March 9, 2024

7 Powerful Law of Attraction Hacks To Get What You Want

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What if you could get what you want and fulfill your desires? What if everything you’ve ever wanted really was just a thought away?

What if you could easily manifest the money, relationships, health, success, and life you always desired? And what if there really was a universal principle known as “The Law of Attraction” that made it all possible? 

If all of this really was true, and every wish you’ve ever made really was within your grasp… Then why are you still waiting for everything to come? And how do you finally get it?

This blog is written to answer those questions. It is written because -- while you may not realize this yet -- you actually already have everything you need to unlock your dreams and manifest your desires

And yet you still haven’t managed to do it. So it’s time for a new level of clarity to help you finally get what you want, fulfill your desires and achieve the results you were promised a long time ago -- so that you’ll never have to read another “Law of Attraction” blog post again.

In this blog I will share 7 powerful law of attraction hacks and links to my 3 top articles to help you get what you want and manifest all your goals, dreams and desires.

#1. No More Research. No More Questions. No More Waiting. To Fulfill Your Desires.

This is it. Everything you need to create the change you’ve been seeking and attract everything you want in life. You’re finally going to do this (no, really - you ARE!).

And it’s all going to happen in a way that just wasn’t possible with your previous understanding of how the Universe works. 

Those other books/articles/videos aren’t wrong, by the way. In fact, a lot of them are brilliant. But there is either a missing piece in their explanation or a simple glitch in your understanding (or maybe a combination of both) that results in you not properly doing what they taught you to.

For whatever reason, you just couldn’t find a way to get the lessons that they shared to work for you.

But whatever that reason might be, it’s no longer something you need to worry about

This is the last Law of Attraction blog you’ll ever need to read. And no matter how much or how little you already know about this universal principle, it’s time to finally use it the way it was always meant to be used.

#2. Two Types who will read this book on getting what you want - Which One Are You?

There are two types of people who find their way to this blog: Those who are brand new to the Law of Attraction and those who’ve been aware of it for a long time, but just haven’t found a way to put all the pieces together.

Regardless of which category you fall into, you’re going to be just fine. If this is your first Law of Attraction blog post, you’ve got yourself the perfect jumping on point.

Most readers don’t find this material until after they’ve already gone through countless other books and programs trying to somehow make this all “work” for them.

But starting with what’s in this guide will save you years of your life, as well as hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars -- to say nothing of the frustration, uncertainty, overwhelm, and doubt that more experienced readers have unfortunately already had to endure. You’re going to leapfrog past all of that.

The good news is you’re finally about to get those last remaining pieces of the puzzle to make this work.

The reasons you haven’t yet attracted the life you want might seem impossible to figure out right now, but they’re way simpler than you think.

And once you understand what they are, you’ll never be able to go back. This leaves us with two important questions:

What are these reasons and what can we do about them?

#3. Why The Law of Attraction Hasn’t Given You The Life of Your Dreams ...Yet!

Every Law of Attraction book you’ve EVER read was right. You have more power than you realize. The Universe really IS in your corner.

And the manifestation techniques that are already out there to get what you want ...are actually correct. So why haven’t any of them worked? Why don’t you have what you want?

For example, one of your biggest hurdles right now is you still don’t believe in the Law of Attraction 100%. Even if you think you do. It’s human nature.

If you can’t actually “see” the Law of Attraction happening, there’s always going to be a subtle level of doubt holding you back until you actually get enough evidence of it working for you.

You might even believe that it works for certain people in certain situations ...but you still don’t believe it works reliably for YOU. 

After all, if you really had no doubts and truly wanted things in your life to improve, NOTHING would stop you from sticking with it every single day until it happened.

But instead, most people seem perfectly fine reading all the books and doing all the programs ...until it’s actually time to use what they learn. That’s when they hesitate. They take “some” action, but not nearly enough. Then they get frustrated, they look for “a better book” ...and the cycle repeats all over again.

Meanwhile, that nagging question of “what if it doesn’t really work and if I am not able to fulfill all my desires?” always seems to be there on some level.

And unfortunately, living with that uncertainty is a way better option to them than taking a leap of faith, going all in with the methods they’ve learned ...but then losing all hope if it turns out that the Law of Attraction wasn’t real after all.

Even worse than that is the worry that they’re simply not good enough, and that their “unworthiness” is the reason it’s not working for them.

This is why the techniques you use will need to be able to bypass these fears and doubts -- at least until you experience enough evidence to know at your very core that this really works.

If this doesn’t make complete sense yet, think of it as if you were trying to get in shape.

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#4. The Workout You Can Never Seem To Do.

Have you ever asked yourself why most people don’t work out every day? Or why some can barely bring themselves to do it even once a year?

After all, when you think about it, daily exercise is one of the healthiest activities out there.

But if you ask most people why they can’t manage to follow even an occasional exercise routine, they’ve always got an answer like:

  • They tried it for a little while, but didn’t get results quickly enough, so they stopped. 
  • They don’t have enough time to do it.
  • It’s just not fun for them, so they’re really not motivated to stick with it. 
  • They aren’t sure if they’re doing it right, and they lack confidence.
  • The exercises seem too complicated.
  • The exercises seem too simple, so they probably don’t even work - - so why bother?
  • They don’t believe working out can really help them as much as it’s helped other people.
  • They want to work out, but for some reason, they never seem to be able to just start.

Or maybe they don’t even know the reason. All they know is they fail every time they try.

And this is exactly what happens to people who read Law of Attraction articles and try to do ‘manifesting’ exercises every day. 

Unless this is your first Law of Attraction guide (and again, if it is, you’re about to save A LOT of time and money), at least half of that list is probably very familiar to you.

And the sad thing is that you’ve had access to perfectly good techniques for attracting what you want in your life this entire time.

But it’s like that workout that you know you should do, but you constantly put off anyway.

You simply haven’t found an exercise that you actually enjoy enough to do every day.

And just like with working out, when it comes to Law of Attraction techniques, you can’t just do them every so often and expect to get results.

They have to be a daily part of your life. And knowing they “have to” do it every day is what frustrates people the most and makes them give up before they even start.

And let’s be honest with ourselves here -- after all the articles, all the programs, and all the opportunities you’ve already had to finally get a handle on this.

You’re not going to do ANY techniques on a daily basis UNLESS you actually enjoy them, UNLESS you know how to do them well, UNLESS you believe in them, and UNLESS you can actually appreciate the journey you’ll be on while you’re attracting your desires and manifesting your dreams.

THIS IS THE KEY to get what you want and fulfill your desires in life. Because if there’s ONE piece all those other books have apparently missed so far -- it’s providing a presentation and explanation that will help you enjoy, understand, and experience TRUE patience with these Law of Attraction methods -- so that you’ll finally actually use them without it feeling like a constant chore!

#5. The PERFECT Recipe to Get What You Want.

Let’s go back to the example of working out. There are lots of reasons why doing it every day is a good idea.

But let’s just say for the purposes of our example that the goal of working out is to lose weight, get in shape, and have a fit healthy body.

We know that ‘working out’ is a proven solution for doing all of this -- which is bad news for a lot of people, because working out isn’t really that fun for them.

But what if “working out” wasn’t the ONLY way to get in shape?

What if someone could wave a magic wand and invent a special type of magic ice cream -- that had ALL the positive qualities that regular ice cream has, NONE of the negative qualities, and also somehow had the EXACT same effect on your body as working out did -- even with just one spoonful a day? (If you’re not a fan of ice cream -- think pizza, pancakes, cookies, etc.)

Think about all the advantages this would give you, and why it would be so easy to ‘do’:

  • You enjoy it. 
  • You have no trouble doing it.
  • It doesn’t feel like an intrusion on your day.
  • You never get tired of it.
  • You never get bored with it.
  • And best of all, you even look forward to it!

The whole point of doing the above things happily is that they’re actually their own reward.

Yes, they’re a means to an end -- a way to get what you want. But they’re also never a chore, and even if they weren’t helping you attract what you want, you’d still enjoy doing them.

So you know you can confidently stick with them until whatever you want manifests, no matter how slowly or quickly your results come. This is why they’re the perfect solution.

You need a set of tools that you know you can use every single day (without it feeling like an obligation) because THAT is what’s required for the Law of Attraction to work.

This is why the Law of Attraction hasn’t seemed to work for a lot of people yet. They just haven’t had access to the right combination of information, strategy, and methods. But now you do.

Read the below guides to learn how to use the law of attraction + positive affirmations + Belief to manifest your goals faster.

==> Science Behind Power of Affirmations And Positive Mindset

==> 10 Most Powerful Secrets To Become a Money Magnet

==> 7 Tested Ways To Believe in Yourself – The Key To Success

#6. You’re Holding Everything You Need In Your Hands Right Now.

Unless this really is your first Law of Attraction article, you should expect some of what you read here to already be familiar, some to be completely new, and some to give original perspectives on things you already thought you knew.

Ultimately, though, the real value here will be the level of clarity and purpose you achieve as you finally clear out any remaining fear and doubt that was holding you back this whole time.

My entire website is written with the expectation that every reader should have their hand held as much as they personally need for them to actually be able to use these methods in a confident, comfortable, and consistent way.

Again, the methods have to be fun. Like eating ice cream. And they will be once you read the 3 articles that I have linked above.

#7. Everything’s Going To Make Sense And Everything’s Going To Be Okay.

Remember, the value here is not only in the knowledge being presented, but in the methods that will help you use that knowledge.

You’ll need both, so have patience as you read through everything. The above linked 3 articles will teach you some of the world’s premiere-level techniques for manifesting your desires, getting what you want and attracting a life that you love.

And you’ll have plenty to choose from in case you need variety. But you’ll want to take your time getting there and make sure you read everything leading up to them first. Everything here is in a very specific order for a reason.

And I while I didn’t waste pages on pointless filler, I was as thorough as I could be to make sure you have everything you need. 

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