July 26, 2023

16 Ways To Be a Seductive Woman and Make Any Man Feel Horny Around You

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how to be seductive woman

There are different reasons you might desire to turn yourself into a seductive woman and make a guy horny. You like him and wish he liked you back. You want to sleep with him and expect him to initiate the relationship. Or you’re just testing the waters to see if it works!

The good news is that you’re already in the game if you’ve made a guy look at you in a way that suggests you’re more than just friends. All you have to do is bat your eyelids and give all the appropriate signals, and if he’s interested in you, he’ll jump into bed with you.

Even if you have never made it clear that you like him, or if he has no idea, you can take a few simple steps to make a man feel horny. There are ways to make him desire you and want you sexually and if you’d like to know them, stay tuned!

1. Speak With A Soft Tone.

Speaking in a soft voice creates the ideal mood for an intimate conversation if you want a man to feel horny.

Isn’t your voice automatically reduced to a seductive whisper when you’re having passionate sex because you’re so turned on? Try to imitate that tone without being obvious to him.

2. Fake Awkward Situations To Touch

An awkward situation is almost always the most enticing way to arouse a man and make a man feel horny.

All you must do now is find a way to get closer to him. You could pretend to be scared of something crawling near you and cling to his arm while sitting next to him.

You could also bend towards him and reach for something on his other side. When you do this, ensure your boob or thigh grazes against his body for a few seconds while you reach for something. Pretend you’re not aware of it; the unexpected graze would leave him feeling uneasy but also pleased and excited!

3. Allow Him To Have An “eyeful.”

One of the naughtiest ways of being a seductive woman is bending down to pick something up, and showing him your sexy parts, whether it’s your cleavage or your lower back.

Take your time getting up so he can get a good look without being afraid you’ll catch him in the act. Guys are highly visual, and they get easily aroused when they get a chance to peek down at a girl’s tee shirt.

4. Tell Him A Little Secret.

We are not talking about just any secret but a sexual secret. You could talk about something you did with an ex or a recent secret lusty fling. However, don’t start the conversation out anywhere. Ask this guy a question or two that will set the stage for a conversation.

And once he starts blushing or discussing a naughty incident, bring yourself into the picture and discuss something naughty you’ve done, even if it involves another guy. He’d be envious if he knew another guy had been lucky enough to get naughty with you. It would also entice him to do it with you too.

5. Learn How To Touch Him Properly.

It takes practice to touch your man in a way that will excite and arouse him. However, after getting used to it, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can pique your man’s interest in sex.

Touch him in a friendly and relaxed manner the first few times. When making a point, touch him on the arm. When trying to get his attention, grab his hand. Brush your hand against his leg by accident. After you’ve done this a few times and are comfortable touching him casually, it’s time to take it to the next level!

6. Sexting Him Also Works Like A Charm!

Dirty texting a man is a great way to get him hot and bothered without having to meet him face to face. When sexting, you can say anything to turn him on, so be ready when you see him because you’re in for it. Another advantage of sexting is sending him a naked photo of yourself. Try and see how horny you can make him.

7. Wear Sexy Lingerie.

Do you want to be a seductive woman and make him all hot and bothered? Then begin with some sexy lingerie.

It is no secret that a woman dressed in sexy lingerie will undoubtedly be able to entice her man in bed. It’s more than just being attractive. It’s all about arousing each other and getting closer.

What turns men on is a mystery, especially when they have to work for it, and lingerie is a great place to start. You’ll be surprised at how attentive he becomes when he sees you in a sexy dress. The onus is on you to take it to the next level or keep things simple.

8. Allow Him To Watch You Be Naughty.

What do men desire in bed? Stimuli for the eyes. Visual stimulation works wonders for men. Men admire women who are open and daring. This is one of the best sex tips for driving him insane because it is also a spicy way of being attractive.

Nothing is more enticing and satisfying than the prospect of doing it in front of him because it demonstrates your trust in him. If you want a man to go crazy for you, don’t let him touch or kiss you during the session. Just keep going and watch him fall in love with you.

9. Talk About And Bring His Fantasies To Life.

Guys usually enjoy this, but they rarely request it. Inquire about his fantasies about making love and try to recreate them in real life. Dress like his favorite actress or a sexy dress from his favorite movie.

Bring some life to your interactions, and you’ll have his attention in no time. Your enthusiasm and initiative will enthrall him, and your effort in being a sexy woman will drive him insane.

10. Play Wrestling Together!

Something about fighting for victory can be very appealing. Many men are competitive, but demonstrating that you aren’t afraid to get physical can make you even more appealing.

Wrestling also involves a lot of physical contact. You’re only about 30 seconds away from the wrestling turning into kissing!

11. Grab His Ass When He Least Expects It.

Although you may be more accustomed to being on the receiving end of this move, a well-timed ass grab can range from funny to sexy. You can tell the man what you think if you combine it with a close hug and kiss while your body is pressed close to his. It is a great tip to try if you value being a sexy woman.

12. Maintain “lustful” Eye Contact.

One of the most important signals for communicating your intentions is eye contact. “Our eyes are the path to our soul,” as the adage goes.

You can turn your man on simply by lingering across the table or making bedroom eyes at him when you’re in a crowded room. Your shared, stolen glances will undoubtedly pique his interest.

13. Have A Good Sense Of Humor And Laugh

Women with a great sense of humor are extremely appealing, and any guy will appreciate a woman who can laugh at herself.

Make your man laugh if you want to turn him on. Laughing releases feel-good endorphins, which is a great way of being attractive. The chances of him feeling more intimate with you increase when you’re both laughing and feeling good.

14. Have A Quick Make-Out Session And Then Leave

Do you want to seduce a man and make him want more? Make out with him for a few minutes, getting him hot and heavy, and then leave.

Maybe you’re on a date and kissing goodbye in the car before heading home. Kiss him passionately (use your hands creatively), then pull away, wink, and exit the car. You’ll take his breath away and leave him wanting to know what would happen if you didn’t end it so suddenly.

15. Read Him Lit Erotica.

Reading erotica to a man while looking at them, sitting on them, or next to them is a very easy way to seduce a man. The best part is that you can feel and see him get excited if you sit on top.

16. Perform A Striptease In Or Out Of The Bedroom.

You will turn on your man wherever you take your clothes off and tease him. Experiment with getting steamy in the kitchen, the bath, the shower, or wherever your heart desires.

Final Takeaway

Being a Sexy seductive woman requires that you have an allure that is hard to resist. They know how to speak softly and make a man feel wanted. Using the tips in this article, you can be more seductive and bring out the animalistic side of any man. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out tonight!

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