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5 Ways To Fix an Abusive Relationship

How to fix an abusive relationship

Abusive relationship is matter of deep concern in the society, to fix an abusive relationship it requires courage and daring. If you are going through this torturing situation in your family life, you have come at the right place. I will try to highlight some points which will help you to fix an abusive relationship with your partner. When you think of the word relationship a picture of happiness, love and comfort comes in your mind. We enter in to relationship with someone to feel good and make life better. If somehow that relationship becomes violent and abusive than life really becomes hell, which is not something what you are expecting in a relationship. It is important to fix an abusive relationship before it turns chronic and make your life pathetic, you need to find solution to fix an abusive relationship. That is why you are here reading this post if you are facing this situation I will pray that you are not, still if you are in this situation, I am here to try and help you to make things better in your life. I am sharing some steps to fix an abusive relationship, and I hope it will help.

things to do to fix an abusive relationship

1. Things to do to fix an abusive relationship

Every emotional situation has some factor responsible for its outcome. The action that triggers the situation the outcome of that action and the result that comes out of it. The result can create good situation or a bad situation. Bad situation can give rise to conflict, hatred, negative feeling and frustration which in turn can prove to be harmful. In such situations the very first step is to avoid actions that might contribute to negative feelings. Make sure you are quiet, never ever argue as it will only lead to destruction because the abuser is in a negative state of mind. Even though you are right they won’t listen to your words so try to improve the situation by being quiet. Secondly, if you cannot control the situation than you need to set personal boundaries and change the way you respond it. Educate yourself by learning to respect yourself in order to survive and fix an abusive relationship which will remind you to protect yourself from the mental harm and negative emotions which turn abusive in bad situations. Convince your mind that you are equally important and you want to have safe relationship full of dignity.

stop tolerance to fix an abusive relationship

2. Stop tolerance

Being tolerant in any relationship shows that you care, and you don’t want things to turn bad. But tolerance too has a limit. Continues offense and abuse in relationship can lead to more damage as you are allowing the abuser to take you for granted which is not a good sign. You need to set a boundary as you are the one who is facing all the stress and discomfort. It is not your fault and you deserve to be treated well. Do not tolerate just leave them and have your freedom. I know it is tough to end a relation, but you have to make a decision, it’s not going to get better, things will only get more vulnerable as long as both are together. You need to understand that you have already tried hard to fix an abusive relationship. Now the only way to make them realize is getting away from them.

keep your dignity to fix an abusive relationship

3. Keep your dignity alive

Remember everyone wants good family life with respect and love, how would you feel if you don’t get this two things in a relationship. You are a nice person, and you deserve to be treated with love and respect. In simple words you are worthy of it. We all fight sometimes and we all get hurt, being in a relationship many times you will come across in such situations. But that doesn’t mean your partner can hurt you mentally or physically, if it is happening for the first time better make it clear to your partner that it was the first and the last time. Talk to your partner about the situation when their anger cools down and explain the negative consequences of it. Make your partner realize how destructive and violent these behaviors are. You cannot force them but politely make them understand and realize that they were on their part wrong and they need to improve on their anger or else this will ruin your relationship. This polite and kind approach will surely create good feelings in your partner’s inner heart, if they truly love and care for you. In this way you can create a good chance to fix an abusive relationship.

communicate to fix an abusive relationship

4. Communicate

Try and identify the weaknesses that are the cause for your abusive relationship. Take time and talk to each other. Discuss the problems and understand what each partner needs from one another. In order to fix an abusive relationship it is very important that both partners express their views openly. What equally important is to listen to each other’s thoughts and concerns carefully. Work on issues and try to find out solutions to fix them. Relationships work only if you are willing to listen to each other. When you are sharing happy time together try and discuss about those tense situations. In happy times our mind is stable this is the time you need to convince the abusive partner to make a promise that they will keep their calm and won’t lose their patience in bad situations. If both the partner’s are able to practice this one simple exercise correctly it will surely fix an abusive relationship.


5. Change through counseling

The abusive partner needs to realize the importance of a relationship and They must create an internal desire to change. They should be motivated enough to understand that abusive behavior towards their partner is absolutely wrong. Beating your partner physically and mentally only leads to frustration and stress. If required go through sessions of counseling and continue to seek professional services. Ongoing counseling, anger management classes can help stable the abusers mind and will surely help to fix an abusive relationship.

If you have been following my posts you would notice that in all my post i always stress on making relationships better. I hardly talk of quitting, even in this post i could had easily written about leaving the abuser which is the only option left. Though you are suffering i am stressing on making things better because i understand the importance of being in a relationship. You can only try but still if it’s not working quitting is the only option left because you really deserve some one better in life.   Remember for any relationship to work, love only is not enough respect and understanding towards your partner  is equally important which is key to a successful relationship. Both partner’s play an important role in building a strong foundation for the betterment of relationship. 

I hope you found this post on how to fix an abusive relationship useful, if you liked it please comment and share.

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