May 3, 2022

Sex Toys And It’s Powerful Uses (Must Read Tips For Men)

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Do you know sex toys are great things to incorporate into the bedroom to spice things up?

And vibrators, specifically, are super fun and powerful tools to include during vaginal and/or anal sex.

But I'll get to that in a moment. Let's start with the basics:

Cock Rings

Cock rings have been used for thousands of years.

There are two kinds of cock rings – those that are inflexible and made of metal, plastic, etc., and those that are flexible and made of leather, rubber, or some other elastic material.

Some guys buy cock rings expecting it to change their penis size. They don't do that exactly.

It's more like cock rings allow you to maintain your maximum erection for longer.

Larger guys may have a use for this since the larger the erection the more difficult it can be to maintain.

Cock rings do work. And the rings can give you some added sensation (that some people love and that others don't like).

Rings can be worn at the base of the penis alone, or at the base of the penis and wrapped around the balls. This is another option and both ways work.

You can also mix and match if you want to try two rings.

I like cock rings, but it's purely a matter of personal taste. They basically expand the surface area of your erection, making the nerve sensation more intense and also keep blood from flowing back out of your cock.

A variation on the theme is a vibrating cock ring! This is a ring that can go on your cock and/or balls and has a vibrator that will hit her clitoris when you're fucking her.

A lot of women can’t have an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, so this definitely increases the odds of her having multiple orgasms – and you can take all the credit!!!! Well, you and your little friend the vibrating cock ring.

Butt Plugs and anal preparation.

Butt plugs are a nice place to start if you want to work up to anal sex with your partner. They can be bought in all shapes and sizes, so you can start small and gradually work your way up.

The key with anal is . . . LUBE. And massage. If I'm going to do any kind of anal play with my partner, I want to go slowly and use lots of massage to help prepare the tissue.

The anal sphincter is basically an infinitely expandable muscle. But, as with any kind of physical activity, warming up is essential.

It's like yoga class. You don't just fold yourself in half in a forward bend - and just use MORE pressure to bend you over.

It hurts, it sucks, and you can get injured. Anal is the same.

Better to have a great experience with a small object, then a terrible experience with a big object.

Because the asshole has two sphincters, one under conscious control and the other run by the autonomic nervous system, pain often occurs because the inner, unconscious sphincter isn't yet relaxed.

That's where she (or you) will experience the most potential pain.

Relaxed breathing, soothing sounds, rhythmic movement, gentle touch, and a sense of security allow the unconscious inner ring to relax. And massage.

And going slowly. And cutting your fingernails!!!!!

A Moment of Sexual Zen: If you're going to play with an asshole, make sure you get a manicure. And never play with an asshole's asshole.

Also, because most folks have some kind of poop phobia, making sure the butthole is clean is very important in allowing the unconscious mind to relax.

I also use towels on the surface we are playing on and I keep a warm towel nearby for aftercare, since a warm towel on the butthole feels amazing after sex.


There are so many types of vibes. There is a vibrator that inserts inside her vagina to stimulate her G-spot and curves around to also stimulate her clitoris simultaneously and still leaves room to comfortably fit your dick inside of her.

It guarantees a plethora of pleasure!

There are eggs that sit inside her and are remote controlled. Perfect for people who like to go out and play in public, (See Just Coffee Mind Fuck) and get turned on without anyone noticing.

This could definitely increase your odds at having sex in public places, if that’s the sort of thing you are into trying. I would suggest you shop for this toy together.

It will be a sexy, fun experience and you will get to explore all the many and magical variety of vibrators that you can have at your disposal.

Also, just FYI – the lesbian vibrator of choice is the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Wrapped in a towel and placed on the pubic bone, this magic mother will vibrate her entire pelvic floor – and it is amazing to include in vaginal or anal intercourse.

Here you can find some best male masturbation toys


If experimenting with some submission and domination dynamics is exciting, try buying a blindfold and a pair of furry handcuffs to start out.

As a beginner, avoid real metal handcuffs. I know they look hot, but the metal is actually not safe and I’ve talked to lots of couples who have gotten nerve damage from using them (same goes for rope tied improperly).

So please – be safe – and get some that have a little cushion to protect those delicate wrists. And if it’s rope that you like, please take a class or buy a book that will teach you how to tie someone up properly!

Bondage is a thousand-year-old art, so treat it like the art form it is and get some training if you want to really get good.

I personally love rope and restraints, but when I'm with a new lover, I go for the mind fuck part of it more than the actual technical rope-bondage part.

That being said, I have known some rope masters over the years and I have to say, a beautiful rope job is a true work of art.

You can also splurge and buy some under-the-bed-restraints that allow you to strap someone’s arms and legs down easily and relatively safely.

I also really like the brand Sports sheets for bondage implements – since they use Velcro and in an emergency would be super easy to remove.

And my final note, if I'm playing with any kind of rope at all, I ALWAYS keep a pair of safety scissors within arms’ length – just in case I have to cut the ropes off super-fast.

If you are long-distance relationship the web cam sex play can be amazing.

During sex you can always add elements of web cam sex play. Web cam play is basically anything that intensifies the experience of pleasure through stimulating each other through visuals.

Here’s where you can be super creative! You can take someone on a sensation extravaganza by:

 Rubbing ice cubes down your body seduce your partner.

 Ask her to massage her nipples to enhance the sexual act.

 Arousing sensations on the skin. Feathers, paint brushes, fur . . . Anything that you think of that would potentially feel pleasurable against the skin is fair game to use.

And don’t be afraid to contrast hard with soft, cold with hot etc and do it all on the cam and feel as if it is occurring to both of you in real.

To be honest there are various ways by which you can spice things up and make sex feel wonderful. It all boils down to your level of creativity.

I will stop here. I hope you loved reading this article on sex toys uses for men, keep coming back for more.

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