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How To Touch a Man While Kissing Him (Be a good kisser)


Kissing is a more multifaceted act than most people think. When you think about kissing your man it is more than two lips touching each other.

It is the epitome of intimacy and the barometer of someone’s feelings towards you. When you are kissing your man, you have to go all in. 

If you think you have to concentrate only on his lips while kissing, then you are highly mistaken. You must pay attention on all his erogenous zones and the sensitive areas. 

If you want to learn how to touch a man while kissing him there are a few aspects you need to bear in mind while kissing him. When done correctly, the effects of kissing can be long-lasting and can lead to a lot of exciting options.

Recent research shows that romantic kissing may be utilized in human sexual relationships to assess the possibility of a potential mate’s suitability.

Fortunately for you ladies, you have landed yourself just at the right place because today I'm going to take an insight into the psyche of a man to help you understand how you can excite your partner and bring him closer while kissing.

So, bring out your notepad to find out how to be a good kisser and make your boyfriend or husband go crazy.

A Guide to Touching a Man While Kissing Him (Part 1)

Before we begin, let us be clear about one thing. Even though we told you that you need to keep certain things in mind while kissing your man, please don’t make your kiss mechanical or formulaic. 

After all, what makes a kiss beautiful is your human touch. So, pay attention and apply these kissing techniques subtly to be a good kisser and don’t be over-cautious. 

With that being said, let’s jump into it straight away and find out where to touch a man while kissing him.


Caress His Neck With Gentle Stroke.

This is a no-brainer and is something which is almost a reflex reaction. When you touch your man on the neck while kissing him, it shows your commitment towards the kiss. 

Whether it is your boyfriend, or husband, or even a date, everyone feels secured when you put your hands around their neck.

If we speak on an anatomical level, then you will find that the neck of your partner is filled with nerve endings, making it one of the most pivotal erogenous zones. So, be sure to stimulate this area to bring him closer. 

Even though men like to be touched on their sensitive areas. However, don’t be too aggressive at the start. You don’t want to choke your man to death. Just build the sexual tension steadily. 

Put your hands round his neck gently and use it to bring him closer to you. Feel free to land a kiss or two on his neck too and if he prefers, you can gently nibble him as well.

The neck is always a safe bet to start and you can then work your way to move your hands on other sensitive areas of his body.

Guys Love When You Run Your Fingers through Their Hair While Kissing.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just women who love having fingers run through their hair.

Men like it too, especially during moments of intimacy. So, no matter what length of hair your boyfriend or husband has, let your fingers do their magic on his hair with gentle strokes.

If your man has long hair, then wrap your fingers around his hair. Else if he has short hair, then you can rub your fingertips on his scalp gently.

This subtle massage will arouse him further, causing him to crave for you more. If your man is one of those who rocks a bald look, which is extremely sexy by the way, then you can do the same rubdown on his scalp. 

Running fingers through hair has a soothing effect and can help you in drawing your man’s attention to you.

At the same time, if you gently pull his hair, it will make him shiver a little and will make his blood flow by adding a layer of kink to your kissing routine.

Pamper His Ears That Are Full of Nerves And Highly Sensitive.

Earlobes are extremely sensitive and are arousal points in many men. Touching the ears correctly can turn a simple kiss into a full-blown hot lovemaking session. 

So, if you want to be a better kisser, next time when you lock your lips with your man, please make sure to pay attention to his ears. Gently rub them with your thumb before subtly pulling them. 

Another sensuous layer that you can add to your kissing routine is by mastering the art of whispering. Don’t be shy to whisper in his ears something sweet and naughty that will elevate his sexual energy to the zenith. 

Relay your fantasies to him through whispering. Tell him what you want him to do with you. Tell him what you want to do to him.

Let the flavor of your sexuality appear strongly through the words that you choose.  You have no idea what a big turn on this is for any man. It will instantly give a wood in his pants. 

While kissing him, simply pull yourself away for a moment, tease him a bit by playing mischief and then proceed to his ears.

Remember, when you are saying sweet nothings in one of his ears, your hands should gently massage his other ear. This will stimulate him from multiple angles and you will be able to drive him crazy

Play with His Face While Kissing Him.

While most of the other areas that we have put on this list will help in bringing out the sexual energy in your man, this point specifically focuses on the romantic element. 

There are many areas men like to be touched on his face which crave your attention. Therefore, don’t limit to his lips only when it comes to his face.

Men love to be touched on their face by their ladylove. So, make full use of it and make sure your hands are busy while you kiss him.

Play with cheeks, bring him closer, gently touch his face, rub your nose against his nose, and nibble on his chin gently, among others.

There are two other areas on his face where you should land a peck on too – his forehead and closed eyes.

These actions imply more than just a sexual craving. They signify the trust and reliability that you share with him.

A sense of trust is generated when you kiss on his forehead and eyes. It’s a bond, a special emotional bond, which you share with your man only. 

Of course, the intensity of your relationship with your man will determine this specific point.

This means that you should do these if only you are in a steady relationship with your partner. These are not recommended on first or initial dates since the guy might freak out.


Get to Grips With Your Man's Sexy Erogenous Zone - The Chest (Part 2)

Exploring your man's body and touching on unexpected erogenous zones can bring a lot of playfulness into your sex life, says Kate McCombs, M.P.H., a NYC-based sex educator and founder of Sex Geekdom.

And one of those erogenous zones in your man is HIS chest. Ladies, let’s be real! Touching a well-chiselled chest can not only turn him on, but it can turn you on as well. So, bring this on.

Rub your hands all around his chest while kissing him, even if he is wearing a shirt. 

Trust me, this will make sure that the shirt comes out even quicker than you expect. Men love their chest, especially those who have a toned body. 

They love if you feel them up through their pecks and abs. They would notice if you appreciate the hard work they have put in their bodies. So, stroke their egos just a bit more, especially during physical intimacies. 

Start at the top of his chest and slowly move down under. Gently, run your fingernails and apply light pressure on them so that he feels the scratch from your nails.

Get his blood flowing. Again, don’t be too aggressive and turn it into a bloodbath. Subtlety is key here girls! Remember, less is more.

If you think that the kiss will lead to sex and you are well-prepared, then add in some naughty flavors by teasing his nipples.

The human areola is highly sensitive and a strong erogenous zone. Run your fingers in a circular fashion around his nipples while kissing and follow this up by pinching them. 

Next, slide your hands down to tease his naval region which is full of nerves. This will have tingling effects on your man and will generate a laugh or two from him during the heightened sexual energy.

But hey, don’t think it is for comic relief only. When you play with his belly-button, he will feel a boost to his testosterone too. So, it is multi-functional!

And speaking of multi-functionality, why make your fingers do all the work?

Let the scent of erotica run him wild by the touch of your lips on his chest.

Kiss on his pecks and abs and gently stroke/bite and lick his nipples. If he enjoys it, then keep on doing it by making it part of the foreplay

Join Your Hands with His Hands While Kissing Him.

Now, I understand that this sounds more like a prayer and Yoga position, but hear us out. You may think that how can his hands bring sexual energy. 

When you are visiting online dating resources about tips on kissing your man, you probably don’t expect being told to touch his hands. However, it works every single time. Here’s how. 

This is important to strengthen the connection that you too have, especially if your guy is a bit nervous.

When you touch his hands and interlock your fingers with his, he’ll feel that you trust him and it will boost his confidence. 

Besides, you can also guide him by holding his hands and putting it anywhere on your body.

Guys sometimes feel shy or scared as to how you would react if he touches you somewhere inappropriately.

But when you are literally putting his hands on your body, you are, in a way, giving him the permit that it is okay for him to touch you.

In other words, it helps in breaking the ice in many situations. 

Let your man feel your curves, your waist, and your back; and let him appreciate you the way he wants to. Let the blood flow beneath his pants.

Use his fingertips to raise the sexual beast in him. Kiss his fingertips and put them in your mouth and sensuously suck them.

It will bring up the temperature. At the same time, withdraw your lips from his lips and put your fingers in his mouth and let him suck you. This will allow in his imaginations running wild.

Tease His Thighs Don't Just Focus On Kissing.

Similar to hair, the thighs of a man are generally ignored in sexual activities because many think that they don’t like to be touched there. 

Well, ladies if you think that, then you are having a missed opportunity. When you are kissing your man, his attention is anyways filled with romance and sex.

So, use this moment to step it up. Touch his inner thighs and gently run down your fingernails across them. 

Keep on locking your lips with his lips and play with his thighs. You want him to feel hot and heavy. You want him to crave and beg for it. Teasing his thighs is more exciting than grabbing his penis all of a sudden. 

Since the thighs are so close to his penis, a lot of common nerve endings exist between the two. This is what you need to keep in mind. Make him work for it!

Grab his Butt

Throw away all those taboos and aim for his butt. Yes, ladies, you heard it right! When you are done with his chest and thighs, move your hands to his posterior area to grab his butt. 

Make your kiss as passionate as possible and turn it into a French kiss before grabbing his butt. See how he responds to it. If he likes it, then keep on doing it and slowly move towards squeezing his butt cheeks. 

There should be no inhibitions about butt since pleasure is pleasure. At the same time, put his hands on your butt as well so that he can squeeze them too.

Final Conclusion On Kissing Your Man And Driving Him Crazy.

As you have seen, kissing can bring out multiple layers to the entire sexual routine.

So, play around and figure out what your man likes, what turns him on, what drives him crazy; and then let your hands dictate the course of the intimacy that you two share. 

Not all men would love to get touched in all the aforementioned areas. It’s a test and run and you have to learn on the go.

But wherever you touch, don’t forget the primary activity of kissing. So, test your luck and may the prince charming knock on your door soon.

Frequently Asked Questions On Kissing a Man

#1. Do men like to be touched in their head while getting kissed?

Most men are quite comfortable being touched in their head by their ladylove while getting kissed, especially if fingers are run through their hair or their scalp is gently rubbed.

Which part of the face of a man should I touch while kissing him?

Men get turned on if you play with their ears when you kiss them. Besides, you can also stroke your fingers round their cheeks and nose.

Is it okay to touch a man in the pelvic area while kissing him?

Yes, it is. However, you should only do it when you are sure that the kiss would lead to sex.

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