April 18, 2024

8 Strategies To Stop Negative Self-Talk And Align With Abundance

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Do you know to manifest abundance or align with abundance there is a process? Why? Because, again, abundance is different. You’re not a blank slate when it comes to money.

Your subconscious has been programmed to truly believe that it is beyond your ability to create money out of thin air.

You probably also have a slew of failures in your back pocket that prove you can’t create it by hard work and desire alone, either.

Wow, that’s a hopeless combination, isn’t it?

Hopeless? Never. Nothing and no one is hopeless. Remember that.

However, you can’t fix a conundrum like your programmed beliefs and experiences around money with the same thinking that created it.

You have to step outside the box to align with abundance, and do things in a new way—the right way.

And what is the right way?

That's what we are going to find out today. 

In this step-by-step guide you'll learn exactly how to align with abundance and reprogram your mind with new beliefs to manifest abundance and attract everything you want from life.

#1. How To Move into Alignment With Abundance.

Whether you realize it or not, you are a complex being.

There are more aspects to you than just your adult self—the self who is reading this guide right now.

There are higher aspects of you, such as your higher self, your soul, and spirit. 

These selves are totally in alignment with your desire to create and enjoy abundance, and support anything that makes you genuinely happy and helps you to grow. 

They are totally hopeful about your future, and 100 percent confident in your ability to create the best life possible for yourself. 

There are also aspects of you from your past, like your child self, your adolescent self, and your younger adult selves.

These aspects may or may not be in alignment with you about creating abundance—but if they’re not, their opposition will sabotage your success.

And then, there’s “Neg”—your negative self. Trust me, Neg would sooner die than see you create a happy, abundant life.

These aspects are all flowing energy either in favor of or against creating the abundance mindset you seek.

Aligning those selves is critical, because if there are parts of you that don’t feel good about and/or empowered enough to create abundance, well, it’s going to throw a monkey wrench in your ability to do so.

Oh, you may eke out some abundance if you don’t do this alignment, but it will be nothing like you could create if all of your “selves” are on the same page.

It might sound like a chore at first, but trust me: this preparatory work makes the entire abundance creation process so much easier and more fun.

Imagine how hopeful and joyous it would feel to know that nothing could pull you back into your old paradigm of struggle and lack. So, where do you begin?

#2. To Align With Abundance You Need To Forgive The Past.

I felt like such a failure when my life was falling apart. There’s nothing like creditors calling around the clock to make you feel like a schmuck.

And I couldn’t help thinking, “I know better!” I did know about the Law of Attraction

By that time, I had been reading books about it for fifteen damn years! And so, I kept asking myself, “What the hell is wrong with me that I could create such a dismal mess of my life?”

Of course there was nothing wrong with me. I just hadn’t figured out how to create differently.

That energy of self-criticism and judgment didn’t help, though. It never does.

I had to learn to let it go, and so do you.

You see, as long as you blame yourself for your past, you send messages to your subconscious mind, which holds them as beliefs like:


This is not good energy to put out there if what you want to and align with abundance:


You need to forgive yourself for your past.

But, if I forget about the past, I might make the same mistakes all over again!

I didn’t say you needed to forget the past (although, in some cases, that might not be a bad idea).

What I said was that you needed to forgive yourself for it—even if “the past” is as recent as yesterday.

Stop defining yourself by what’s happened before this moment. Let it go.

#3. The Stories We Tell.

Many of us have a tendency to hold on to our stories about why we struggle.

We blame our past circumstances, our parents, our environment, our bosses, and ourselves.

We let these stories define who we are and what we’re capable of.

In other words, we become the victims of our own stories and victim energy is poisonous to conscious creation.

I remember arguing with my wife, when we were going through a tough financial situation. “My son who was just 7 told me Dad why don't you stop discussing and arguing negative about your current situation and pray to GOD positively?” 

It was then that it hit me: I was feeling entitled to that money. I held the belief that it was owed to me, and I was afraid I wouldn’t get it. I was essentially telling the universe:


Believe me, this is not the energy that will create money. I can hear you fighting this, saying, But I really am owed money!

I know. But unless you let it go you will not be open to receive all that you could otherwise receive.

Letting go allows you to move on. It allows you to spend your energy and emotions on things that make you feel good, not bad. 

And, if your belief system is in alignment, it allows the money you “let go” to come back to you one hundred fold.

So, make the choice that is right for you right now, and then back up that choice by honestly and truly letting it go.

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#4. Get Your "Child Self" On Board To Manifest Abundance.

You may not remember your childhood, but your subconscious mind does— every teeny, tiny bit of it.

The adult, present-day you has moved on, but your child’s energy around money has not.

If you felt or witnessed any lack, scarcity, struggle, guilt, greed, fear, negative thoughts, or negative feelings around money when you were a child, you likely still carry that energy (in the form of beliefs) today.

You’re not conscious of it, so it seems as though it doesn’t exist—but it does, and it’s reflected in your reality.

I don’t know why it works this way; I only know that it does. We don’t lose aspects of ourselves.

They stick around for as long as we’re residents of this Earth, and maybe even beyond that. Time machines haven’t yet been invented, so we can’t go back and physically change the past.

However, we can change the past energetically, which is just as good, if not better. And, when we do that, we shift the energy of the present. How cool is that?

  • Past: changed. 
  • Struggle energy: gone.
  • Scarcity energy: vanished.
  • Lack energy: nil.

And all of this is reflected in your world.

How does one accomplish such a magical feat? Simple. Go back to your child self in meditation, and have a little chat.

That’s it? Seriously?

#5. You Can Access Your Child Self in Minutes And Align With Abundance.

Space and time are illusions, nothing really dies. Your child self still exists, and you can access them within minutes.

But here’s the catch: this can’t be just an exercise. You must engage your emotions in order for this to work. (Emotions flow energy, remember?)

Even if you feel silly doing this the first couple of times, take this work seriously.

It will change your creation capacity, your finances, and your life.

When you step into this work, you’ll have three major objectives:

First, you will heal your inner child by allowing them to fully feel and express their emotions around abundance and worthiness.

Second, you’ll discover your child self’s limiting beliefs around money, worthiness, and deserving.

Your child self has beliefs you have no clue they carry—beliefs you have long since forgotten.

While you can guess at what these beliefs might be, you’ll never know for certain unless you go back and ask your child self.

Third, you will improve your child self’s relationship with money.

This will automatically align you with abundance.

==> Below is My favorite technique for accomplishing this is to give your child a money machine.

#6. Align Your “Child Self” With Abundance.

  1. Find a comfortable and quiet place to be alone. Lie down, or sit comfortably. Lower the lights. Play some soft music if you like, or light a candle. Close your eyes. As you breathe deeply, imagine yourself drifting into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation. 
  2. Imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature. Sit here for a while. Allow yourself to notice your surroundings. Continue to relax, knowing you are safe.
  3. Your higher self comes to join you. Greet them in a way that feels right and true to you, and tell them of your desire: “I want to meet with my child self. I want to talk with them about money and abundance. I want to give them a reality where money is no object.”
  4. Your higher self wholeheartedly agrees with this plan. They wrap you in their arms, and you feel a beautiful bubble of love and light form around you.
  5. As your head rests upon your higher self’s shoulder, you relax into their love. Time passes as you float across time and space. And at some point, you raise your head and open your eyes.
  6. You and your higher self are standing in front of the house you lived in as a child. It could be when you were four, or five, or even as old as nine or ten. Trust that you have come back to the perfect time.
  7. Go inside to find the “you” who still lives in that house. Somehow you know exactly where to look. Your child self is alone, as if they knew you were coming. You go to them, and greet them, or introduce yourself if this is your first time meeting them.
  8. You say, “I’m here because I’m creating unlimited money and abundance in my life. And I’d love to know how money and other abundances show up in your life.” 
  9. Your child self will tell you what they think about how money comes into one’s life. They will tell you about their own life. Don’t interrupt; just listen.
  10. Their emotional reaction may surprise you. They may be angry. They may laugh at you. Let it be what it is and don’t try to make them respond in any certain way. Just give them the respect they deserve, and keep listening. 
  11. You may find they’re willing and excited to share what they think. Or, you may have to say goodbye and continue in another, later meditation, and win their trust before they open up to you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Again, trust the process.
  12. Once you feel you have discovered where this younger “you” stands on the topic of money, let them know you can create unlimited money for him or her.
  13. Say something like, “Did you know that I can make sure you never, ever have to be concerned with money again? How would you like a money machine?” Then give it to them. Show them how it works. Watch them press the button in delight, and take in their smile that stretches from ear to ear. 
  14. Leave the meditation when you are ready. Let your child self know that you’ll be back to check in with them—but make them promise not to join you in your reality. You are fully capable of handling your reality as an adult. They don’t have to do anything except enjoy their new money machine, and keep smiling.

Once you are out of meditation, jot down what your child said. Their ideas about money translate into your beliefs about money.

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#7. Let Your Negative Self Tell You're Crazy.

Your negative self is your inner saboteur, the destructive aspect of your ego, your inner critic, and the least evolved “you” that there is.

Your negative self expects you to fail, in fact wants you to fail. Your negative self is the part of you that speaks in your head about what you can’t do, have, and be.

It’s tempting to just ignore what it has to say and hope it will go away, but here’s the thing: this part of you needs to have a voice. So give “Neg” a voice.

Imagine it sitting next to you, in all its ugliness. Let it tell you that you’re crazy for trying to create money out of thin air. Let it rant and rave.

The conversation might go something like this:

You: “Hey, I wanted to tell you, I’m in the process of creating financial abundance.” 

Neg: “What?”

You: “Creating financial abundance. I have discovered I create my own reality. I want to be abundant. So I’m creating that.”

Neg: “You poor thing. You’re more gullible than I thought.”

You: “I’m not gullible. It’s a very old concept, and it’s easier now than ever before!”

Neg: “Yeah? Prove it.”

You: “Well, you can’t really prove it. The evidence is more anecdotal. But it does work!”

Neg: “Sure, kid. Good luck with that. Buy me a mansion when you ‘create’ being a billionaire, will ya?”

You: “I am creating it.” (Note: It’s never a good idea to argue with your negative self. It wants that. And you’ll never convince it of anything. Just listen.)

Neg: “You can’t create crap, kid. This whole thing is a scam.”

You:: “Okay. Thanks for your opinion.”

Neg: “I mean it. You’re being duped. Get your head outta the clouds and get real. You’re gonna die poor.”

You: “Thanks for sharing. Anything else?”

Neg: “Yeah, you’re pretty stupid for believing this stuff. Oh, and you’re ugly too.”

You: “Nice. You finished?”

Neg: “Harrumph.”

Then, mentally call in your higher self, and ask that it gently take your negative self away to be healed.

Then—for a little while, at least—you’ll be free. I suggest working with your negative self daily when you have some big dreams in the works.

It has a tendency to creep back into your head at the precise times when sustaining your energy is critical. But, as far as aligning your energy.

#8. You Did It!

Once you have cleared the energy of lack in all of the various aspects of yourself, changed the limiting beliefs that were pointed out to you, and introduced the energy of abundance to each self, you will be fully aligned and ready to create true and miraculous abundance.

You will feel the difference. 

The entire concept of conscious creation will feel more true, more real, and more believable.

Celebrate this feeling. You are one step closer to creating your totally abundant reality and making your dreams come true!

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