February 19, 2024

11 Things To Do To Attract More Money Into Your Life Now

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Look: reading up on how to attract more money, wealth, and how to manage your finances is all very well - knowledge IS power. But before learning how to attract more money if you don’t understand the basics of how money works, it’s true: You’re in trouble.

But just ‘knowing how money works’ is rarely enough to create true financial prosperity which means being debt free and relaxed and calm.

To make your dreams a reality, you’ve got to first identify those dreams, and then FOCUS on them.

So let’s take a second, before we begin, to identify what it is that I’m helping you to do right now – what your goals are, in fact.

This article – and all of my articles on attracting wealth – focus not on becoming obscenely wealthy.

Let me say that again: This is NOT a column that will tell you how to get filthy rich. Astronomical wealth is NOT the aim. And here’s why not: Because it doesn’t seem ‘real’ enough to BECOME real for you yet.

It’s easy enough to dream about being ‘rich’, but to actually MANIFEST that dream takes a rock-solid belief that it can be done and most people just don’t have that belief.

Consequently, they don’t have the DRIVE to succeed that truly massive wealth requires.

They don’t have a good enough reason to produce the intense, sustained effort that creating ‘obscene wealth’ requires; because deep down, they just don’t believe – really, and truly – that they ever will really become RICH with a capital R.

We all have a point at which we become uncomfortable with the amount of money we’re earning.

It’s different for all of us, but we all have it: that unconscious pre-set value limit on ourselves, the amount of money we think, deep down inside, that we’re ‘worth’.

Often, this set point doesn’t even make itself known front and center instead, we simply realize that we’ve been earning the same low amount of money for years now, and even though we’re trying hard to earn more, it’s just not happening.

Often, that’s because the ‘set point’ is at work, and is holding you back: to earn more money would make you uncomfortable, so you just don’t.

Let’s do a little exercise to prove my point.

1. To Attract Money And Wealth You Also Need to Find Out How Much Money You’ll Allow Yourself to Earn

Let’s find your ‘set point’ – the maximum amount of money that you feel comfortable earning!

(Note: you need to change the set point to change the amount of money you can bring into your life; until your set point rises, you’ll likely NEVER earn more.)

Here’s What to Do:

Do this one step at a time. Don’t jump ahead, and take a full three to five seconds to really imagine, VIVIDLY, what I’m talking about at each step.

You have to really FEEL IT in your bones for this exercise to work, so no skimping!

Pay attention and notice when your stomach tightens up and you start to feel mildly uncomfortable: that’s your set point.

2. Imagine  and feel yourself earning this insane money.

  • Earning $12,000 a year. How do you feel? 
  • Earning $30,000 a year.
  • Earning $55,000 a year.
  • Earning $70,000 a year.
  • Earning $90,000 a year.
  • Earning $120,000 a year. How do you feel now?
  • Earning $200,000 a year. How do you feel?
  • Earning $250,000 a year.
  • Earning $300,000 a year. How do you feel?
  • Earning $1,000,000 a year. NOW how do you feel?

At which point did your belly clench up a little bit? At which number did you start to feel a little uncomfortable when you visualizing about attracting money? 

We’re all different – but it’s very rare for someone to go all the way to a million and still feel confident, solid, and literally BELIEVING that it’s going to happen.

When I first started off with this ‘money philosophy’ stuff, I personally was around the $30,000 mark.

And guess what? That’s about what I was earning.

Now, though, things are different. My set-point has gone way, way up. And my salary and earnings have climbed steadily in line with my expanding set-point. So what’s YOURS?

For most people, it’s somewhere between $30,000 and $70,000. This seems ‘sensible’ and ‘doable’ – everything else just feels like pie in the sky.

Even though you may THINK you want to become ‘hugely rich’, many of us simply won’t let ourselves do it – we feel too uncomfortable with massive amounts of money.

Sometimes this is because of preconceived notions that we have about large amounts of money:

  • “I’d have to work all day to earn that much money!” 
  • “I’d never get to see my family.”
  • “I hate corporate jobs, and I’d have to have one to earn that much.”
  • “The job stress just wouldn’t be worth it – no way do I want to commit to that much hard work.”

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But whatever our own individual reason is, here’s the truth:

While most of us are entirely happy to see ourselves being ‘comfortably well off’, being massively rich just doesn’t make sense at the gut level.

And that’s why I’m not going to bother teaching you how to get to that level right now: The difference between WHERE YOU ARE and WHERE YOU’RE GOING is just too big. You’d be wasting your time (and I’d be wasting mine!)

So instead, we focus here about something OTHER than astronomical wealth (for now): Safeness, Solvency, and Sanity with money.

Once you become truly comfortable with these three things, you’ll also become Satisfied and ironically, that’s when the REAL money starts appearing.

Why? Because you’ve got to be already satisfied before more will appear. The hungry DON’T get fed!

3. How to Attract More Money Into Your Life and Wallet.

Some financiers believe that money is simply a source of energy, and it needs channels through which to flow easily.

If those channels are blocked – for example, by a typical lack of belief that money will never come your way – then that notion becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and true to form, the money stays away.

But if you feel good about money, you’re a winner.

4. To attract more money your way, you must feel these things about money first:

  1. You’re comfortable with it.
  2. You feel you have enough.
  3. You’re not constantly stressing and worrying about it.
  4. You’re relaxed about it

Then your channels are open, and it’s EASY for more money to come your way. It’s really quite simple.

If you’re a fusspot, constantly stressing about money, wishing you had more, figuring you’ll NEVER have enough why, you probably won’t.

And since most people have this worried, frowning ‘I Don’t Have Enough’ attitude about money, the get-rich-quick books DON’T WORK for most people.

My way, however, WILL work for you, because my way works on slowly changing your perspective on money and PROVING to you that you do have enough and that you CAN get more.

Once you reach that all-important ‘enough-ness threshold’, your money fortunes change for good and you start, if not SWIMMING in the stuff, at least WADING in it.

Take me as a perfect example.

5. Remember, I’ve Experimented On Myself When it Comes to Attracting Wealth So You Don’t Have To.

Here’s how I know this stuff works. Not long ago, I was earning breadline-level money, working fifty hours a week, swimming in debt, and totally panicking about my future.

So I started changing my MINDSET about money. I started telling myself that I had enough, that I would always have enough, and that money was my friend.

I consciously forced myself to stop panicking. (And it wasn’t easy, with nothing in the bank, debts coming out the wazoo, and nobody but myself to fall back on.) 

At the same time, I changed my attitude about WORK, and started to work ‘smarter’ instead of ‘harder’.

I managed to cut my hours back, while still getting three promotions and two raises in one year.

Later, I started this blog  and Nowadays, I’m earning more than three times what I was earning three years ago; I work between twenty-five and thirty hours a week; and my savings have exploded while my debt has imploded. 

That’s how I know this stuff works. Now YOU’RE going to learn how to apply these same principles to YOUR life and YOUR money to attract more money and wealth.

6. The Four Magical ‘Ss’ of Money Abundance.

I teach people how money can be their friend; how to be comfortable and feel safe with money; how to always feel like they have ENOUGH.

I teach you how to get rid of debt, build up a solid buffer in the bank, and create a cash bulwark against emergency – I teach you how to feel safe, solvent, sane, and ultimately satisfied.

Achieving comfort around money – trust that you have ‘enough’, a feeling of contentment and plenitude – blasts those energy channels wide open and since Nature abhors a vacuum, something has to come rushing in to fill those empty channels.

Amazingly, it’s usually MONEY that comes. But my four S’s are absolutely key: you need to feel safe, solvent, sane, and satisfied to attract more money.

Unless you feel those four things, your channels are closed and you aren’t going to get more without a MASSIVE struggle.

So we start small, and build strong we work on making you Safe, Solvent, Sane, and finally Satisfied with money.

Once you’re at this level, it seems very NATURAL that more money should come your way – not a big deal at all. And that’s how you’ll ultimately get more!

This is how money works.

7. Number One: Safety With Money To Attract More Money.

Feeling safe around money comes from knowing that you have enough, that you’ll always have enough, and that you don’t need to worry.

The first step towards feeling safe is to decide right now to feel safe around money.

This is a conscious decision. It’s not a feeling that will ‘just happen’. You’ve got to TELL yourself – right now – that you have plenty of money; that you’re always going to have enough; that bills will always get paid; and that living within your means permits you to live an abundant, satisfying life

Tell yourself that right now because this is how money works.

8. Number Two: Solvency to Attract Wealth.

Being solvent is being able to pay your bills as they come up. It’s also a feeling: the feeling that you can rely on yourself, and that you know how to make ends meet comfortably.

But that feeling doesn’t come without the ACTION of solvency first so starting right now, you’re going to pay each bill BEFORE the date it’s due.

If that means you’ve got to live on rice and beans, then rice and beans it is. (Psst – I’ve done this myself a number of times when I was getting my act together moneywise, and not only will you stay regular and lose a bit of weight, but your health will improve and you’ll sleep better. It’s a hidden blessing.)

If solvency means you’ve got to sell something you never thought you’d sell – your car, your jewelry, your house – then do it. The trappings of richness – jewelry, cars, and big houses – are NO GOOD if you’re still fretting over bills.

Remember, to attract more money, you’ve got to feel safe and solvent first every hour you spend worrying about bills, bankruptcy, eviction, repo men, and ‘not having enough’ is an hour spent driving money away from yourself.

Maybe you’ll need to take a second job for awhile, or work overtime.

Whatever: do it if you must. The money will help, and you’ll be solvent, which is the second step towards attracting money effortlessly into your wallet, bank account, and sweaty little hands.

Pay the bills. Pay them as they come up. Stop worrying. Sell what you must. Take another job. Do what it takes. But pay the bills – and feel good about it. This is how money works.

9. Number Three: Sanity To Attract More Money.

Sanity with money is largely about spending habits. Are you a compulsive spender?

  • Does flashing your credit card or cash wad make you feel good about yourself?
  • Do you count ‘window-shopping’ as a pastime (and c’mon who ever purely sticks to the windows?)
  • Does a trip to the mall make you feel better after a hard day?
  • Do you feel a ‘high’ in the shopping moment, but then PANICKY and WORRIED soon
    afterwards, and wish you hadn’t bought as much?

If you can’t control your spending, it’s your downfall. Time to change: without judgment, simply look at yourself and see whether your spending habits are making you uncomfortable at all.

If they are, good: again without judgment, acknowledge that they are, and acknowledge that it’s time to change.

Here’s a good way to get started.

10. Spender-Friendly Non-Budget.

Yep: budgets are BORING. I hate the idea of accounting for every last penny, writing stuff down, and tallying up receipts.

Money is for ENJOYMENT – and I figure, if you’re spending that much time working out the numbers, you’re probably not enjoying yourself all that much!

So here’s the deal: I’ve got a budget idea that’s not only fun and forgiving, it works.

No writing required, either: all you need to do is figure out your expenses each week - once only – and from then on, all the cash in your wallet is yours to spend on whatever you like.

Here’s how it works:

  • Figure out how much you need for bills, utilities, debt implosion, and savings explosion every week. 
  • As soon as you get paid, put that amount of money away in your bank account (one that doesn’t have a card attached to it.)
  • Put the rest of the money in your wallet and spend it on whatever you like. That’s your fun money – for GUILT-FREE SPENDING!

I understand the agony and anxiety that overspending can cause.

I also understand that it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to stay within a safe limit if you’re using a card, checks, or uncontrolled amounts of money.

If you want to get yourself to a happier place with money, then cash is your best bet. Do it now. Put what you need away, and spend the rest – guilt-free. Whoo-hoo!

11. Number Four: Satisfaction To Attract Money.

Satisfaction is the apex of the triangle: once you’re feeling safe, you’ve got your bills covered, and your savings, debt implosion, and spending habits are all happily under control that’s when the SATISFACTION kicks in.

You realize that you’ve got it sorted as far as money goes. What a feeling! No fear. No anxiety. No worries, stress, or scrabbling for last-minute money at the end of the month.

Instead, you’ve got enough; you’ll always have enough; your debt is whittling itself away; your savings are growing; and you’re spending comfortably within your means.

Now it’s time to wallow in how good that feels: the knowledge that it’s only going to get better from here. Carry on with your life; carry on feeling good; carry on feeling relaxed and satiated with the money you have.

Sooner or later, more is going to start showing up in your life because the better you feel, and you'll raise your vibration the more you get. 

Trust me: extra provisions DO come for those who’ve made sure to provide for themselves first.

Your proactiveness here will be rewarded and supported with a raise, a more lucrative job offer, a gift, a promotion, or other ‘free money’.

(And more will come with time!) Keep your eyes peeled for these gifts, and be sure to appreciate them when they come.

Remember, whatever you appreciate, appreciates – it’s that experience of gratitude and happiness that kickstarts the flow of abundance into your life!

I hope you loved reading this amazing guide on how to attract more money into your life. If you loved reading please do not forget to share and comment.

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