March 8, 2024

6 Little Known Golden Nuggets To Find Your Purpose in Life

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One simple way to find your purpose in life is to write the question “What is my purpose in life?” at the head of a sheet of paper and then to start writing down the answers which come to you, without thinking too much about it.

There’s no doubt this method can work to find god given purpose, but it may take 20 to 40 minutes before you find an answer which really generates some powerful emotion in you.

And that’s what you’re looking for. In fact, if it makes you cry, then you’ve probably found your real purpose.

You may have to write a hundred answers, you may have to write five hundred, but you at some point you will be struck by an answer which fills you with a powerful emotion.

Even if this sounds silly, do it anyway, because writing like this can be a direct route to your subconscious, from where the answers to deep and meaningful questions such as this can emerge.

#1. Why Having a Meaningful Purpose is Important?

The idea behind finding your life purpose is to help you to create your identity something that will give you the passionate drive and intense desire needed to fuel your life with purpose. 

If you find that some answers create a little surge of emotion as you’re working, then you’re on the right track but not quite there.

Perhaps each answer like this represents one small part of your purpose, serving you by revealing that you’re getting nearer the truth. You need to do this alone, without being interrupted.

And as you go along, you may find you feel some resistance at some point.

You may start feeling bored, or suddenly want to give up and do something else, or you may feel irritated.

All these things can be a sign you’re getting near the truth and a sign there’s some resistance in your mind to receiving the answer.

Eventually you might find you’ve written something like this:

My purpose in life is to live with full awareness of love and compassion, to act as a catalyst so that other people can enter deeper into love and compassion, and to make this world a more peaceful place.

And of course you might not: you might find something completely different comes to mind for you.

This is, after all, about YOUR particular purpose in life. You’ll have noticed this answer is more like a “mission statement” than a clear expression of what you need to do or how you need to do it so you’re able to live with full awareness of love and compassion.

In fact, it’s actually more about what motivates you.

And how you translate your mission statement into action in the world is another question for you to answer but it may well be that finding a way to translate a broad statement like that into action in the world is the way to generate a deep and passionate desire to achieve something. Why?

Because wrapped up within that mission statement are the values and goals which matter most to you.

(In this case, they are living with full awareness of love and compassion, helping others do the same, and generating peace.

#2. Another Example When It Comes To Finding Your Purpose.

  • What matters most to me is loving myself, loving others and seeking joy in life.
  • What I value the most is being able to connect with people in deep and meaningful relationships.
  • What I’d like to do to achieve this is to work only in areas that feed my soul, and only in loving environments on projects that I can connect with.
  • My intention is to become financially abundant in an honest and holistic way that doesn’t violate any of my values, objectives or my purpose in life.

#3. Questions To Discover Your Personal Mission In Life.

The greatest fulfillment will always come when you’re doing something in line with your deepest values and beliefs.

We’ve all met somebody apparently very successful, financially abundant, busy in industry or commerce or a profession of some kind, but still unhappy despite their wealth and apparent success.

You know why this happens? It’s almost certainly because their life has been spent doing something that they’re not happy about, something which doesn’t fulfill them, and maybe isn’t even in line with their deepest values.

You will always know if you’re in that situation because there will be a level of discomfort about what you’re doing, a grumbling sort of dissatisfaction which you can sense deep down in your soul, a sense that things aren’t quite the way they ought to be.

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#4. If the first method above for finding your life purpose doesn’t help, here are 15 questions that might.

  1. What makes you feel good about yourself
  2. What is it that makes you smile and gives you joy – either people, or activities, projects, pastimes.
  3. What makes you lose yourself in what you’re doing – for example something where you just don’t notice that time has past?
  4. What are your favorite things you like to do now, and what did you like to do in the past?
  5. Who inspires you in life? Who is a role model for you, someone who represents the values you hold dear? And when you look at such a person what are the qualities that inspire and excite you?
  6. What are your natural talents and abilities?
  7. When people ask you for help or support, what area is it that they are asking for you to help them with?
  8. If you had to teach somebody something, what would it be?
  9. What will you regret most if you reach your deathbed and haven’t done it? 
  10. And if you were 90 years old, sitting in a rocking chair outside your house with the breeze gently brushing your face and the sun shining on you, feeling blissfully happy about the life you lead and full of joy about what you’ve achieved, what would it be that mattered most to you? 
  11. What are your deepest values? These might be things like compassion or love, or qualities like service and loyalty.
  12. When you’ve faced difficulties and challenges in life, what’s helped you overcome these hardships? How did you manage to get over them?
  13. What cause would you die for?
  14. If there was a message that you could spread to a large group of people, who would those people be and what would your message be?
  15. How could you use your own individual talents, passions, values and enthusiasms to serve or contribute to the betterment of other people, or the world around you, or anything else?

#5. To Find Your God Given Purpose Write This Down On Paper.

To use this list of questions, take a few sheets of paper and a pen, turn off your phone, make sure you won’t be interrupted and start writing the answers to each question – just the first thing that pops into your head.

And do this without editing your answers, using note form, but writing out the answers rather than just thinking about them. This digs deep into your subconscious.

And don’t give yourself too long to think about the answers to each question because your head will take over from your heart if you do that!

#6. Remember This is About What’s in Your Heart. And Your Soul.

Most of all be honest, because this is private, solely for you, and it’s about revealing the qualities, values, attitudes, thoughts and feelings which matter most to you.

Once you’ve done this, you might be able to come up with a mission statement or a sense of what your purpose in life might be.

And from that you can work out your goals and objectives – the things you’re able and willing to work towards. Things which make you feel a passionate desire for a certain outcome.

Perhaps these are the things you should try and manifest; perhaps they are the things which will motivate you in your quest for financial abundance and prosperity.

One final observation: unless you expect money, or a relationship, or a better job, or anything else, to bring you happiness and fulfillment, it may not be the right thing to try and manifest.

So the bottom line is this: if you’re looking for money, manifest it with the intention of using it for a purpose that will make you happy, or find a purpose in life which motivates you to summon up a passionate desire for financial abundance.

And the principles are always the same no matter what your objective.

For example, if you want to manifest a relationship, make sure the qualities you visualize from that relationship are the ones which will give you joy – as well as a passionate desire to be in relationship.

These qualities will not be the same for everybody – only you know what those qualities are for you.

They might, for example, include love, great sex, intimacy, connection, or a shared journey through life.

Some people would say that only when you’ve discovered your purpose and mission in life can you really identify the key things you should be trying to manifest.

There’s a lot more to say about setting goals and achieving them, so let’s move on to belief which is the next component of manifestation.

Belief is important because what you BELIEVE about yourself - and what you BELIEVE about the process of finding your purpose in life - will determine how successful you are in getting what you want.

That's all for now. I hope you loved reading this amazing guide on how to find your purpose in life and if you really enjoyed reading it please do not forget to share and comment your thought.

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