March 8, 2024

10 Most Powerful Secrets To Become a Money Magnet

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If you want to learn how to become a money magnet, first you need to understand that money is nothing more than an ‘energy’ that we can learn to control – using nothing more than our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs about it.

In other words, if you have the bone-deep conviction attitude that no matter your life situation is you will always attract wealth and have more money.... then money will always flow easily to you, then it very likely will. 

I’ve seen enough examples of this happening in my own life and the lives of people around me to know that there’s a whole HEAP more than just a grain of truth to this.

Many research on the idea of money and energy are leaving something out: It’s not just ‘in your mind’ that money’s controlled. Your actions still need to line up with your beliefs about money.

Truthfully, this fact should hardly need to be mentioned – if you really do BELIEVE something, your actions will naturally echo that belief.

But when it comes to money, seems like plenty of folks confuse ‘passive dreaming’ with flat-out, action-bolstered CONVICTION.

Plenty people like to make ‘castles in the air’ … but that’s not the same as BELIEVING that you’re going to be rich.

So let me take the confusion out of it for you. Here are ten simple ways to become a money magnet and make sure your own rock-solid beliefs about money are backed up with everyday actions. 

Let the good times roll!

#1. To Become a Money Magnet And Always Have ‘Enough’, Become Absolutely Happy Right Now.

Let’s talk about the ‘law of abundance’.

It really begins to get on my last nerve how people talk about the ‘laws’ of the universe – the ‘law’ of attraction, the ‘law’ of abundance, as though these things were as rock-solid and proven as the law of gravity

Well, guess what? They’re NOT laws. None of this stuff is provable by science or physics, and I very much doubt that it ever will be. How do I know?

The proof’s in the pudding: if this stuff was a definite LAW, then we'd all become a money magnet, we’d all be super-rich and very, very happy.

So the word ‘law’ has NO PLACE in these matters. And yet … it’s gotta be said: ‘abundance’ is, if not exactly the law of the universe, at least its very strong natural inclination.

Let’s speak in plain English: the “law” (actually, the inclination) of abundance basically states as follows: If your thoughts and emotions come from a place of abundance and gratitude – as opposed to fear and scarcity – your life will overflow with abundance also.

Understanding this truth in a way that makes it come true for you can be more of a PROCESS than an instant, switch-flipping ‘hallelujah’ moment.

At least, it sure was for me. In fact, the first twenty-two years of my life were spent in preparation for this truth to sink in.

And until it did, I struggled and pinched and never seemed to have enough just like most of the people I hung out with.

Even the ones who HAD plenty of money always seemed to be worried that it might disappear.

And since our minds tend to mimic the minds of those we spend our time with, I always thought of myself as ‘trying’, ‘struggling’, ‘scrimping’, ‘pinching’.

The words ‘can’t afford it’,  ‘financial stress’ and ‘debt frequently issued from my lips.

And when I thought of abundance, wealth, or financial freedom, those concepts all seemed to be related to some future day and self – never today, never right now.

But one day … (it’s always ‘one day’, isn’t it?) I picked up a book and a sentence leaped out at me:

“Whatever you have, it’s enough. Stop putting off your happiness and know this: you are ALREADY happy, RIGHT NOW.”

The book dropped into my lap. I stared out the window. And a huge smile spread across my face. ‘I am happy,’ I thought.

The concept hit home like a thunderbolt and transformed my entire life from the inside out.

From that moment on I knew myself to be a happy person.

All my worries about debt, crazy landlords, sick pets, parking fines, grocery bills it all just dropped away. My self confidence improved.

Petty worries – and even BIG worries – stopped defining my life. I knew I was happy no matter what else was going on.

And since then, it seems like the universe has been more and more generous with me.

Not just with money: with everything. Relationships, health, fitness, possessions, friends … and yes, money also.

The ‘law’ of abundance might not be an actual LAW. The effects might not be instantaneous.

But if all it takes to attract wealth and become a money magnet is to realize that you already ARE happy, then seems to me you win not once, but twice: you get to enjoy life right now, as it is.

Instead of waiting for some arbitrary future occurrence to make you happy and you get to reap the benefits of the universe’s natural inclination to strongly favor those who appreciate its innate beneficence. 

In this case, I’d say go with what works. Quit struggling against the current. Go with what feels good – admit it, you’re a happy person! – and see what happens. Because if it comes from happiness, it can’t be bad.

#2. To Have More Money Know What Your ‘Enough’ Would Be … Then Think and Feel as If You Already Had It.

Imagination or visualization is a powerful resource to become a money magnet.

To draw what you want, imagine what it might be and then permit yourself to exult as if you already HAD it.

Unleash your imagination.

  • What would ‘enough’ feel like for you? 
  • What if you had unlimited resources, time, energy, help, opportunities, luck, determination?
  •  What if money was no object? 
  • How would you want your life to look, smell, and taste?
  • How would you spend your time? What would you become a virtuoso at?
  • Drop your head back, close your eyes, and daydream according to the rules of ‘no rules at all’. 

Realize what it is that you really want. And then permit yourself to experience the same emotions as if these things had already happened. Happiness - heck, exultation! - is a strong attractant

#3. Change Your Daily Language About Wealth To Attract Wealth.

If you’re anything like most people, you need to quit thinking and talking about money as though you don’t have enough and never will have enough.

Think about it. How often do phrases like these enter your head … or come out of your mouth? ‘We don’t have enough.’

  • ‘I can’t afford that.’
  • ‘Never in a million years could I (buy a new car, go on that holiday, buy a house)!’
  • ‘I’m in enough debt already, thanks.’
  • ‘Times are hard.’
  • ‘Money’s tight.’
  • ‘The economy is bad.’

Money is an energy that exists in the world: a neutral energy. It doesn’t have to be difficult or hard – it reacts to the energy you attribute to it, via the language you use to talk about it.

Money guru Carol Tuttle says:

‘Money is like air: something you know there is plenty of for you and everyone else. Money, like air, is a resource to assist you in creating and sustaining a life of joy and happiness. You never worry about air, you just trust and let it be there for you. Stop worrying about money and start trusting that you will be provided for.’

I love this analogy. Now let’s take it a step further and think about all the things you don’t do with basic, readily-available necessities like air and water.

Do you try and cut down on your water intake in case you run out by the end of the week?

Do you tell your family to stop breathing so much because you might not have enough to get by?

Do you worry that you might use up all your air or water and have to go for long periods of time without any?

Of course not. And, says Tuttle, money is exactly the same.

If you want to become a money magnet and have more money you just have to trust that it will be there and stop worrying that it won’t be, because it’s the negative vibes that drive abundance away. 

Most people don’t realize this. They assign a crazy kind of negative, scarcity-based energy to money and create all kinds of beliefs about it - usually, beliefs they get from seeing the way others act around money, like their parents or friends.

For example, 

Money has to be earned.’ ‘

Work is hard.’

‘You have to work hard to make ends meet.’

‘You should be careful with money.’

‘Once you spend that, there’s no more.’ 

And so on.

It’s a mindset that assigns an entirely unnecessary, negative energy to money - which throws up a big sticky wall between you and your natural access to all things abundant You have to believe that money is everywhere, that it flows to those who understand its energy and how to attract it.

One of the most powerful ways to attract lots of money is to believe that it can and will flow to you effortlessly - that you’ll always have more than enough.

In simple words, feel wealthy now.

#4. Save Enough Money to Create a Physical Proof of Prosperity.

I get it, I get it. To someone saving string, recycling their leftovers, and eating crackers for lunch, the idea of ‘attracting more money by trusting it’ll be there’ can seem unbelievable in the beginning.

But, that doesn’t stop it from being the truth. This stuff works.

Money is there to assist with our daily happiness, not hinder it, and the sooner we all realize that, the more prosperous we’ll be.

However … you might have to save up a little bit for this mindset to really seep in!

Here’s the deal: mindset is based on BELIEF. It’s one thing to say that you believe money is everywhere and you’ll always have more than enough.

But if you don’t really believe it, then it’s all just words on a page and won’t do much to change your physical reality.

I know from personal experience that affirmations and deliberately changing your internal belief system work; but these things take time and consistent, sustained effort on a level that some people find hard to deal with.

It’s like, if they can’t see the benefit accruing (because it’s happening inside your mind), they don’t really believe that anything good’s really happening.

If you want things to change FAST, you can change your REALITY first – just a little bit, enough to bump-start your beliefs and boost yourself into the next level of abundance.

When I was buying groceries on my credit card, and pre-paying for $10 worth of house electricity at a time because I couldn’t afford any more, it was very difficult for me to really FEEL like money was abundant and that I had more than enough.

I worked on changing my beliefs, because I knew (or believed, which is the same thing) that this would work and would eventually bring me plenty of money (And it has.)

But it worked pretty slowly – at about the pace it takes for a human being to change her own belief system, in fact.

To someone in my position, that just wasn’t fast enough. I wanted to SPEED THINGS UP. So I worked on changing my physical reality just a little bit. I worked on saving up enough money – just a little, but enough – so that I would always be able to answer yes to the question,

‘Do you have any money?’ This is important. Knowing that I had money laid by made a MASSIVE difference to my belief system.

A small but adequate fund in my savings account changed my belief system immediately – and my reality with money changed right along with it.

Once I was able to truly relax and know that I had ‘enough’ to tide me over paycheck to paycheck – even though that ‘enough’ was just twenty bucks saved at first – here’s the magical thing: More and more money started to flow in steadily and smoothly.

My $20 became $50 saved. Then a hundred. Then two hundred.

Instead of the stops and starts of previous years, I began to realize more and more of a FINANCIAL EXCESS.

 Why? Because of the positive, peaceful feelings that having a money surplus – however small - created.

Once I eradicated my own feelings of doubt, anxiety and fear, replacing them with emotions of contentment, security, wealth, and prosperity consciousness, money naturally began to flow to me and it felt like I've become a money magnet. 

So, in case you were wondering: emotions are IMPORTANT. Emotions are the dynamite - heck, the NUCLEAR FISSION - of the metaphysical world: feeling strongly about something is like, well, money in the bank

#5. The way you feel about your life dictates what happens in your life.

To attract wealth and create more of a surplus in your life, you need to:

  • FEEL relaxed, content, and secure about money.
  • BELIEVE that money will continue to flow effortlessly to you.

A quick way to kickstart both of these factors into existence is to physically make them happen – by saving up a small, but adequate, fund of ‘buffer money’. This doesn’t have to be a lot. Mine started off as $20.

But even just twenty bucks saved against the unknown can be a powerful reassurance – which is exactly what causes it to grow to fifty, a hundred, three thousand dollars saved.

Emotions create reality – but you can adjust your reality to create emotions that create your reality! (Phew!)

Here’s what I suggest: that you create your own prosperity by using your common sense.

Do what it takes to create the most helpful, good-feeling, powerful emotions in your own body – and let those emotions create a powerful momentum of abundance in your life.

#6. Let’s Break It Down - How To Become a Money Magnet, Have More Money And Attract Wealth.

You’ve learned a lot over the last couple pages. So let’s break it down.

Here are the actionable steps that you can take, right now, to ensure a richer, happier, more peaceful future for yourself and your family:

#7. Get Happy.

And no, you don’t need to ‘do’ anything – simply recognize that however your life looks right now, you are a happy person. The universe recognizes and rewards happiness with more of the same.

#8. Imagine what you really want, if there were no constraints on what you could achieve.

Then feel as if you already HAVE those things. Powerful feelings of joy and triumph draw more of the same.

#9. Quit talking about money as if you don’t have enough.

Remember, you have to LET it support you instead of constantly fretting that it won’t. There is enough for everyone, just like water and air.

#10. Facilitate strong, positive beliefs about money by creating a solid cash ‘buffer’ in the bank.

Remember, ‘solid’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘big’ – it just means there.

Once you can answer, ‘Yes!’ to the question ‘Have you got any money?’, your worries lessen and melt and your positive emotions supercharge your own powers of prosperity. 

Use common sense to create emotion; use emotion to facilitate the reality you most desire.

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