April 15, 2024

11 Spiritual Steps to Follow Your Intuition And Create What You Want

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Steve Jobs

Former CEO of Apple

“Have the courage to follow your intuition and heart. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

When you’re following your intuition or following your gut feeling, it means you are trusting yourself and having belief and faith that you always have the inner wisdom necessary to help guide you through everything in life.

This is a state of non-thinking or flow.

In this guide we will explore how we can make this concept practical and bring it into our everyday lives. What does it look like when you follow your intuition and inner wisdom and how can we do it?

#1. You Tap into Your Greater Self When You Follow Your Intuition.

When you’re following your intuition, you’re completely tapped into something greater than your personal self. You’re in a state of non thinking (flow) and direct connection with universe.

In this state, you always know what you need to do without thinking and are guided by Infinite Intelligence

It almost seems like we’re not doing anything when we’re in this zone because we lose our sense of personal self and become one with life.

When we’re in this state, miracles occur such as business deals coming out of nowhere, people showing up at the right place at the right time, money comes in exactly when we need it, connections that we were looking for spontaneously fall upon our laps, and life seems almost magical.

Time seems to warp and bend around us and it’s because there is no sense of it. We proceed to then accomplish more within a few days than others do within a month.

Abundance, love, joy, peace, harmony, and gratitude are inevitable and inseparable feelings that are experienced in this state.

#2. We All Have Experienced This State At Least Once in Life.

Every single person has experienced instances where they have felt like this before.

Although many have experienced this phenomenon, very few are able to maintain it for extended periods of time.

The main reason is because most relapse back into thinking and believe that they have to “figure it out” themselves.

It is when we begin thinking that we lose this power of creating miracle-like events and circumstances.

The truth is that we don’t have to have it all figured out, nor do we even have to figure it all out. How can our limited beliefs and limiting minds possibly understand and try to manipulate the entire world to our desires?

#3. It is Only When We Think We Know More Than Universe That We Run Into Problems.

The great news is that we don’t have to know more than universe nor do we have to even think.

All you have to do is trust in your own intuition, follow your gut feeling and have faith that your inner wisdom will show you the way that is best for you.

When you ask people who are the most abundant, joyful, and successful how they made it, they will usually attribute their success to some sort of higher power or luck.

These people have trusted in something greater than themselves and thus attribute it to that instead of attributing their success to sheer willpower and brute force.

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#4. There's Nothing in Your Control.

There’s so much in life that is completely out of our control and we can really only control a very small portion of it.

This is not to say that we give up because we can’t control our lives, it’s quite the opposite.

When we realize that we don’t have to control and try to force everything to happen our way, we become free from suffering, pain, and frustration and begin to fall into this state of non-thinking where things just all happen for us instead of to us.

We begin to see that everything was perfectly placed in our lives to help us become the exact person we are now and that if anything were changed, we would not have what we do now.

There are millions of small circumstances and events that have to have been meticulously orchestrated for us to be where we are now.

To plan that would be impossible and futile, yet here we are. This is the miracle of life.

#5. How We Feel Inside Matters When We Follow Our Gut Instinct.

To go back on a point we just made about us not having to control things in our lives, there’s a caveat I want to highlight.

It is true that we cannot control everything that happens in our lives, but what we can control is whether we think or not (which is the root cause of all of our problems and negative emotions).

We can decide to change our attitude and experience of life whenever we want and how we feel at any moment. 

This is how we can choose to be happy — by choosing to let go of our thinking and follow your intuition.

Isn’t that what ultimately matters at the end of the day? It’s not about what we have, but how we feel inside that is the true measure of success, joy, and fulfillment.

The other point I wanted to bring up is that although we can’t control a lot of things, what we can have a say in is what we want in our lives, but not necessarily the how.

For instance, we have the gift of imagination (access to Infinite Intelligence), which means we can come up with anything that we want in our lives.

This is an amazing blessing, but where things can go sour is when we think that we need to figure out the how in order to make it happen.

It is at this point that most people give up or continue down the path of brute force to try to bring it to life and suffer daily for it.

This is why people believe that we have to work hard and suffer for what we want in life. That is simply not true. It is only true if we think we have to figure out the “how” to get what we want in life.

Our job is to come up with what we want, not how to get it. The how is really up to the Universe.

This is the best-case scenario anyway because there are an infinite number of ways to bring about what you want in life, so for our little finite brains to figure it out would be futile, nonetheless.

#6. We Fail in Life Because We Try To Figure It All Out (Not Trusting And Following Our Intuition)

We only suffer when we try to figure it all out, but we don’t have to.

This is when we want to rely on our intuition and inner wisdom to help show us exactly what we need to do in real time to manifest what we want

There’s no need to try to figure it all out in advance.

Our part is to hold in our minds what we want and get into a state of non-thinking.

This enables us to access our Infinite Intelligence (God) so that the answers are revealed to us exactly when we need it.

The path forward is only revealed when we begin walking. There’s never going to be a time where the entire path is illuminated for us to see beforehand.

That would completely negate the need for faith and that is why faith and trust is of utmost importance when manifesting something.

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#7. Following Your Gut Instinct or Intuition Means Having Complete Unwavering Faith.

We must have complete, unwavering faith that what we want to create will come to us and we can only do this by fully trusting in the Universe to orchestrate how it will happen.

We can always get what we desire in life, it just may not be on our timeline or in the way we want it to manifest.

Our intuition and inner wisdom (God) actually speaks to us all of the time.

You know that small voice inside that always knows what you should do? Maybe it’s to leave your job, forgive a person that hurt you, ask someone out, or reconnect with someone.

It’s that gut feeling you get where you know what you need to do.

 Have you ever regretted not doing something in a moment your gut told you to do it?

Have you ever had a gut feeling to do something, but you have no logical reasoning as to why, but you did it anyway and amazing things happened afterward?

That is your intuition.

#8. Intuition Comes in Form of Thoughts.

Our intuition does come to us in the form of thoughts, but remember that there’s a stark difference between thoughts and thinking.

Thoughts are divine by nature and feel like they pop into our minds out of nowhere.

Thinking on the other hand is a manual, strenuous effort that we create ourselves, which feels very heavy and typically has negative emotions attached to it. 

When you have divine thoughts from Infinite Intelligence, there’s a sense of knowingness to it and your inner wisdom knows it.

It contains the truth and you just know deep down that it’s right.

Your intuition will almost never seem logical or rational, but that’s exactly what we want because we don’t want it to be predictable.

If it were predictable, it wouldn’t be miraculous and it wouldn’t contain the infinite possibilities of the Universe which are all spontaneous by nature.

#9. Intuition Does Not Follow Your Logical, Rational Mind.

Your intuition will almost always go against your logical, rational mind, so be prepared for that.

It will whisper to you that you should talk to this random person in a coffee shop that leads to a beautiful friendship or for you to call up a friend spontaneously where you find out they really needed someone to be there for them during a difficult time.

It will tell you to step into and live in your divine gift and put yourself out there to share the truth of what you know.

It will softly beckon you to pursue what you truly want in life versus following what everyone else says that you should want.

These are a few examples of the infinite numbers of ways it will speak to you and when you follow it, it will always create miracles and abundance beyond your wildest imaginations.

So why don’t more people listen to their intuition if it always knows what to do and creates abundance whenever it is followed?

Fear of failure is the reason.

#10. Intuition Lives in The Unknown.

Listening to our intuition can be scary or extremely daunting. This is because our intuition lives in the space of the unknown.

In order words, our intuition is spiritual and operates in the field of infinite possibilities, which by nature is the field of unknown.

We as humans always fear the unknown because we can’t predict what might happen.

It is only when we step into the unknown that we can begin to experience the limitless possibilities that life can bring to us.

This is why magical things and miracles happen when you trust and follow your intuition or gut feeling.

We are literally stepping into the zone of pure possibility. It is for this reason that we only need to know the “what” of what we want to manifest, but not the “how”.

#11. Enter into Space of Miracles Through Your Intuition.

The only way you can enter this space of miracles is through non thinking. If we think, we immediately get ejected out of the space and enter a state of anxiety, worry and suffering. 

Our thinking will try to predict what might happen based on the past.

This is why most people get more of the same of what they have always gotten.

They try to use their limited personal mind to create something they have never experienced before, innocently not realizing that they must step into the unknown by entering the state of non-thinking and listening to their intuition.

We can only ever create something we have never experienced in the realm of infinite possibilities, but the only way to make that happen is to go where we haven’t gone before, which is the unknown.


In summary, your intuition always knows what you need to do in the present moment, but the only way to access it is by getting into a state of non-thinking.

Your personal mind will freak out because you’re stepping into the space of infinite possibilities (the unknown), but if you remember that it is just thinking that is making you feel fear, the fearful thinking will fall away and the courage you need to act on your intuition will naturally surface.

It is in this moment that you must have faith in your inner wisdom (Universe or God) to guide you through life even when you don’t know what will happen next — but that’s the adventure and joy in it.

The unknown is also the only way to manifest what you want in life if you don’t already have it.

You have to do what you haven’t done in order to get what you don’t have. When you’re operating from intuition, it’s not like you’re going to feel fear all of the time.

The fear is only present as long as your thinking is revolving around fear.

Once you acknowledge the fear and understand that it’s only your thinking that’s causing those feelings, the illusion will fall apart, and you’ll fall back into peace, joy, and pure love.

This is the space you want to stay in, which will allow you to create the positive feelings that are the prerequisite to manifesting all you could possibly imagine for yourself.

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