, time, my creativity, my lifestyle—it’s all my choice.

That is my abundance. I am overflowing with gratitude for it each and every day.

And if I did it, you can too. You too can stop worrying about money and reduce financial stress. Everything you will learn in this guide is based on one simple premise: You Create It All.

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#4. You Create It All.

You create your own reality. Yes, you really do. All of it—the good parts and the bad.

And because you create everything, there is absolutely no reason that you can't be as abundant as you desire.

None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

If you aren’t jumping up and down in joy (at least inside your head) right now, you, my friend, do not understand what I’m saying.

In a very real (and simultaneously metaphorical) way, money does grow on trees.

Everyone—including you—can create an abundance of money, resources, opportunities, and everything else under the sun.

You just need to be willing to plant that money tree seed, and tend it as it grows.

How can that not excite you?

If you’re skeptical, I fully understand. If you haven’t watched money materialize before your very eyes, you probably should be skeptical; there are plenty of snake oil salesmen and “get rich quick” schemes preying on hopeful, scared, and lack-filled minds to make anyone skeptical.

But this isn’t snake oil. It requires nothing of you monetarily. What it does require is your time, patience, emotional honesty, and your willingness to irrevocably change some of your dearly-held beliefs, patterns, thoughts, and feelings around money.

#5. Your Emotions About Money Create Your Reality.

If you want to stop worrying about money and reduce financial stress you need to master your emotional feeling about money.

Your emotions are the most important component of your ability to create.

 In our responsive universe, your emotions draw your physical experiences into your world.

And, because every thought creates an emotion, thoughts are pretty important as well.

The most powerful thoughts are those with strong emotions attached to them.

Less powerful thoughts are those with little or no emotion attached to them—but any thought will become more powerful the more often you think it.

Beyond your conscious thoughts and feelings lie your subconscious thoughts and feelings—aka your beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts and feelings that are so ever-present you’ve accepted them as absolutes.

They are your take on how the world works.

Beliefs never sleep.

They never take a break.

They are the background music in your personal movie; they create your reality all day, every day.

Beliefs are the hidden key to conscious creation and manifesting money.

That’s why a major portion of this guide is dedicated to helping you discover and reprogram your subconscious beliefs around money and abundance. 

Until your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are aligned and can work in concert, you will not be able to stop worrying about money and you will not be able to create with the ease and power that is your birthright.

So, my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are creating my money, work, opportunities, ideas, etc.? 


Okay, then tell me what thoughts to think, what feelings to feel, and what beliefs to hold in order to be a billionaire!

Well, it doesn’t exactly work that way. Why not? Because …

#6. You Can’t Control the Way Abundance Shows Up.

This is probably the toughest concept to understand in creating abundance. So, I’ll say it again:

You can’t control the way abundance shows up that is the reason why most people can't stop worrying about money related problems.

This one concept thwarts so many creations.

If you’re trying to make abundance show up in a certain way—through a certain job, from a certain person, or in a certain dollar amount—it generally won’t work.

You see, you can control the essence of your abundance, but you can’t control the form.

So I can’t create being a billionaire?

I didn’t say that. You may or may not create a billion dollars.

But what you absolutely can create is a reality that feels abundant to you—and that means plenty of the money, opportunities, jobs, and creative ideas that make you feel abundant.

I’m going to come back to this concept over and over again throughout this guide.

Money alone doesn’t equal abundance. It isn’t the goal

Having a life that is perfect for you: that is the goal. It would have been easier for you if you were taught about this as a child, but you weren’t.

Maybe you weren’t ready for it then, or maybe you chose to experience some struggle first.

But you are ready for the knowledge now.

You are ready to take the concepts of conscious creation and apply them to creating all of the abundance you want in your life.

It’s not too late to radically shift your reality. But before you begin, you need to realize …that Money Is Different Because It’s Survival.

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#7. Money Is Different Because It’s Survival.

We believe we will die without money as surely as we’ll die without food, water, or air.

Money is the reason most wars are fought, and the reason most violence happens.

Money is the key to power in most people’s minds. We believe that money is real, money is necessary, and money is in limited supply. That’s why money is different.

Above all else, we believe that we need money. Money will buy us health care and medicine when we’re sick.

Money will buy us food when we’re hungry.

Money will ensure that we have clothes to wear, and clean water to drink.

Money will educate us.

Money will allow us the freedom to travel and create.

Money may not buy happiness—but it sure can make unhappiness more comfortable.

Even more than that, money has been made “weighty” in our world.

#8. Most People Can't Stop Worrying About Money Because It Is the Significant Thing on Our Planet.

Money is not difficult to manifest—but weighty things are.

If you make something weighty, it means that you’ve placed too much importance on it.

You’ve made it too “real.”

You’ve made it bigger than life, and in doing so, you have made it nearly impossible to manifest with ease.

In other words, you’re telling your subconscious (and thus the universe):

Guess what you’ll create with that belief?

Scarcity. Lack. Struggle. Loss.

Money is different from any other energy on our planet, but only because of our perception of it.

If you want to consciously create more money, this difference needs to be understood and addressed.

#9. Creating Money Is Easy. Reducing Financial Stress is Easy. Manifesting Money is Easy.

Money is one of the easiest things (if not the easiest thing) to manifest.

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of it and look back on it, I agree: it’s pretty easy.

There are so many possible places from which money can manifest!

It exists outside of our bodies and independently of other people (as long as you let it be), so compared to other things, it is easy. Just replace the word “money” with “wind” or “electricity” in your mind, and you’ll see what I mean.

It’s okay if you’re not there yet—in fact, it’s just fine.

Let’s face it: you weren’t taught to be abundant. 

You were taught that money was a tricky, difficult, challenging, and laborious thing to come by. It’s going to take some time to unlearn what you’ve learned about money.

But once you do, you’ll never have to worry about money again.

Money can be hard—but it can also be a joy. It can be easy. It can be elegant. It can even be fun!

The Map to Abundance is more than just a map to money.

It’s a map to an abundant life—a life filled with the joys of being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually alive.

It is a map to allowing the rewards and riches of being a god-being on this planet.

This reality is all an illusion anyway—so why not have as much illusion as you want?

#10. It's OK to Doubt.

When I say that you can create money (and other forms of abundance) out of thin air, it probably sounds too good to be true.

So many of us have been disappointed when our hopes of getting out of debt, scarcity, and lack have been dashed.

We’ve leapt into the unknown with only the hope of our ability to manifest money as effortlessly as we’ve been told is possible—only to feel the pain and fear of failure

Now, here I come, telling you that money does grow on trees (sort of). It makes sense if you feel like this has as much chance of being real as Cinderella’s gold-plated pumpkin coach.

But even as you indulge your skepticism about this guide—yet another abundance guide that will get your hopes up, only for them to be dashed against the rocks of “real life”—you hope that this guide, will be different.

You feel the call of a brighter future.

It doesn’t matter how doubtful you are. I was doubtful, too.

What matters is that, despite the doubt, you keep your mind open. If you do that, I’ll help you melt that doubt little by little—not with my words, but with your own successes.

They might be small successes at first, but they will grow.

Just please, especially in the beginning …

#11. Stop Worrying About Money And Be Gentle With Yourself.

There are reasons why money has been problematic in your life.

No matter the monetary heartache you’ve endured—the fear, the terror even, the sadness, and the pain—there is a reason.

And in conscious creation, where there’s a reason, there’s a remedy. Your money issues may be deep.

They may stem from childhood or early adulthood.

They may be wrapped up in other painful and limiting beliefs and emotions related to worthiness, competence, and the spiritual merit of struggle.

But wherever they came from, they can be healed. Everything can be healed. And, once healed, your reality will change.

Because you are literally healing your reality from the inside out, it is important to allow yourself the time and space to do this work.

You didn’t get here overnight, and you likely won’t create your new financial reality overnight.

This work isn’t a Band-Aid for your money problems.

It’s a whole new way of living with, and relating to, money and abundance.

Part of you is probably longing for that “quick fix.”

Even when you start to see your reality change, you’ll likely be impatient at times, and frustrated that the answers, and the money, aren’t coming more quickly.

But impatience won’t speed things up.

In fact, it will slow things down. You wouldn’t rush a brain surgeon or an airline pilot through their training, would you? No, you’d want them to learn what they needed to know thoroughly and methodically, because if they didn’t, lots of things could go dangerously wrong.

Just like brain surgery or the ability to land an airplane skillfully in a snowstorm, your ability to manifest money and abundance can take a dire situation and turn it into a victory—but only if you have the training to think, feel, act, and react appropriately when the situation arises.

Remember that any skill worth learning takes time to develop.

There is a cadence and flow to inner growth, too.

Try to make self-love a priority on this journey—and above all else, enjoy the process.

#12. Last But Not The Least - 11 Abundance Altering Golden Nuggets To Stop Worrying About Money.

  1. It is possible to become so good at creating money and other abundances that you no longer have to worry, ever. 
  2. Ultimately, it’s your feelings that create. Your thoughts are important because emotions flow from thoughts. And your beliefs are important because they are thoughts and feelings that are always with you.
  3. Money is simply energy—like a chair, or a flower, or air. You think of money differently than air because you believe what people have said about money—not because it’s inherently different.
  4. Thoughts with strong emotions accompanying them are powerful. Those with weak or no emotion accompanying them are less powerful. The number of times you think a thought increases its power.
  5. You live in a society where a lot of energy has been expended to make money, keep money, steal money, hide money, manage money, understand money, and judge money. Unless you’ve been brought up without societal interaction, our world’s attitude toward money has affected you.
  6. Money is different from other things in life because our perception of it is different. When you’re seeking to consciously create more money, that difference needs to be understood and addressed.
  7. We’ve been particularly challenged when it comes to consciously creating money because of the weight of it. We hold subconscious beliefs that it’s evil, that it’s uber-powerful, and that we require it to survive. That last belief leaves us with a “time is of the essence” feeling that makes the concept of money more weighty than ever.
  8. There are reasons money has been problematic in your life. No matter the monetary heartache you’ve endured—the anxiety, the terror, the sadness, and the pain—there is a reason. And in conscious creation, if there is a reason, there is a remedy.
  9. Impatience won’t speed things up. It will slow things down.
  10. Like any skill, conscious creation takes time and practice. There is a cadence and flow to inner growth, too. Try to make self-love a priority on this journey, and be patient with yourself.
  11. Above all else, enjoy the process!

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