March 17, 2024

8 Proven Tactics On How To Visualize Clearly What You Want

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Wondering how to visualize clearly what you want in life? Let me explain exactly how to visualize your dreams so that you can manifest them in reality.

Think of a blue elephant. Now imagine it pink. Change it to orange. Now transform the elephant into a lion. Hear the lion roar. Go over to comfort it. Don’t worry, it’s safe.

Look down to see you’re wearing blue sneakers which tells the lion you’re a friend. Stroke its mane. Pet its back. Feel how soft and thick the lion’s fur is. It’s sitting next to a stack of pizza boxes.

They’re filled with cotton candy. Smell the cotton candy. Transform the cotton candy into pizza. Grab a slice and have a bite. It has your favorite toppings. Taste how good it is. The lion wants some.

Hold out a slice as it gently takes it from you with its mouth. This is how easy it is to visualize.

There are many different visualization techniques. Some are simple and focused on visualizing a goal you’re trying to reach. Others are more complex, and are intended to help you work through your issues .

The visualization techniques you use should depend on the type of problem you’re trying to solve.

As with other things in life, Learning how to visualize clearly what you want takes practice. If you want to change your life, you must be prepared to try out these 8 visualization techniques and see them in action.

#1. Visualization Engages All Your Five Senses.

Notice how all five of your senses can be engaged. Notice how you can be “inside” of whatever visualization you’re having.

And notice how it wasn’t difficult at all since you weren’t trying to be perfect with it. You weren’t dependent on any specific outcome, so you weren’t under any extra pressure to visualize “correctly.” It just happens.

I didn’t even have to ask you to close your eyes. I’m making these points because people often put unnecessary pressure on themselves while they’re visualizing, trying to “force” what they want to materialize. But “force” only introduces resistance.

Yes, you’re going to be including “outcomes” in your visualizations. But you need to keep things light and fun and as close as you can to whatever feelings you might have if you were experiencing that outcome right now.

This doesn’t mean you have to manufacture extreme joy out of thin air.

If you can convincingly feel that, that’s great. But it’s not necessary for you to get what you want

In the end, no matter how magnificent life is going to “feel” when the things you want begin to materialize, it’s still going to be regular real life.

Catching a football in the endzone at a Superbowl as 50,000 people roar with enthusiasm is probably one of the most breathtaking moments one could experience.

But the feel of the football’s leather surface is just like any regular football you can throw and catch right now. So it’s a feeling you have immediate access to in your current reality.

So if you can imagine the roar of the crowd and feel the excitement that goes along with it, by all means DO IT. But if you can only feel “half” the excitement, that’s just fine as well.

And in the meantime, while you play and tinker with it (WITHOUT getting impatient), you’ll notice that visualizing simpler things (like how a football feels in your hands) is very easy to do.

#2. The Key to Visualizing Clearly is Choosing Something Vivid.

The key to visualizing is choosing something vivid to you that matches (as closely as possible) how it might be in real life.

But it’s also extremely important to simulate this experience in your mind WITHOUT it feeling like a struggle or a chore.

The beauty of this is that if you’ve tried out feeling the power of gratitude or scripting techniques in past, you already know you’re able to do this easily.

That’s what’s is so great about my all my blog posts. They’re all related and tied together in some way. When you think about it, they’re really all just different versions of THE SAME THING.

Each one is just an exercise you put yourself through that tells the Universe (and your subconscious mind) that you already have what you want and are happy in your life.

The success of your visualizations is based on the quality of them. The quality is based on your creativity.

And just in case you’re worried that you’re not creative enough, the instructions for the visualization techniques in this guide have already given you exactly what you need to make them creative for you.

While your ego would love to make this difficult for you, it’s not as complicated as you might have originally thought.

If something seems simple, basic, or easy -- it’s okay. That doesn’t mean it isn’t creative or effective. And it doesn’t mean it isn’t more than enough to help you manifest exactly what you want

The Law of Attraction still works the way it always has. Whatever you think about will materialize. So choose what you want, and use the techniques to focus on it. It really is that simple.

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#3. When Your Visualize Your Dreams See yourself as Happy, Healthy, Successful, Abundant, Confident, Respected, at Peace, and Loved.

See yourself as happy, healthy, successful, abundant, confident, respected, at peace, and loved. If you engage your imagination in this way for long enough, the reality around you WILL begin to change. 

Remember, your ego likes to fixate on “what is” in order to keep you “safe” where you are. And that’s okay.

Noticing ‘what is’ is unavoidable, and worrying that it’s holding you back will only create resistance that actually DOES hold you back.

The solution instead is to understand that you’re going to notice “what is” every single day whether you like it or not.

You just need to be okay with it and use the visualization, gratitude, and scripting methods in this guide to set a new preferred vibrational point of attraction.

#4. When Learning How To Visualize Clearly What You Want Always Keep The Following Things in Mind.

  1. Limitations may seem logical, but that doesn’t mean they’re valid. An airplane stays in the air without flapping its wings. Does that seem logical??? It only seems normal to you because you’re used to seeing it. So use your imagination to get yourself “used to seeing” all the things that you want manifest in your life. 
  2. Think of your visualizations as an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the moment. Why wait “until” what you want “finally arrives” before enjoying your life? Feel good now using these visualization techniques. This isn’t a chore. It’s a perk. Nobody ever thinks of watching TV or eating ice cream as an obligation.
  3. Don’t let your ego make you wonder if you’re “doing it wrong.” The only actual way to do it wrong is to not do it at all.
  4. Your focus determines your reality. If you ever feel stuck in a loop and as if nothing ever seems to change, it’s because you’ve been putting most of your focus, energy, and attention on “what is” -- whether you mean to or not. But now that you’re aware of this, you have the power to use your imagination and choose a better point of focus. Now you can attract the change you’ve been looking for. You just have to decide to do it.

#5. Make a Vision Board to Visualize Clearly What You Want.

Much like pursuing anything in life, a vision board lays out a vision and road map to visualize your dreams. 

This simple visualization technique involves creating a visual representation of your goals and desires. Add pictures of the things you want—whether it’s a new car, a big house, or a romantic holiday trip.

Collect images that match your dreams and feel them as if if you’ve already achieved them.

You can also create a board featuring images of what you want to achieve. Say you want to buy your dream car—add a picture of your dream car with your name on it.

#6. Mentally Rehearse/Visualize Clearly What You Want.

Mental rehearsal is a powerful visualization technique that has been used by top elites, movie stars and sports athletes.

World-famous actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10M and kept it in his wallet.

After about 7 years of taking it everywhere, he got paid exactly $10M to act in the Mask. He took that check everywhere with him. He visualized himself as a successful actor and practiced mantras to reinforce it.

This visualization practice involves mentally imagining yourself completing your goal in detail.

Walk through different tasks and steps in your head, imagining how you’d react to obstacles. Imagine what it looks and feels like to do the work and achieve success.

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#7. Listen to a Guided Visualization Meditation.

You tube and many other sites are full of free guided meditation videos. An interactive visualization can help you to relax and set some time aside to focus on your goals. Guided imagery helps give you something to focus on.

==> You can also download my Guided Wealth Manifestation Audio Track For Free Here.

#8. Finally How To Visualize Clearly Using These 5 Steps.

Here are five amazing steps to visualize clearly what you want in life:

  1. Write out your dreams in detail, engaging all 5 senses as I mentioned above in Tip#1. As you include more sensory images, your vision will become more clear and realistic. And you'll be more motivated to follow through to make the outcome happen. Keep adding to the details until it feels as if you are living the experience.
  2. Imagine the feeling attached to the outcome. The more you can feel what it'll be like to attain the goal, the more you'll believe it can be accomplished. And the more likely you'll take action.
  3. Take action every day toward your desired outcome. Accept that there will be setbacks. Close your eyes and imagine how you'll deal with the challenges as they come and continue forward toward your goal.
  4. Expand your knowledge. If more knowledge is required, research, talk to experts. Take a class. Use that knowledge to further detail your vision statement and the steps that you have to take to get there.
  5. Make time to consider your visualization. Visualize twice daily for a total of 10 to 15 minutes. It’s most powerful when you wake up and just before you go to sleep because your subconscious mind is more active during these times. This will help engage the subconscious in your focused effort toward your desired outcome.

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