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13 Role-Playing Scenarios That Will Moisten Her From Inside.

 “For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears.” –Isabel Allende – And when you add the spice of role-playing scenarios and ideas in it, the pleasure of G-spot

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#7 Serious Relationship Questions And Answers (For All Women in Love)

Do you wonder how you can best work through your own relationship questions and issues and see the light at the end of the tunnel?No matter what your question may be about your own relationship, you’ll

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What is Infatuation ? Learn Differences between Love and Infatuation

What is infatuation? What does infatuated mean? A question that is a bit confusing and hard to answer. This question is actually triggered by many of women subscribers and many have asked me this question

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Open Relationship Pros & Cons – 11 Points You Should Never Ignore

Every human- woman or man- dreams of open relationships. According to various studies, estimated one among five Americans involves in an open relationship.In some parts of Asia, open relationships are

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Why Men Love Potency Agents Like Viagra And Cialis (Read Here)

Aside from what most people thought about sex like passion, love, and even lust. It's also about endurance.Sex is a very physical activity people will not mind doing because of the pleasure that it offers.It’s

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Is your partner cheating? Here is how to find out the REAL TRUTH

Do you suspect your partner is cheating? If so, that means things aren’t well in your relationship. As harsh it may sound but it is true.According to sexual health Australia, 70% of all marriages experience

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5 Stages of Commitment in a Relationship-From “Hello” to HIS “Soulmate”

The 5 Stages of Commitment in a relationship: From Casual “Hello” to “Soulmates” in 5 StepsBefore we talk about the importance of commitment in a relationship you need to know one important fact,

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What Does Commit Mean To a Man (Hidden Secrets Revealed)

So what is commitment, really? What does commitment mean?If you’re anything like most women, you know that you want a committed relationship with a man ... but when pressed, you have a hard time nailing

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