July 27, 2023

Divorce Trends To Know in 2022 (This Stats May Surprise You)

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divorce trends in covid 2022

The world pandemic has been changing lives drastically. People have been reassessing priorities, principles, and current needs and wishes. This has affected divorce trends and stats as well.

The global isolation, work, financial, and social changes have created serious challenges to relationships and marriages

As a result, the divorce rates have increased significantly recently.

Almost 30% percent of respondents of a private survey around the US and a couple of other countries prove that the pandemic has brought out the worst they had in their relationships and led to divorce or other profound life changes.

Consequently, divorce trends and divorce habits are also different now.

Look deeper into the current state of marriage termination and its peculiarities these days to be ready for any relationship fluctuations you may face soon.

New Reasons for Divorce.

The primary trend to consider for divorces in 2022 is the brand new reasons and causes to finalize the marriage.

They all are somehow the Covid-specific tendencies that have been reported lately.

Here are some of the top common ones:

  1. Difficulties in combining remote work and household duties and sharing responsibilities;
  2. staying at home makes inequalities seem more evident;
  3. being isolated with partner and family only; lacking other social interactions;
  4. being parted due to pandemic restrictions; not bearing distance relationships;
  5. disagreeing about vaccination, specific Covid treatment, and related health issues;
  6. disagreeing on having the desire to change the lifestyle and surrounding drastically or craving for steadiness and fearing changes.

The list can go on and on, with people failing to adjust to the world changes together and deciding to part their ways to increase the quality of their lives.

The truth is that Covid-driven fluctuations have brought brand new reasons and causes to get divorced in addition to already existing ones adding to divorce numbers in Florida and around the US in general.

Divorce Agreements Settled Online.

Another apparent tendency is a rise in online divorces. With the pandemic limiting any moves and social interactions, people get used to getting everything they need through the Internet.

Food, clothes, education, entertainment, all the needs, and wishes may be pleased with the online services.

So, there is no wonder that many divorcees use divorce platforms to terminate their marriage without any hassle and unnecessary interactions, and it will only get more popular in the upcoming years.

Apart from the usual benefits, getting an uncontested divorce online is safer and more comfortable now.

You only have to meet Florida divorce residency requirements, opt for amicable marriage termination, and fill out a questionnaire at a trustworthy website to get your divorce forms and file for divorce easily and securely.

This is a sure tendency to follow if it suits your case in 2022.

Divorce Trends Along With Financial Fluctuations.

Financial steadiness is a rare privilege due to pandemics these days.

The divorce statistics prove that economic hardships are making the reason for divorce even more frequent than ever before.

In the first year of pandemics, there was almost 17 million unemployed in the US, and nearly 57% of them have lost their jobs due to Covid-related changes.

But it is not only the main cause for marriage termination that the financial fluctuations make but also some changes in the procedures that they bring.

These may include the following:

  1. Fighting more fiercely to get a more significant share of assets in the divorce process;
  2. asking for higher spousal and child support;
  3. requesting modifications in spousal and child support after the divorce which happened before the pandemics;
  4. selling marital homes due to lack of possibility to maintain it;
  5.  withdrawing pension plans, insurance, and other funds share right after the divorce

People are lacking financial stability these days.

So when the divorce is on the horizon, they are less concerned about mutually beneficial outcomes but care for themselves more not to stay homeless and penniless in the aftermath.


Moving Houses.

One more common trend is that most divorcees prefer to move houses rather than stay in their marital house as a result of marriage termination.

The research shows that 22% of Americans have moved or know someone who moved due to pandemics. 18% out of them named financial reasons as the main one for changing their residence.

The divorcees make up a significant share of people who decided to give up their high-rent accommodations and move to a cheaper place to stay at.

These days, singles find it challenging to maintain a house or a flat after their family budget has parted.

So that they terminate their rental agreement or sell accommodation to cover their debts and get a less expensive place for a living in Florida instead.

The surveys prove that this tendency is not going to change in the nearest time.

Additional Custodial Restrictions After Divorce.

Covid-specific changes have greatly affected custodial issues as well. Creating a working parental plan has become more complex than ever before. People now include new pandemics-related points in the custodial agreement and may introduce some brand-new modifications in the nearest time.

Check out the top frequent concerns:

  1. whether to get your kids vaccinated;
  2. what treatment to choose if the kids have Covid;
  3. what limits to apply regarding out-of-state and international moves and travels with the kids in the Covid realia;
  4. how to change visitation schedule and adjust other custodial detail in case of any parent or kid getting ill with Covid;
  5. how to create and modify child support according to pandemics-specific changes and challenges.

These and other specifications will add to the time and efforts you need to apply to come to an agreement on the custodial issues.

And with the divorce rate being continually high, many parents should start bothering on creating the best comfortable conditions for their kids with divorce tendencies in pandemics time.

Pets’ Roles in Family.

The latest trending concern for people in divorce is the fate of their pets.

This tendency is hardly related to the pandemic situation but has a lot to do with contemporary divorce procedures.

Due to the current legislature in Florida and all around the US, pets are considered to be property, so in the course of a divorce, they are included in the assets division process.

Yet, over 70% of American pet owners consider their pets as family members rather than property, which means they want the pets to be treated differently in the divorce process.

The pet owners wish for the decisions to be in the best interests of their cats and dogs but not only blindly follow the local legislature.

While some people may find it strange to treat pets almost like kids in terms of divorce, pet owners are predicted to pursue their views even further with the best comfort of their pets guaranteed.

Anti-divorce Tendency.

While the first year of pandemics surprised with the highest divorce rate in the US, the consequent and upcoming years are proving that not all families and couples are ready to give up.

For example, the divorce rates in Florida have decreased by 19 percent during the previous year and are expected to fall even more.

For many marriages, the pandemics have become a serious challenge they managed to overcome together, strengthening their relationships

The positive impact of the Covid-related changes can be seen in the following examples:

  1. being isolated families and partners have begun to spend more quality time together;
  2. getting a remote job, people can also have more family time and pay more attention to their relationships;
  3. witnessing dramatic Covid-related events around people value their relationships and family more and opt for fixing troubles instead of quitting their marriages;
  4. experiencing financial fluctuations, couples find the divorce too expensive to bear so they opt for repairing their relationships than breaking up for now.

This means that the drastic increase in Americans getting divorced is getting back to average rates now, even with the positive tendencies being introduced more frequently.

Many couples opt not to get married at all but to live together as partners according to their comfortable conditions.

This way, they will avoid any financial and legal complications if they decide to split up later.

Conclusion - Divorce Trends And Divorce Statistics.

It is difficult to tell how divorce will look in the upcoming year in the world of fast-developing and drastic changes.

The sure thing to tell is that divorcees prefer to optimize the marriage termination process to make it simpler and to satisfy their current needs and wishes to the fullest.

Couples choose to get divorced online more often; they pay more attention to assets division and care about the best possible comfortable financial outcomes.

Partners give up on their marital houses easier, mostly due to financial reasons; parents have more concerns about custodial agreements regarding Covid-related peculiarities.

Pet owners care more about the fate of their cats and dogs after divorce. On the other hand, divorce rates are getting lower, with only the couples whose marriage is irretrievably broken left to quit their marriage.

In contrast, others commonly decide to put in more effort to save their family unity.

I will stop here if you enjoyed reading this mini guide on divorce trends and statistics then please do not forget to Watch This Following Video Presentation.

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