March 8, 2024

How To Be Happy From Inside-11 Tips to Boost Your Happiness By 90%

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Imagine if you could be 100% happy from inside right now without changing a thing about your life.

Imagine if you never had to experience another ‘bad day’. What if you never wasted another moment worrying about the future or regretting the past? All this is possible for you, today.

And all that’s required – no matter what’s going on in your life – is that you wake up to what’s going on inside your head. Here’s what I mean.

This guide will show you how to be happy from inside, be joyful, feel happiness and master the secret of art of being happy with yourself no matter what your life looks like.

Just trust me and read this amazing guide on how to happy from inside and I bet you won't regret. Trust me you won't...just keep reading.

1. First up, before you find out how to be happy from inside let’s kick off with a couple personal questions:

  1. Do you ever have difficulty feeling good about yourself
  2. Do you spend time imagining what bad things others are probably thinking or saying about you, your work, your looks, or your abilities in general?
  3. Are you exceptionally critical of yourself and others?
  4. Do you like to give yourself a hard time about the decisions you make?
  5. Would you say that you’re a perfectionist?
  6. Do you have hard time believing in yourself
  7. Do you wish you had better self-esteem?
  8. Would you like to feel more secure about yourself?
  9. Do you ever worry that you’ll never be successful, happy, popular, or ‘settled’ in life.

You, and everyone else.

Look, if you didn’t answer ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions, you’re either a Martian or an unusually – some might say terrifyingly - enlightened human being.

But here’s the truth: Worrying about being happy with yourself is part of being human, yeah.

In fact, if we lacked the humbleness inherent in such an action, we’d probably be in trouble, socially and spiritually speaking.

But when it starts to TAKE OVER your life and sap the PLEASURE out of all the sweet stuff that’s going on in your life right now (yes, your life) well, heck.

That means it’s time to kick things up a notch and bring out the BIG GUNS.

Worrying, regret, feelings of guiltiness, fear of the future, and self-critical judgments are all good for one thing:

Creating a life that sucks on MANY simultaneous levels. Such feelings also excellent for attracting the human equivalent into your life.

Spend too much time feeling BAD about yourself, spending less time being happy with yourself and yep: the vultures start circling. Count on it, my friend.

Of course, if you actively prefer the company of those who engender fear of the future in your heart, then by all means carry on just as you are.

But let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment here: If everything was really ‘working out’ for you 100% right now, you would be happy from inside and wouldn’t be reading this, would you? No way.

2. So here’s how you'll feel happiness and be joyful again.

  1. First: I’m going to give you a little ‘background info’ on why you spend so much time feeling bad about yourself, your life, your looks, your relationships, your work, and pretty much everything else.
  2. Then, I’m going to give you one kick-ass tool to raise your vibration and CHANGE EVERYTHING about your happiness levels (read: skyrocket them higher than the moon, baby.) 
  3. Finally, I’ll give you a three-step, hands-on technique on how to apply this tool to your life, every day, no matter what the ‘details’ are, until it quite literally becomes second nature for you. Let’s get started!

3. Know That Worry Exists Regardless Of Circumstance.

Here’s something most people don’t know about bad feelings: Guilt, fear, and worry are free-floating.

You experience these emotions, or ‘feelings’, quite literally because they exist no matter what not ‘because’ of anything that’s going on.

Our brains, unless trained to do otherwise, pretty much constantly experience some form of guilt, fear, or worry and because it makes us feel better (on some level) to have a ‘reason’ to feel the way we do, our brain quite naturally just ‘attaches’ that worry, fear, or guilt to an event going on in your life.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what your life ‘looks like’. You’ll feel that guilt, fear, or worry about SOMETHING, regardless of how ‘good’ things get or how happy or joyful you are UNTIL you train your brain to do otherwise!

(Hint: that’s why I’m here.) So look: you may think you’re worried about your job, relationship, or family but in 98% of cases, if you solved whatever problem you’re currently stressing about, THAT BAD FEELING WON’T GO AWAY.

It’ll just transfer itself to some other area of your life – like an evil little tapeworm.

The key is to realize that your mind creates worry (and fear, and guilt) ‘just because’ and to then understand that changing the externals of your life won’t necessarily make any difference to how happy you feel from inside. This is a revolutionary idea!

Let’s read over it once more: To be truly happy from inside, it doesn’t matter what your life looks like.

Instead, it matters what’s going on inside your head. And this isn’t just some ‘opinion’ of mine that I’m conveniently regurgitating your way it’s the REAL DEAL.

Studies now show that over 80% of the negative feelings we experience are ‘free-floating’, and occur INDEPENDENTLY of actual circumstance. 

Here’s what that boils down to as far as you’re concerned: Even when it FEELS bad, most of it’s still just in your head.

This is a handy fact to keep ahold of when it feels like everything is spiraling out of control!

And now, since it’s the thoughts in your head that control how good or joyful you feel about your life (as opposed to your life controlling how good you feel), let’s look at how to control what goes on in that head of yours!

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4. Here’s How to be Happy From Inside And Improve Your Happiness By 90% Right Now.

It’s been said that “life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.”

Hmmmmm! In other words: it’s your reactions that make life what it is. How ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it feels, how ‘happy’ it ‘makes’ you is all to do with how you react to it.

Here’s another way of looking at it: To feel happiness and boost your happiness quotient by a whopping NINETY PERCENT (the 90% configured by your reaction to reality), all you have to do is train yourself to react differently.

So far, so good. But how do you actually DO that? It’s staggeringly simple. To change your reactions, all you need to do is become AWARE of what your reactions currently are.

That’s it. Just notice stuff more, man. To enjoy life more, be joyful, be calm and relaxed, feel better, live a happier, more satisfied, totally fulfilled life, all that’s necessary is to simply practice awareness of your thoughts and letting go of your ego.

Sounds almost too easy, doesn’t it?

Here’s how it works.

Awareness is the ‘gateway drug’ that leads to massive fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Without awareness, true happiness is rarely possible and without it, ongoing low-level misery is essentially unavoidable.

5. If You Want to be Truly Happy From Inside Awareness Is the Key.

Why? Because you can’t change anything without first becoming aware of what you want to change and why it needs changing.

You’ve got to become AWARE of the status quo (and naturally, of your own reaction to it) in order to CHANGE it.

Here’s where it REALLY gets good - the cherry on your happiness sundae: Awareness is both the tool and the effect. 

All you have to do is NOTICE what’s going on! 

Once you’re aware of what’s wrong and what you want to change, the rest quite literally takes care of itself. But here’s the trick: You have to do this without judgment or criticism.

Quite literally, all you must do is NOTICE what’s going on and NOTICE whether you’d like to change it or not. Anything else will literally be counterproductive to your happiness.

6. Your Judgments About Your Life And Happiness Are the Killer - Not Your Life Itself!

You may be thinking right now, ‘What is she TALKING about? My life does suck there’s no use trying to think otherwise!’ Okay. That’s one place to start.

Do you want to know why this way of thinking – and it is just a way of thinking, not ‘the truth’ or ‘the way things really are’ about your life’- will usually end up sucking you FURTHER DOWN into a spiral of cruddy experiences and personal disasters?

Here’s why: It’s because people who tend to think this way also tend to try and ‘change things’ about their lives in a way that almost never works.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Have you ever noticed that when you make a conscious decision to ‘change your life’ or to ‘improve yourself’ for instance, when you make New Year’s resolutions, or commit to a decision to quit smoking, or make a decision to go on a diet the results just never quite seem to come?

It feels like you’re swimming upstream. Lots of struggle, lots of sweat, the best intentions in the world but very few results.

It’s bloody disheartening. And it’s no coincidence, either!

This is why When you deliberately decide to ‘change yourself’, that decision is almost ALWAYS made from a place of negativity, self-judgment and lac of happiness and joy.

When people actively decide that things ‘aren’t good enough right now’ and that they ‘need changing’, it means the decision to change is rooted in NEGATIVITY and FEAR OF THE FUTURE.

You’ve decided that something about yourself ‘isn’t up to scratch’, and that if you ever want to be happy from inside, you’ll just have to do better.

In fact, you’d better lose ten pounds, quit smoking, and be more popular if you want to attract your crush, avoid cancer, and enjoy life at all!

It’s enough to make anyone turn to the cigarettes/Oreos/anonymous sex, just to feel better.

And that’s the problem with these self-critical judgment-based decision calls: they make you feel inherently BAD about yourself which just causes that troublesome behavior to stick around in your life like a wad of Superglue! Proof’s in the pudding, guys.

How often have you tried to avoid candy - only to find yourself stuck headfirst into a bag of jellybeans just a few hours later?

Or to go ‘cold turkey’ on the coffin nails - only to fumble in your emergency drawer for a Silk Cut later that very evening?

Or to finally decide to ‘wash that man right out of your hair’ only to find yourself dialing his number for a late-night booty call?

It’s true. And it’s all very, very NORMAL. Judgment-based, fear-based decisions (‘If I don’t lose ten pounds I’ll look ugly and feel bad’ … ‘if I don’t quit smoking I’ll get oral cancer and die’) quite literally create an urge to do MORE of whatever it is you’re trying so hard to give up.

We try to give up BAD habits which are almost always our ‘stress reaction’ to bad stuff happening. (Cigarettes, candy, and unloving sex are all prime examples.)

So THINK about it! When we try to frighten ourselves out of those stress habits by making a fear-based, judgment-based decision to quit what happens?

Why, we start to crave our habitual stress-easer which is, of course, the very thing we’re trying to give up!

Trying to force ourselves to quit stuff from a place of fear and judgment literally causes us to do MORE of that very thing.

It’s a big old MESS. But! There is an easy way out of this maze and it involves DITCHING your judgment, your self-criticism, your fear, and your guilt, in order to become NEUTRAL about your self-observations.

Just take a look at what’s going on, and NOTICE how you feel about it. That’s ALL that’s necessary and it’s ALL you must do to move forward for a better life and cultivating the feeling of being happy with yourself.

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7. The ‘Way Out’ of the Judgment Maze: How to Neutrally Notice,  Without Criticizing And Be Happy From Inside.

It takes practice to leave the judgment behind. And we ALL have days where we’re harsh to ourselves or accidentally let an unkind observation rip in our minds.

Again, that’s normal and you probably won’t ever get beyond it 100%.

But you can certainly be a LOT happier than you are right now - and there’s an easy way to leave judgment behind FOREVER, thus becoming a happier, more well-adjusted, sweeter, more easygoing, happier ‘you’ than ever before!

I’m just about to tell you what it is, but first, a special sweetener just for you IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE If you’re looking for a solid love-relationship, losing the self-judgment is an incredibly effective way to attract a wonderful man or woman into your life.

Why? Simple. Catty, critical people are harsh on others because that’s how they speak to themselves. It’s always the insecure ones who have the sharpest tongues.

Similarly, sweet, easy-to-please people are generally very SECURE – which means they’re free to enjoy life and the company of others, without feeling compelled to judge and criticize!

IMPORTANT FACT: To be good company, you’ve literally got to become ‘good to yourself’ first thus giving yourself permission to be sugar-sweet to everyone else as well!

And that’s how you’ll wind up attracting the life of your dreams

The key to being the best company in town is to figure out how to like yourself wholeheartedly and be happy from inside and feel happiness and true joy to your heart's core. 

Sounds almost ‘Pollyanna’ but whatever. It’s true. And you’re about to find out just how true!

Here’s how to go about becoming just such a well-adjusted person: it’s a three-step process. Three Steps Towards a Judgment-Free, Happier Life.

8. Wake up and Feel the Tingles To Feel Happiness From Inside.

Step One is to realize that something feels a little ‘off’. This is your cue to look deeper within.

Warning signs generally include a tight feeling around the belly, or prickles of unease across the scalp and shoulders. Why?

Because our bodies are much more tuned in to our own personal reality than we realize and this is a sign that your body is trying to let you know that something needs to change!

9. Look Deeper: Notice What’s Up To Experience True Happiness And Joy.

Once you’ve tuned in to your body’s warning signals, it’s time to look deeper inside and NOTICE how you speak inside your own head.

This is time to really pay attention to how you talk to yourself in the ‘privacy’ of your own thoughts, your habitual self-talk and self-judgments

If you find that you’re pretty hard on yourself, hold the phone: don’t judge yourself about judging yourself.

Many people (especially women) are really hard on themselves about not being kinder to themselves – as ironic as that sounds, it’s a common trap to fall into, so be careful that you’re wearing the hat marked ‘Observer’, not ‘Judge’!

If it helps, think of yourself as watching the inner workings of your mind through a thick pane of soundproof glass: you can see everything that’s going on, you can read the messages flickering around but you can’t get in there and start interfering or changing stuff yet.

Remember, step two is all about OBSERVATION. Notice how you’re talking to yourself this one thing can drastically improve your happiness level or decrease your happiness level; that’s all.

10. Choose to Change If You Want To be Happy From Inside.

So you’ve noticed how you speak to yourself, where your opinions are coming from, and how often you judge yourself (and others) now it’s time to notice – again, just notice – whether that’s something you’re happy to continue with, or whether you might like to make a change here.

It’s VERY important that you notice how you feel neutrally, without judgment.

Remember, judgment just sticks stuff to your life like a wad of Superglue and if you want to change, that’s the LAST thing you want to happen!

So just think about whether you’re happy with how things are.

Notice whether you might like to change. If you would, here’s your biggest challenge yet: Don’t make a game-plan to change.

Remember, awareness is both the tool AND the effect. It’s all you need to effect whatever changes you want.

Simply noticing what you’d like to be different is enough to kick your unconscious (and very powerful) abilities into gear and makes it easy for you to freely alter your own behaviors and thought patterns, without criticism or judgment.

** Yep, the gauntlet’s been laid down: are you strong enough to look inside WITHOUT judging yourself on what you see there?

Are you brave enough to NOTICE that you might like to change to feel happiness and joy from inside without actively TRYING to change, the way you’ve always done in the past?

Are you faithful enough in your own powers of self-realization to allow your own nature to work its best miracle on your life right now without getting in your own way and sabotaging yourself?

That’s my challenge to you. I urge you to take it – and see what the power of ‘neutral noticing’ can do for you!

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