March 8, 2024

10 Steps On How to Be Successful And Achieve Your Goals Easily

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Before you learn how to be successful life, you need to know that success is a journey, not a destination.

It's the result of hard work, dedication, motivation, and perseverance. Whether you're starting a new job, launching a business, or pursuing a personal goal, success requires a clear plan, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and adapt.

Here are 10 mind-blowing tips on how to be successful life achieve your goals, make all your dreams come true and reach your full potential.

1. How To Be Successful When You've Goals And Desires But Don't Know How to Get Started.

Have you got a goal you’d like to see achieved but you don’t quite know how to get started?

  • Maybe you’ve got a book to write, but the thought of actually writing it down bungs up your creativity faster than a monkey-wrench in a cuckoo clock. 
  • Maybe you’d like to quit your job and become an affluent entrepreneur … but you don’t really know HOW to turn your gold-dust ideas into cash.
  • Maybe you want a gorgeous spouse who loves you more than fried chocolate.
  • Maybe you want success tips to lose a couple pounds and ‘fitten up’ … but every time you try to leave the candy alone and pick up the weights instead, it just gets too hard and you wind up on the couch (again.)

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you have lofty (but vague) dreams of an incredible life and really ‘being all you can be’?

Do you want to develop, to grow, to earn, and to ENJOY more?

To seek out your life’s highest purpose and passion, or perhaps just to have a bit more fun and a bit more money every day? 


If so: don’t worry, friend. You are on familiar ground. Countless thousands have stood exactly where you are right now.

In fact, it’s practically the ‘Human Condition’ to want great things, but be unsure of how to actually create them and be successful!

The article you’re about to read will explain, in crystal-clear detail, EXACTLY what you need to do in order to materialize the exact kind of success you want – whether it’s personal, financial, physical, or what-have-you. 

It’s ALL possible.

And the best part is, I’m not going to be pulling some kind of B.S. rabbit out of a hat that has nothing to do with your own personal circumstances the process I’m about to explain to you on how to be successful in life is not only incredibly simple, it’s also been proven to work for EVERYONE – no matter what their own personal dreams are!

So whether you want to be a mountain-man, a millionaire and attract more money into your life, more free time, or merely to have a few more pennies to rub together at the end of the working week read on this ultimate success blueprint and success will chase you.

2. How to Stop Procrastinating and Pull Your Dreams Out of Thin Air.

There is a very simple, very basic formula for materializing the success you want.

Here’s something you ought to know straight up: It doesn’t involve sitting lotus on your favorite meditation cushion, lighting incense, and listening to Ravi Shankar’s Amazing Boinging Sitar while you smoke doobies and pray for the gods to manifest your heart’s desires.

Know what you get from that sort of approach? A lazy mind and a fat ass!

Instead, this approach is a simple, effective, and proven way to achieve happiness (your version of it), gain personal fulfillment, grow your confidence, and quite literally pull your dreams ‘out of thin air’!

Step by step, I’ll walk you through EXACTLY what needs to be done.

No nonsense.

No bogus.

No irritating requests to attune your chakras, open your third eye, or any New Age junk whatsoever.

Instead, this is the REAL DEAL, baby: cold hard actions that you can take to figure out what you want, get it, and then enjoy the results. So let’s go!

3. To Become Successful Define Your Desires With Exactitude Or: Stop DAYDREAMING and Start PLANNING!

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. - Epictetus, c 50-138 AD

Look: vague desire is normal.

So is a desire for something specific (a new car, a sexier body) without having any real idea of how to get that end product.

Know what I mean?

  • ‘I’m going to be rich someday.’ 
  • ‘One day I’m going to be my own boss and take three holidays a year.’
  • ‘I need a hot girlfriend.’
  • ‘I want to be a mom.’
  • ‘I want to lose weight.’
  • ‘I need a payrise.

See what the similarity between all of these very different goals is?

Here’s your hint: They’re all incredibly VAGUE! The problem is not so much figuring out what you want; it’s narrowing it down enough so that you can get really SPECIFIC about it.

Most people are quite capable of uttering vague goals, but they can’t get SPECIFIC about exactly what they want to do or be.

And that’s why they NEVER end up getting what they want and becoming successful because there’s no way of actually CREATING the end result they want.

There’s no ‘map’ to follow.

No trail of breadcrumbs through the forest. So they get eaten up by the hungry witch of unfulfillment and that’s the end of the story!

At least, for MOST people. You, however, are different. (How do I know? Actions speak louder than words – and right now you’re reading an article on how to be successful and get exactly what you want.)

And because you’re different, you’re going to learn how to actually get what you want instead of wasting a lifetime in waiting and wishing for something that never QUITE gets properly defined.

Every goal started off one day as a daydream a vague desire buried in someone’s imagination.

But the difference between the daydreams that got realized and the ones that crumbled into dust is just one word: Specifics.

4. To Become Successful First Define Exactly What You Want?

Your first step towards getting EXACTLY what you want is to be exact about what you want.

Success is there for the taking by those who have CLEARLY and SPEFICIALLY defined precisely what it is they want.

Are professional hockey-players vague about what to do with the puck once they get onto the ice?

Does the prima ballerina ‘guess’ her way through the footwork on stage?

Does the President of the United States get elected by hoping that one day he’ll be a big important guy who gets to boss everyone around?

No. Pro ice-hockey players know exactly what they need to do with that puck: they need to get it into the back of their opponents’ net.

Prima ballerinas know exactly where to put their feet and how to flex their spines to achieve the most grace and beauty onstage.

And the President of the USA gets elected only after an incredibly exact, precise, and well orchestrated series of efforts by a whole team of people, all working in harmony towards one shared goal.

Vague goals are not achieved because it’s too hard to figure out HOW to achieve them.

Your brain works in a particular way: it needs to be able to visualize a concept before it can figure out how to make that concept work.

If you don’t know EXACTLY what you want, your brain can’t even begin to get to work figuring out the steps for manifesting your heart’s desire and you'll keep worrying. It just doesn’t work that way.

You need to know precisely what you’re trying to achieve in order for your mind to focus and figure out how to do it to become successful.


To achieve ANY goal, no matter how ambitious it seems, it is completely possible provided that you define it to yourself in CLEAR, CONCISE, SPECIFIC TERMS that make sense to YOU. You must know precisely what you’re aiming to achieve

5. To Be Successful Work Backwards From Your Goal to Where You Are Now and Trace Your Steps As You Go. Or: Create a Success Blueprint (Map) with Lots of Milestones for How to Get There!

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’? If so, good for you. Because that saying is SPOT-ON right now. Having a specific goal is great.

But now you need to figure out what you need to do in order to make it a REALITY. It doesn’t matter how wildly ambitious your goal is. It doesn’t matter if it seems ‘crazy’ for you to be dreaming so big.

As long as you have a pre-planned series of steps to follow that cover exactly what you need to do, for each step of the way, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

For example, let’s say that, for my goal, I want to give myself the gift of flight. Sounds crazy, right?

But then, I figure out a series of steps that will enable me to become successful and manifest my dream – and plan out EXACTLY what I need to do to make that dream a reality, no matter how crazy it sounds.

  • First up, I need to create some sort of ‘wings’ that would bear my weight and support me in mid-air.
  • Since I’m not a flight mechanic, I’ll need to read up on how to safely construct such an apparatus, so I’d head down to the library for awhile and read up on aerodynamics.
  • Then I make a plan for the building of the wings, and list the materials I’d need to make them.
  • Then I buy the materials.
  • Then, using my building plan, I’ll actually make the wings.

And before you know it, a plan that sounds absolutely ‘mental’ has been made reality in just five steps!

No matter how big, crazy, or ‘unrealistic’ your goal is, you can do it provided it’s:

a) within the bounds of physical possibility.

b) you create a detailed plan for EXACTLY what you want and what needs to be done, with as many milestones along the way as possible.

6. Success Blueprint is a Series of Small Steps So Take Small Steps To Achieve Your Goals.

The smaller each step is, the more likely it will be that you’ll be able to achieve what you want, because the easier it is for your brain to comprehend what you have to do next and how to do it.

If my goal is to look great for a date, it’s a lot easier for me to achieve that goal if I know:

  • my first step is to choose an outfit.
  • my second step is to shower.
  • my third step is to carefully apply makeup.
  • my fourth step is to style my hair.

That’s a lot easier than just saying, ‘I need to look super-hot today.’ Why? Because my brain responds extremely well to small, specific milestones. So does yours.

So take your big goal from Step One, and break it up into a lot of small, bite-sized ‘chunks’ that you can follow one at a time without ever feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of any one task.

That’s the key to overcoming resistance and procrastination, and actually moving towards your final destination the realization of your goal!


To achieve your goals smoothly and quickly, break each individual goal into as many small ‘milestones’ as possible so you can complete each one without feeling overwhelmed by the size of what you’re attempting to achieve.

7. To Be a Success Employ Absolute Fearlessness in the Pursuit of Your Goal Or: Have the Balls to Ignore the Nay-Sayers!

There are plenty of people in this world who derive active pleasure from unsettling others in the pursuit of their goals.

‘Can you really afford to take that course?’ ‘How will you make ends meet as a single parent?’ ‘You shouldn’t save so much money, you need more money to have fun with.’

‘Are you spending too much time working out?’ ‘Gosh, you’re getting awful skinny you need a cheeseburger.’ … and so on.

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche called such people ‘The Tarantulas’: naysayers whose pleasure in life was to drag others down to the same level as themselves because they cannot stop there inner critic from judging themselves as well as others.

This phenomenon exists in the animal world also.

8. Case Study/Experiment On Success And Failure.

In a recent university study, scientists took 20 monkeys and put them in a room with a tall pole in the center of the room.

Every time a monkey tried to climb the pole, they would spray him with a jet of cold water.

Pretty soon, all the monkeys caught on to what was happening, and each time one of them tried to climb the pole the others would drag him back down, howling and scratching as they did so.

Even when the scientists stopped spraying the climbing monkeys with water, they would continue to drag each other down.

Now here’s where it gets REALLY interesting. One by one, the scientists removed each monkey from the room, replacing each one with a new monkey who wasn’t present for any of the water-spraying incidents.

Pretty soon, not one original monkey was left and yet if any monkey tried to climb that pole, they’d get a vicious slapping from the others.

Not a single monkey in the room had any idea of why it was so important to prevent anyone climbing that pole but each time one of them tried it, they’d drag him back down and give him a good slapping for even TRYING.

The average human being is just like a monkey: if they see you rising above them on that pole, they’ll react with resentment and might even try to pull you back down to their level to stop you from becoming successful.

Unfortunately, this is how many people react to the sight of others working hard to achieve their goals.

Such a prospect can and does bring out strong feelings of INSECURITY, FEAR, and WORRY in other people. If you are gaining true happiness and confidence each day, it put the onus on THEM to do the same.

And since small-minded people are generally happier to maintain the status quo and stay with what’s FAMILIAR, no matter how uncomfortable it is your incipient success and happiness can make them feel very UNCOMFORTABLE.

Even though they can’t articulate WHY it’s so important that you don’t ‘climb above them’ they’ll still try to drag you back down that pole and slap you round the face for even trying.

These are Nietzsche’s ‘Tarantulas’ - and the world is full of them.

So you must be FEARLESS in the pursuit of your goals and success you want.

You must not allow ANYONE to sway you from what you want.

If you allow doubt into your mind, it will take root and grow there very quickly.

It is to your absolute benefit that you not allow others to sway your conviction that you can achieve your goals!

This is a very important success blueprint tip that you must follow.


Once you’ve decided WHAT you want to achieve, you must maintain absolute fearlessness of purpose and willfully ignore the naysayers. Know that you WILL achieve your goal, as long as you focus on VICTORY and never on DOUBT.

9. To Become Successful Commit Absolutely to Your Purpose Or: Know Why You Want What You Want, and Let That Desire Fuel Your Commitment!

Having a goal is a wonderful thing. But if it doesn’t really RESONATE with you, it’s unlikely that you’ll stick to it long enough to achieve it.

Once, in my twenties, I decided I would pay off all my debt (some $10,000 of it) inside of 12 months.

There was no real reason why I thought I should do such a thing. I’d read a book on ‘reducing debt and living prosperously’, and I thought it would be a worthy thing for me to try and do.

But there was no real SPARK there. I couldn’t see any particular, specific, really MEANINGFUL benefit to doing so.

There was no ‘juice’ to my goal, you might say. So I mapped out a basic budget and a timeline of how much money to pay back to whom each paycheck and I tried to feel excited about what I was doing but inside of a month or so, it just FIZZLED OUT.

I never did achieve that goal of paying everything off in 12 months – and what’s more, I never even cared that I didn’t achieve it.

Here’s my point: Your goal must be something that you want so badly that you SALIVATE just thinking about it.

You must CRAVE to achieve your goal as badly as a starving man craves to sink his teeth into a hamburger.

You must feel excited about achieving it, you must fantasize about how great it will feel once you’ve reached the finish line, you must REALLY, REALLIY WANT IT!

Here’s why: If you don’t have that unwavering desire, that intensity of wanting, it’s quite likely that you’ll run out of steam and your goal will fall through.

Once the excitement and novelty of ‘setting goals’ has worn off, you need something to SUSTAIN you when it’s not fun any more when you don’t FEEL LIKE DOING IT any more.

Commitment means doing something even when you don’t want to right now. It means you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you know that inconvenience now is WORTH IT once you achieve your goal.

Commitment means you WILL achieve what you want – that, in your mind, you already HAVE achieved it.

Commitment to your goals is what will ensure that you get what you want, ALWAYS.

And that’s why you must have a sense of absolute purpose: you must know WHY you want what you want, you must be able to imagine how GREAT your life will taste once you’ve achieved your goal and you must USE the BLOW-TORCH FLAME of your desire to fuel your commitment towards that goal.


A goal without purpose is a goal without commitment – and without commitment, you WILL fall off the wagon. 

You must use your INTENSITY of DESIRE to create an INTENSITY OF PURPOSE, which will guarantee that you achieve your goals and become successful no matter what.

10. Celebrate Your Success Or: Once You Get What You Want, Order a Cake, a Keg, and PARTY DOWN!

Celebration is a super-important success blueprint and a integral part of the goal-setting and goal-achieving cycle.

If you really kick your heels up to celebrate, you trigger intense feelings of pleasure, pride, and self-worth.

And if others join you, those feelings are intensified by about four hundred percent. Celebration is what allows you to REVEL in your own excellence in ‘sticking to it’. It feels great.

And science now knows that celebration quite literally increases your chances of achieving future goals also!

Yep: feeling really good is a STRONG incentive to repeating that feeling in future.

Something in your subconscious is powerfully motivated by the prospect of celebration.

Scientists don’t know whether it’s the boost in self-esteem, the opportunity to ‘gain face’ with others, or simply the opportunity to kick your heels up at your own greatness but however you look at it, having a celebration is a serious investment in your achievement of future goals!

So no matter how big or small your goal was – whether it was to start a successful business venture, buy a boat, or lose three pounds – once you reach your goal, CELEBRATE.

Break out the keg, the cake, the vuvuzelas, the dancing girls – whatever you want to do to celebrate, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT.

It could be taking the afternoon off and reading under a tree in the backyard or it could be a week-long party with all your friends and family.

But whatever it is, this is no joke: You literally owe it to yourself after your efforts.

You’ve gotta REPAY all the sacrifices and effort you put forth. You did what you set out to do now you’ve got to feel good about it!

So please: allot yourself an opportunity to really wallow in how great you feel and how happy you are.

Not only does this feel really good, but it really is an INVESTMENT in your future success.

Remember: when you celebrate, you make further achievement more likely.

So by celebrating your achievement, you’re virtually guaranteeing yourself a place on the ‘upward spiral’ of goal-setting and goal-achievement because the more you achieve, the more likely you ARE to achieve!


Once you achieve your goal, CELEBRATE your achievement.

Celebration feels great, it provides a solid ‘bookend’ to your efforts in that area – and even better: celebration is a powerful motivating force for future achievement: people who celebrate each achievement are more likely to continue achieving and be successful for life long.

That's it. I believe you enjoyed reading this powerful guide on 10 ways on how to be successful in life. If you loved it please do not forget to repin, save and share.

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