November 15, 2022

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man (and Make Him Rock Hard for You)

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How to Talk Dirty to Your Man (and Make Him Rock Hard for You)

Today you are going to learn how to talk dirty to your man to make him rock-hard for you.

Whether you are currently single, in a long-term relationship, or even married, you must know some tricks on how to attract a guy, and keep the chemistry and the sex life between you two alive.

Knowing how to talk sexy and dirty to your man, honing those skills to perfection, and later actually role playing them in your sex life, can be both stimulating and exciting.

Why Dirty Talking Is a Powerful Tool?

Dirty talking phrases, when used correctly, can help you draw a guy like a moth to a flame. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, the whole thing can backfire and fail miserably.

There is no need for me to get into details about your sexuality as this guide will empower you to test the waters so you can let go of your restraints and fully enjoy your sexuality on your terms.

What’s a better way to express and explore the limits of your sexuality than to learn dirty talking ideas and build sexual tension with your man.

Well you need not worry as in this step-by-step I will show you exactly how to talk dirty to your man.

A Study On What Makes Dirty Talking So Exciting

A study of 990 people was conducted in United States by Superdrug Online Doctor that looked into the sex talk preferences of this 990 participants.

This is what the study revealed the answers are in the image below.


The Link Between Dirty Talking And Sexual Pleasure.

According to Dr. Ava Cadell, professional speaker, writer, and sex therapist in Los Angeles, Calif., couples engage in dirty talk to “heighten their arousal and share fantasies that they may not want to turn into reality, but talking about them can be even better.”

Sexual intercourse in combination with the perfect and passionate lover leads you on the road to experiencing sexual pleasure and pure euphoria on a permanent basis

Following that path will take you to discovering and understanding the true meaning behind sexual pleasure and love. It will clarify your mind and thoughts.

And dirty talk is one of the best ways to enhance your sexual pleasure and fulfill your sexual fantasies

Today you’ll master the art of lovemaking and sexual pleasure with the help of dirty talk. 

I want you to take each step in this dirty sex talk guide slowly and steadily to grasp the core concept of talking dirty to a man without disturbing your comfort zone.

Once you master this core concept you’ll be exposed to a much deeper and more profound level of sexual and mental satisfaction in your relationship.

How Talking About Sex Can Improve Your Sex Life.

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found the more comfortable couples are talking about sex, the more satisfactory their sex lives become. April Masini, a relationship expert and author, told Medical Daily.

“Talking dirty can enhance sex because it's another layer of sexual behavior beyond physical sexual acts.”

In fact, some couples can get so sexually aroused by dirty talk that they can reach orgasm, even without genital stimulation. For others, it can help put them in the mood, and for all, it’s a great channel to share wild fantasies

That is why I want you to understand that using this dirty talk lines will not only prepare you for sexual pleasure but also for the continual future love and affection from your man for a long time

Practicing these techniques and following the instructions on talking dirty to him, you will quickly become the master of the perfect love making which will lead you to the places you have never been before and take your relationship to another level.

Combining intense and passionate love with incredibly compelling and dominant sexual pleasure will make your relationship much stronger and stable

Using the sexy phrases from this article will turn your boyfriend on and make him crave for you like never before.

Find Out What Men Like The Most In Dirty Talk.

A study conducted by the online dating agency, Saucy Dates, has revealed that both, men and women, love noises and words during sex.

So for this dirty talk to work its magic on your boyfriend, you should first get acquainted with his sexual preferences instead of talking dirty to him immediately.

Answer the questions.

Just by answering a couple of simple, yet effective questions, you will be able to understand and learn about what he likes and dislikes during a sexual intercourse. Read the questions below:

  • Does he like to be dominant when it comes to sex?
  • Does he behave aggressively, sternly and like your owner?
  • Does he prefer being submissive?
  • Does he use hostile language and angry or discouraging responses?
  • Which body part of yours attracts his attention the most?
  • Is he strongly attracted by powerful actresses and main characters?
  • Do celebrities he’s attracted to share the same or similar features?
  • A modest and simple girl next door, a wild woman, with strong sexual presence or purely innocent?

How To Combine His Sexual Fantasies With Dirty Talk To Blow His Mind.

Learning about all the sexual fantasies he’s shared, which are the most common themes he likes, and what are his most hidden desires?

Is it to be worshipped like a king, involved in some kind of an adventure, role play or to dominate a strong and powerful woman?

Has he ever had the following sexual fantasy?

An example of the most common sexual fantasy:

The silk scarf tied around my wrists was cutting into my skin. Although the blindfold was shutting out every bit of light, I still had my eyes closed. A sudden sharp pinch of my left nipple made me yelp in delicious pain.

“Shhhh, Baby You aren’t allowed to make noise. Do it again and I will spank you!” he said. I thought about defying him. . . just to relish the smack of his hand against my ass. But before I could open my mouth and say something I felt the tickle of a feather running up my inner thigh and then our lips pressed together in a passionate kiss.

Suddenly, he stops and pulls away. I am feeling lost and confused not knowing where he’d gone. But this was all part of the game. Stopping and starting. Hard and soft. Pain and pleasure.

My senses were on alerted and sharpened not knowing what to expect next. He could tell I was anxious so he reassured me. “I love watching you so turned on and wanting me.

Nod your head if you want me right now.” I wanted to be cool but I shook my head vigorously and started screaming yes. I couldn’t see it, but I swear I could feel his smile widening. “Now spread your legs as wide as possible so I can insert my penis.  Hold them like that until I tell you that you can move” All I could do was to obey.

I was completely exposed. My arms and legs were tied to the bed. I was entirely naked with my legs spread as much as I could.

Vulnerable. Terrified. . . but I complied anyway. And that was thrilling and exciting.

 So, enough with the previews!

Ladies, if you are ready, let's learn the dirty talking phrases that drive men wild.

1. Flirty (and slightly dirty phrases) known as attention grabbers

It would be best to start easy and use simple and flirty phrases on your man. Just test the water first to see how sending a dirty text message works out for you two.

Try sending something like this: 

1.   Stop. . .
●       distracting me
●       turning me on, I can’t concentrate
●       filling my mind with naughty thoughts
●       thinking about me. Get back to work

2.   Mmmm…
●       I am thinking some very yummy things about you right now
●       I keep thinking of your amazing kisses
●       you are awfully cute, you know that? 

3.   Are you. . .
●       blushing? You should be, based on what I’m thinking.
●       rested up? I plan to exhaust you on Saturday.
●       turned on like I am? Wow.

4.   Damn...
●       thoughts of you have me smiling today
●       I am so turned on by you
●       I can’t wait to be in bed with you

5.   Know what?
●       I can’t wait to feel your kisses.
●       You are one sexy boyfriend.
●       I just got out of the shower. Enjoy that visual. 

6.   Can I just tell you. . .
●       your arms are damn sexy
●       you have me very turned on
●        how good you looked the other night?

7.   Tell me something. . .
●       do we look good together or what?
●       why are you so damn seductive?
●       how much are you looking forward to next time?

2. Text him this dirty lines to seduce his mind.

1. What would you do. . .
●       if you were here right now?
●       if I was there with you?
●       if we were alone right now?

2. I can’t stop thinking about. . .
●       how my body responds to your touch.
●       the things I want to do to you.
●       the things I want you to do to me.
●       all of the places I could kiss you.

3. Imagine this. . .
●       me running my fingers through your hair as we kiss and you getting so rock hard down there.
●       me nibbling your neck and slowly working my mouth down your body
●       you touching my soft skin, exploring my neck. . . shoulders. . . back. . .

4. I can’t wait to. . .
●       feel your body next to mine, skin to skin. . .
●       pounce on you when I see you!
●       have you in my bed, alone, and uninterrupted. . .
●       make you my sexy love slave
●       run my hands over every inch of you and make you cum.

His replies may evoke a range of emotions and sexual tension. Upon reading your messages, he will be aroused and ready for you right away.

However, if things get out of control at the very start, don’t worry, you don’t have to take part if you think it is too advanced for you.

3. You can always use some cooling sex phrases such as:

●       Whoa there! Let’s save some for later.

 But, if you do want to spice it up a bit and engage in advanced dirty sexy talk, then use any line of the following: 

●       Oh you are so naughty and being with you feels so good.
●       Slow down mister, plenty of time for all of those activities.
●       I’ve got you really turned on huh? Naughty me.

And then distance yourself from him saying you have to return to work, or meet your friends or just figure out another reason to leave his side. Anything that will put an end to the conversation. 

He won’t know what hit him and possibly react quite strangely and spontaneously. If, somehow, his reaction is genuine and sweet, then feel free to keep things closer to the PG-level just for now.


Sext-starter – The most effective dirty talking lines to use on your boyfriend.

The best way to start the conversation is with a playful sex talk text that begs for his response. Something that will make his imagination run wild

●       If you were here. . .
●       I wish. . .
●       Guess what I’m doing. . .
●       Stop. . .
●       Mmmm.. .
●       Know what?
●       You have me soooo. . .

The ellipsis used after the phrase will not only keep him intrigued and curious about what follows next but also tell him there is more to the thought.

He will most certainly be perplexed by your dirty and kinky text, but as time passes, he will know he’s in for a treat. 

What he can expect from you when he receives such dirty text message is a sizzling sex surprise.

The sext-starter will make him feel so good that his imagination will run wild.

After that, by talking sexually to your man, you can feel free to steer the conversation in any direction you wish.

You can try and jump right away by sending him a sexting “quickie” or start slowly and gradually make your way into his heart and tease him into talking sexually with you.

Here is how you can talk dirty to your man and have him sexually aroused.

1. Sexting Quickie – Hot and Steamy Text Messages.

Once you have gathered some experience in talking dirty to your man, you can use something nastier and ultimately kinky, so the following lines are just right for you:

1.   If you were here. . .
●       I’d be stroking your hard cock and begging you to fuck me.
●       I’d be face down, ass up on the bed so you could fill me up so deep.
●       you’d be enjoying my tight, wet kitty cat. purrrrrr. Mmm.. .
●       my pussy is so ready for you, baby
●       I want to wrap my mouth around your cock right now and give the best oral sex you could ever imagine.

2.   You have me sooo. . .
●       horny right now. I need you to fuck me bad.
●       turned on and wet, omg I want to feel you inside me, fucking me hard.

2. Playful and Innocent Sexy Texts

If you aren’t comfortable with the nastier stuff, then you can always go back to fun, playful and innocent ways to text your boyfriend.

1. If you were here. . .
●       I would meet you at the door totally naked.
●       I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of you.
●       you’d see just how naughty I’m in the mood to be. Very very naughty.

2. I wish. . .
●      I could feel the weight of your body on top of mine right now
●      you could feel exactly how turned on I am right now
●      you and what’s in your pants were in front of me this second.

3. Mmmmm.. .
●       do you have any idea how turned on I am by you?
●       the thoughts I’m having right now. Are you blushing? You should be….
●       I am longing for your touch right now baby 

And then, once you have created a relaxed atmosphere, you can jump into action by sending him nastier texts as: 

If you were here. . .
●       I would take you in my mouth, licking and sucking until you lose control.
●       you could bend me over the back of the couch and take me. . . hard and fast. . . the second you walk in the door.
●       you could pour honey all down my naked body and lick it all off. . .  inch by inch.

2. Stop. . .
●       making me so horny. I can’t get any work done thinking of what I want you to do with my body.
●       filling my head with deliciously dirty ideas (then go on to describe).

3. You have me sooo. . .
●       turned on. I need you inside of me, filling me up, making me moan sooo bad right now.
●       wet right now.

3. Clear and direct texts for dirty sexy talking

Being clear and direct will get you to places you want. Sending these highly seductive dirty text messages will hit the bull’s eye. 

Be straightforward and tell him exactly what you want him to do to you OR what you want to do to him.

 Try sending something along the lines of:

●       I can’t wait to have phone sex with you.
●       I can’t wait for you to slowly undress me looking at me with your sexy eyes.
●       I can’t wait for you to nibble my nipples. Licking, sucking, a little biting. Do you know how hot that gets me?
●       I can’t wait for you to give me your hard cock in my hungry pussy.
●       Tonight I’m going to… your… until you…
●       Tonight I’m going to stroke you with my hot wet tongue until you go over the edge with pleasure.
●       Tonight I’m going to give you the best oral sex ever suck your cock until you cum.
●       Tonight I’m going to ride you until you cum so hard baby.
●       I want you to… my… until I’m…
●       I want you to lick my clit until I’m writhing and moaning and climaxing.
●       I want you to fuck me from behind until I’m making so much noise I wake the neighbors.
●       I want you to go down on me until every part of my body is shaking with pleasure.
●       First, I’m going to... Then I want you to…
●       First, I’m going to torture you with a slow, sexy strip tease.
●       Then, when you can’t control yourself for one more second, I want you to have your way with me.
●       First, I’m going to get on my knees, unzip your pants, and take you deep into my mouth. Then I want you to watch as I work my magic until you explode.
●       First, I’m going to slather whipped cream all over my tits. Then I want you to take your time as you lick it all off.

These are just a few basic formulas that make it easy for you to get started.

And as you can see from the examples, sometimes you have to tweak them slightly so they make sense for the specific direction you are giving.

As you grow comfortable, by all means unleash your creativity and write out your own explicitly specific texts!


The Idea Of Role Playing Combined With Dirty Talking.

If you are a fan of role-plays, why not combine it with sexting and spice your relationship up?

When role-playing, try adopting the character’s traits to achieve the best effect.

If you decide for the usual master-slave role-play, then act submissive and let him dominate. He is your one and only master, your everything.

Use this in your sexual talk and it will drive him crazy.

One of the best sex moves you can try is the blindfolding technique where voice mixed with silence plays a very important role.

As men love and crave mystery and surprises, keeping silent and acting significantly amounts to the element of surprise.  

Narrating in detail what is happening at the moment, increases the anticipation and keeps your senses alerted.

Blindfolding him and telling him about all the things you are about to do to him will drive him nuts.  Using the play-by-play technique is always helpful.

Saying out loud how something feels, how much you like it, if you want it harder, slower, longer, more. . . all of it works!

Trying out different kinky sex techniques and engaging in a wide variety of role plays probably makes most women feel uncomfortable.

 But if you want to explore your adventurous side and spice up your sexual life, then you definitely must try some role play ideas.

It will make you more confident and awake the side of you didn’t know it existed until now.

The Stress Reliever Dirty Talking Lines (my favorite)

The following excerpt was written by Felicity Keith, creator of Language of Desire, an amazing product for women who want to master the concept of dirty talking and making a man monogamous.

I show up at your office to surprise you with a lunch date. As soon as I walk through the front doors, I can tell things are hectic. 

I spot you across the room, having a conversation outside of your office. Somehow you sense my presence, and our eyes meet. You smile and motion me over. 

I walk toward you and admire how good you look. And not just your clothes. . .you look powerful and confident. A man in charge. 

I’m immediately reminded how proud I am to be with you. But as I get closer, I can see how stressed you are. 

The tension in your face, neck, and shoulders is obvious. A little grin creeps across my face as I think of how I can ease that tension for you...

“This is a nice surprise. What are you doing here today, honey?” you ask as you dismiss your co-worker and greet me with a warm hug.

“I know how hard you work, and I decided to deliver a special treat to you in person. Let’s go into your office for a minute.” I purr.

You open the door and follow me in with a confused smile.

“Shut the door and lock it, please.”

You comply.

I grab your belt and pull you closer, turning you around to face me.

“So what is this treat you’ve brought me?” you ask.

“It’s an amazing stress-reliever. I can tell you are having a hectic day,”

I explain as I slide my trench coat off and let it fall to the floor, revealing that black wrap dress I know you like on me.

“Something I think you will really enjoy."

You look me straight in the eye. “Baby, what exactly are you doing? I have a client conference call in ten minutes.

”I put my finger to your lips “Shhh. . . you will make your conference call.”

I gently guide you to your chair, deftly unbuckling your belt and unzipping your pants.

“Sit.” I order. You sink into the smooth leather seat.

I ease myself onto my knees between your legs.

Your excitement is now visible, as you’ve clearly figured out what my amazing treat involves.

“I was going to take you to lunch. But seeing your stress and also seeing how in control you look at the same time. . . I have to do this instead.

I free your rock-hard erection from your pants.

Looking you straight in the eye, I wrap my mouth around you.

Swirling the tip of your hard dick with my tongue with every pass, your legs quiver with pleasure.

I begin to pick up rhythm, taking you deeper and deeper into my mouth with each head.

You stifle a moan and lean your head back on the head rest of your chair while I go to town.

Faster and faster, I am relentless in my need to make you climax.

Your hands are in my hair and your breathing is heavy and rapid.

I know you are close. Your entire body tenses before release.

Just as you shudder and explode into my mouth, the intercom on your phone buzzes “We are meeting in conference room A in three minutes.”

“Perfect timing,” I announce with a wink. Standing up, I straighten my dress and smooth out my ruffled hair.

“Better get to the conference room. See you when you get home!”and I make my exit.

The most important thing to remember is to understand and accept the possibilities of these techniques backfiring at some point if you have just started dating someone or you are in a long-term relationship.

Important - Dirty Talk is Good But Building Your Relationship Solely on Sex Is Not Good

Like you probably know by now, it is WAY easier to find a partner with whom you can have incredible sex, than finding your soulmate and the person you want to spend your life with. 

However, not everyone is looking for a steady and long-lasting relationship.

But those who are, it is advisable not to let your sizzling sexual chemistry get in the way and stop you from seeing your incompatibility.

Now that you have mastered the much needed skill on how to talk dirty to your boyfriend and satisfy his unique sexual desires, you have the power to create an intense sexual tension with nearly any man you date.

Don’t forget to be cautious and pay attention to discovering the real reasons for dating him. Long-term relationships aren’t built on great chemistry and sex.

As a woman, you must know how to talk sexually to your man as it will directly reflect not just on your sex life but also on your relationship in general. But don’t neglect the signs which indicate whether you are compatible or not. 

●       Do you share the same goals in life?
●       What do you have in common?
●       How well do you communicate with each other?
●       Is he kind to you?
●       Does he treat you nicely?
●       Is he interested in phone sex or only prefers doing it in the bedroom?
●       Do you have much in common outside the bedroom?
●       Do you share common sex positions?

The bottom line: don’t forget to look beyond the amazing sex to see if you two are truly a relationship potential.

Not building trust

It takes time to determine how well you know someone because you can’t go around revealing your innermost sexual thoughts to everyone.

It is quite easy to share your dirty fantasies and hidden desires in the spur of the moment but that isn’t how it should go.

If the relationship fizzles quickly, you may be left vulnerable or judged for what you disclosed.

Every now and then, ask yourself “If I never heard from him again, would I regret what I’ve shared?”

Answering that question will help you decide when it’s the right time to sleep with him for the first time and start sharing your sexual fantasies.

Scaring him away

While some guys desire to have an uninhibited sexual goddess ready to explore raunchy fantasies with him from the beginning there are plenty of men who would feel overwhelmed and intimidated.

Understanding a man’s sexual style before jumping into a specific fantasy or role-play is important. 

●       He might not totally understand his own desires. . . yet.
●       He could be somewhat sexually inexperienced.
●       He may be a romantic at heart (there are men out there who are!).

You want the sexual experience to be mutually enjoyable.

If you take a wild guess and act according to your past sexual relationships without getting to know his taste first, you run the risk of intimidating him.

Playing it cool and gradually showing off your skills is often the best approach.

If you notice him being more reserved and shy, let the sexual tension build slowly.

How do you handle someone requesting naked pics?

If he asks for a skin pic, send him a photo of something else, like your knee cap, or your neck, or a photo of a cat (get it. . . pussy pic? Haha). .

Something other than what he’s really asking for.

If he asks for phone sex. Say no.

It’s a playful and polite way of saying no and talking dirty.

If he continues to persist, tell him that you are saving those revealing photos for the long-term partner. If he continues to push you, dump him.

Seriously test the water first.

Anyone who doesn’t respect your boundaries deserves to be an ex.

A note about sending photos to your guy

You should be extra careful when sending any revealing photos to anyone new, especially to a guy you just met who’s asking for your naked photos right from the start.

That should be a red flag!

Racy texts and sexy photos are considered a privilege that should only be granted when he proves he’s trustworthy enough not to expose you on social media.

Remember this rule of thumb: if the idea of the photo getting shared online without your permission scares you to death, don’t send it.

Also remember that even so-called “safe” apps like SnapChat (where the pics you send through the app get deleted after a few seconds) aren’t that safe and your photo might end up shared in public.

Do's And Don't's Of Dirty Talking.

Starting a new relationship offers many opportunities for creating mystery and giving him the thrill of the chase.

Use the beginning of the new relationship to your advantage.

Tease him and shower him with innuendos to allow him sneak peeks into what it feels like to be in a relationship with you.

Be mysterious and appear slightly out of his reach, which encourages him to pursue you.

In a long-term relationship, it takes some serious work to keep the chemistry alive and getting him addicted.

You are the pray, let him chase you but don’t give out all your skills and tricks early in the relationship.

This may sound corny, but think of your sexual superpowers as premium bonuses that are earned, like in a video game.

Only when a man reaches a certain level (or milestone) does he get to enjoy that gift or bonus.

This prevents you from sharing too much too soon, which keeps the chase alive and keeps him coming back for more.

These milestones are totally at your own disposal, but I do recommend taking care of them and not revealing right away but slowly over time.

Some natural milestones for couples in a relationship

 ●      The first handful of dates (some relationships don’t get past date 1 or 2)
●       The first time you have sex
●       The first time you spend the night together at his/your place
●       Deciding to be exclusive
●       Saying “I love you”
●       Meeting important people (friends, kids, parents)
●       Going on vacation or a getaway together
●       Talking about the future (moving in, marriage, etc.)

As your relationship progresses and you celebrate these milestones, feel free to introduce different techniques.


The best way to communicate with your loved one is through text messages because you can flirt freely and let him know he’s always on your mind.

There are lots of dirty sexy phrases in all of the techniques presented in this article, and they go from flirty to utterly raunchy.

But if you have started dating someone quite recently and the things between you are very fresh, many of those raunchy ones would be coming on way too strong.

You can certainly modify any of the above dirty talking lines to suit your personal taste and need, and save some of the more explicit material for later when your relationship has fully developed. 

Still, setting the tone early on with flirting via text is important for a relationship.

It is best to be honest and open, and determine the use and the boundaries of sexting because it seems to be a fun game to play together.

So let go of your restraints and use freely the lines presented here when you want to be flirty without getting (too) dirty in the early stages of your relationship.

FAQ about How to Talk Dirty to Your Man (and Make Him Rock Hard for You)

#1. How to talk dirty to men?

Dirty talk, if done correctly, can be one of the best turn-ons during sex. The key is to be interesting.

Don’t repeat the same sentences over and over again. If you lose your creativity find new ways of telling him about your desires.

Always keep him guessing.

#2. How to turn your man on with dirty talk?

The best way to turn your man on with dirty talk is to tell him what you would do to him once you get together. Take your time with it.

Don’t miss out on any of the details.

It will only make him want you more. Regardless of whether you are having phone sex, sexting or talking in bed, let him know exactly what you would like to do to him.

#3. How to talk dirty to your man and sound insanely sexy?

Firstly, get acquainted with his sexual preferences. Find out his hidden sexual desires. Start with simple flirty phrases or send him something that will occupy his mind.

Send a combination of playful and innocent texts with direct and highly seductive text messages.

#4. How To talk dirty on phone?

Talking dirty to a man on phone adds other elements that digital communication lacks.

Your voice and the ability to have immediate back and forth of conversation definitely adds another level of sexiness.

The bonus is that you still have the safety of appearing confident without him actually seeing if you are nervous

#5. Can I talk dirty to my guy on skype?

With Skype, you have the ability to do a voice-only call, but here, I’m
specifically talking about delivering this with video ON.

You can also use Google Hangouts or FaceTime on an iPhone if you choose. The point is you will be able to see one another in real time when using skype as a medium for talking dirty.


With that being said, everything you read in this article will be helpful in your relationship and don’t worry, this step-by-step guide on how to talk dirty to your man will bring you the much anticipated results and take your relationship to another, much deeper, spiritual and sexual level.

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And we’re just getting started!

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  1. Lol this actually turned my boyfriend on, sweet it worked, Thank you for this article! It really worked and helped.

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