May 5, 2022

Men Who Use Women 10 Disturbing Signs Every Girl Must Watch out

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Men who use women are just like any other men who live the same lifestyle that other men generally live. But the only difference is they are very toxic in nature and always look for sex.

At times they are very loving and caring they would touch your heart next moment they would leave you confused thinking about their character.

It’s because they are not constant in their behavior you don’t know what to expect from them.

One moment they pamper and love you like hell and very next moment they turn abusive and tormenting which is simply a sign of men who use women for their needs.

Let’s find some more information about the characteristics of those men who use women on their will in the below post.

#1. He is Toxic

In the beginning of relationship with toxic men you won’t be able to identify his toxic traits. He would behave just like any other man would do.

But in between he would show signs of being sad and vulnerable about things in the past just to gain your sympathy and affection.

He would narrate his story in a very convincing manner to catch you emotionally.

He would make sure with his actions that the emotions and sympathy you display towards him gets converted into love and affection which is the first and obvious sign of men who use women.

#2. Women’s importance is immaterial

Men who use women are very clear in their thoughts they use women on their will especially for fulfilling their sexual desires.

He never feels the need to explain or clarify things to you, because for him women’s importance is immaterial.

He will have relationships with multiple women without your knowledge.

One fine day he would disappear from your life without any call or discussion because he doesn’t believe you are worth it. This kind of selfish and self-centric behavior can be expected only from this kind of cruel men.

Note that it’s a fact that happens every day around the world we are not aware of.

#3. The Relationship is one sided

Being in relationship with toxic men you would always get a feeling that you are the one who makes all the plans.

He is not concerned about anything and not interested in sharing anything about his life.

He would only reveal something about him when you ask and that too very little on the other hand you include him in every small and big events of your life.

He would never initiate to talk about your future with him it’s you who would initiate every time which clearly gives the sign of one sided affair where his intentions are crystal clear.

He only wants to use you for sex and material benefits nothing else matters to him in a relationship apart from this.

#4. He is Disguised

Men who use women are very disguised and they have a dual nature.

He flirts with other women in parties but behaves arrogantly with you totally with drawn, out of focus and unnatural with no tenderness in his voice.

If you discuss any important matter related to your relationship and future life, he would always try to avoid it which clearly gives sign of men who use women for his own emotional and physical needs.

#5. He is skilled and elusive

Toxic men have great talking skills and are very elusive, very difficult to understand.

The most fascinating skill that they have is the power of convincing any woman they meet.

If you are with this kind of man he will make sure that he flatters you with his talking skills.

When you talk to him he would try to make you feel that he is your dream man.

He gives signs of a patient listener but hardly responds to anything that you speak in detail.

But the moment you get little annoyed with him he starts to pretend by showing lots of love and interest in you.

This type of men picks their words carefully to flaunt and make you feel special and important.

He would say “Sweetheart I am all yours, if you are with me we can achieve anything and everything together”.

All this words actually make no sense and he speaks this word only to flatter and keep you amused which is clear sign of men who use women.

#6. He never lock eyes

Note that there is no space for dishonesty in relationship. A man who is trust worthy would always look straight in eyes.

But the cheater will always try to hide from you, you can easily identify while talking to him.

If he tries to avoid eye contact when you share your emotions, it’s a sign of man who disrespects your feelings and do not consider you important in his life.

It is sign of emotionally unavailable man where his only motive is to play with your feelings.

He is not a man who has the power to create a love heaven in his heart for you so it’s better to move out of such a bad relationship.

#7. They can never say “I love You”

A man who cannot make you feel his love for you simply cannot love you.

To be able to love someone first one needs to understand true definition of love. Just by saying “I Love You” you cannot create true feelings.

Nobody would appreciate to be with someone where relationship feels like formality and nothing more than that.

Secondly one person alone cannot carry the burden of relationship on his or her shoulder for long.

For true love to exist intimacy is important that too mental, emotional and then physical without pure existence of this three letter word called “I Love You” connection is immaterial.

#8. He disagrees with you all the time

No matter what you say he would disagree to everything you speak without giving any thought to it.

He makes sure that the conversation turns vulnerable and heated up to distract the topic to another direction.

He does it to escape from responsibilities as he knows somewhere in his heart.

He is not ready for any kind of commitment with you and that is sign of men who use women.

Note that disagreement is part of relationship and there is no harm in it.

But two people working as team in relationship can convert disagreement into excellent agreement of love and trust for rest of their life.

#9.He wants Sex and not Passionate Sex

There is difference between sex and passionate sex, if you talk only of sex than I believe it’s like you are looking for sex only and that too without any feelings.

But sex converted into passion becomes passionate sex now, what is passionate sex?

Passionate sex is not about man only it’s about woman’s need too.

Passionate sex is about being patient to make your lover all yours for life time and not for that particular moment.

Passionate sex is not about his penis only, it’s about the man making his woman feel close to him connected and protected.

But men who use women for him sex is only about his penis, fuck and leave he is not sensuous and patient.

He doesn’t understand the emotional and physical need of woman and that proves he doesn’t have any idea about what is sex.

In all my post I always stress on betterment of relationship irrespective of situations and circumstances.

Breakup and relationship are two different stages of love life, a true man will always try to keep his head up and do what is best for his woman by giving priorities to her needs before his own.

It is fine that your relationship is not working accept it, not all relationship in love leads to success some fail and some achieve success in the process.

But what’s important is telling the truth gracefully looking in her tear-filled eyes.

If she asks you “is breakup the last option left for us” respond by saying “yes” and continue that “you deserve someone better than me who would give you all his love” make her comfortable while narrating the truth.

Make sure your last conversation with her makes her feel you were a good man, but the only mistake you did was you met him at the wrong time.

This type of man shows real value and all ingredients of true love but in today’s generation they hardly exist.

But if you are in relationship with men who use women than in any circumstances you need to quit as it would never work.

Because he doesn’t have courage to stand for you and if he doesn’t have courage to stand for you than at least he should have courage to end a relationship gracefully.

Note that it’s not only about ending a relationship, but what also matters is how it ends gracefully or forcefully.

I hope you found the post on men who use women useful. If you really liked it please comment and share.

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