May 6, 2022

Is your partner cheating? Here is how to find out the REAL TRUTH

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Do you suspect your partner is cheating? If so, that means things aren’t well in your relationship. As harsh it may sound but it is true.

According to sexual health Australia, 70% of all marriages experience infidelity. But how do you know you are actually being cheated on?

Fortunately, discovering a cheating partner is easier than you can imagine. Text message, emails, and online credit card statements are some of the few electronic affair trails most careless cheaters leave. But I can understand you cannot simply grab his phone and spy on cheating spouse text messages.

Often, you absolutely have no solid explanation for why you suspect your partner is cheating on you and that is perfectly acceptable.

That’s because most of the time, the gut feeling that you are having is leading you to a truth you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

If you are here because of that gut feeling, you will definitely need some help to unfold this mystery. Here are some obvious signs that he is cheating:

  • His absence is escalating

When a partner is cheating, they will miss lots of important events. You will find them more secretive, having more meetings at work and they will put all sorts of excuses to be away from home.  

You will probably realize this in hindsight when you sit down and put back each piece of the puzzle together.

  • Emotion distance

This one is going to be pretty obvious. You will find your partner emotionally and intimately distant from you. Well, sometimes the emotional distance is because of stress or because they are busy, but if you start feeling maybe your sexual intimacy is drifting, your partner is looking for faults in you or they are being angry for no apparent reason, all these could be signs of an affair.

  • Secretive phone behavior

If you are noticing your partner is spending too much time on their phone or leaving the room whenever they have to take a call, there could be some infidelity going on.

When they are being too protective about their phone, it gets hard to just grab their phone and spy on cheating spouse text messages. This calls for some action.

I have observed these signs, what’s next?

So let’s say you have noticed these signs. At this point, you only suspect that they are cheating and you don’t really know the truth. Before assuming in your head that they are cheating, just go ahead and communicate what’s bothering you.

It may not be something on everyone’s list but asking them have their own pros and cons.  Asking your partner if they are cheating isn’t going to get you an honest answer, especially if they are really cheating on. Why?

Because they are not willing to sacrifice their behavior, they don’t want to lose the partner they are involved with, they don’t want to deal with the aftermath or because they are simply selfish. It could be any of these reasons.

Instead of leaping an immediate accusation of having an affair, start the conversation by saying ‘I have been getting really worried about us as I have noticed this, this …. and so on.

I need to understand what’s happening because this has made me wonder if there is someone else in the picture.’

The way in which your partner responds will tell you what you need to know.

Where there isn’t any affair, your partner will be very concerned that you felt this way.

He might even say something like, ‘If that’s what you think is happening to our relationship, we need to fix it.’

But if that’s not the kind of response you get, then it’s maybe time to move to the next level and spy on cheating spouse text messages.

Catch them cheating by spying

To this date, discovering infidelity by spying is the most controversial issue of all.

It may not be the best way of discovering or validating if your partner had cheated on you, but if communicating with your partner didn’t bring a positive outcome and your gut feeling went even stronger, then that’s the only way to find the truth. Here are some common ways of spying:

  • Use a cell phone spying app: A spying app will actually make it easier to spy on cheating spouse text messages. Xnspy, for instance, will give you valuable insights about where your partner goes and who they talk to. Here are some ways this app can be useful:
  • You can read your partner’s text messages (sent and received) along with time and date stamps. That’s how you can spy on cheating spouse text messages remotely.
  • You can track the current location of your partner as well as the places they have been to. If they visit a spot frequently that means you should check that place out.
  • With Xnspy, you can view your partner’s call log and see what contacts they talk to. Chances are you might even find the mistress’ number. Other than this, Xnspy lets you record and listen to calls. This will reveal not just who your partner calls but also what they talk about. Likewise, you can record the surrounding of the phone. So, let’s suppose your partner isn’t home after work and it’s getting late, then all you have to do is send a remote command to find out what’s going on in their surroundings.
  • You can also spy on your partner’s emails sent from the default Gmail app on their phone. Xnspy will let you read the sent and received messages from a remote location.

To use this catch cheating spouse Android phone app, you must install it on your partner’s phone. It will just take 10 to 15 minutes to do that. It works discretely so your partner will never know you are spying on cheating spouse text messages and more.

You will be viewing all the information on your partner’s phone from a remote location and they will never know about it. Even if you are not tech-savvy, this app will be pretty easy for you to use.

  • Check their phone or credit card bill: If your partner has been spending some extra bucks on someone or somewhere, then it will be pretty much visible on their credit card bill. Same goes for their phone bill.
  • Give a call to a suspicious number: Find a reasonable time and call that suspicious number which is frequently contacted by your partner.
  • Don’t call that number from own your phone directly. Use a friend’s phone to call. If you are going to snoop, you must protect your own privacy too.
  • Don’t address them by asking ‘Who is this’, instead, say ‘Hi Lisa, how are you?’ And the woman on the other line will probably say ‘This is Jen, you have the wrong number.’ There you go, you have her name.

Once you are pretty sure that your partner is seeing another woman, it is time you let him know you are aware of the truth.  

Before you do that, you need to build a concrete plan on when and how to address him.

You must try your best to remain secretive until you gather all the right evidence that validates your partner is, in fact, cheating on you.

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