July 27, 2023

What to Text a Girl To Make Her Wet [180 Text Ideas For Turn Her On]

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Texts and messages to make her wet, horny and turn her on - What to Text a Girl You Like

Many of my male subscribers have been asking me this one burning question all the time: 

What to text a girl to turn her on? Or what to say when texting a girl? What sexting conversations will get her wild and make her wet?

What text messages will make her horny, wet and even cum?

So guys, this one is for you some simple, sexy, hot, naughty and witty texts messages and sexting conversations for you to use.

They range from simple to naughty texts. You can use them exactly as they appear here, or you can alter them to suit your style or particular mood.

Some of these work great as quick simple text messages to break up the monotony of a normal day.

It's fun to use texting to build the sexual tone and sexual intimacy. Start out slowly and get hotter and hotter.

But it's perfectly acceptable to fire off a sexual text that is dirty right from the start.

So, if you are still wondering what to text a girl you like to turn her on and make her wet this guide is for you.

The power of lust inducing dirty words.

Texts and Words To Make Her Wet.

Mmmm . . .

I want you here right now!

you are going to be in so much trouble!

your body is so beautiful.

dirty thoughts running through my mind.

you feel amazing, you know that?

I can't wait to . . . 

be deep inside you

have you

fuck you

have your sweet pussy in my mouth

feel your lips on my cock

All I can think about . . .

is how good you fuck me

is how bad I want to be inside you right now

is the way you make me lose my mind

are the noises you make when you cum

is how I want to be sweaty and naked with you

Know what?

I want to get so dirty with you

I want to feel you so bad right now

I am your sex slave

I miss your smell

you leave me in a state of pure bliss
you can have me any way you want
I am dripping wet, ready for you
I want to be inside all your holes
You have me so . . .wet and horny

I get so turned on just thinking about you

horny. Damn babe.

Hard right now thinking about last night

distracted, thinking naughty thoughts

crazy in lust. What are you doing to me?

I can't stop thinking about . . .

how good you feel

how soft your skin feels

how delicious you taste

the way you make me cum so hard

how fucking bad I want you

your sexy ass

I miss your . . .

soft lips and the way you kiss me

tight pussy right now. Come over here please!

sexy bedroom eyes. You make me melt and I am putty in your hands!

touch. I want you so bad right now!

body and the way your skin feels against mine

You looked so . . .

sexy in bed this morning

incredibly gorgeous riding my cock last night.

hot when you got out of the shower. I wanted you so bad!

delicious in your short skirt/skinny jeans/tight dress. I wanted to tear it/them right off.

horny when I got out of the shower. You wanted me, I know it.

Damn . . .

you are so fucking sexy

I love fucking you

I can't get enough of you

I am addicted to you

I can't stop thinking of you and your sexy brains and body

you leave me so satisfied

I am one lucky man

Psst . . .

I am thinking about licking you right now

you make me so happy and satisfied

I want you right this second

imagine my mouth on you right now. Wet yet?

I have the naughtiest things on my mind

You are so . . .

incredible. You leave me breathless.

talented. My body aches just imagining your touch.

sexy. You turn me on like no other woman.

delicious. I need to taste you so bad.

amazing. You know exactly what turns me on.

naughty. You make me want to do dirty things to you!

Want to know something?

you know exactly how to satisfy me

you have me so completely turned on

I am so hard for you

no woman has ever controlled my mind with sexy daydreams like you did

you are ridiculously sexy

I love how much pleasure you give me

I get so turned on thinking about . . .

your beautiful shoulders and perky tits

your soft bare little pussy

the way you look naked and panting with desire

how much I love the way we fuck

the passionate way you make love to me

your sweet-smelling, wet pussy

the way it feels when I first enter you

how amazing your pussy feels

the way you lick and deep throat my cock and make me cum
I really love your . . .

smile and the devilish look you get in your eyes when you want me

mouth and how hot and soft it feels on my cock

tight pussy and fucking you deeply

insatiable appetite and giving you multiple orgasms

sexy imagination and how you surprise me

I love the way you . . .

ride my cock like a dirty little slut

make me so damn horny all the time

look right after you climax, like you are in pure orgasmic bliss

give head and make me cum so hard

tease my body until I can hardly stand it

make me feel so sexy

I am craving . . .

your touch

your body

your pussy

your ass

your lips and tongue exploring my body

the way you give head

being skin-to-skin with you

cumming in your pussy/mouth/ass

being between your legs

Guess what I'm thinking?

what a sexy woman I have

I can't wait to be pounding you deeply

dirty, naughty, sexual things about you

about the other night and how connected I felt to you

how amazing in every way you are

what an incredible, intelligent and sexy woman you are

all of the ways I could make you cum

all of the places on my body I want your mouth

all of the places on your body I want to kiss and lick.

How was it nice, sexy, mind-blowing? Or you’re still wondering how to talk dirty over text to turn her on?

Here are some witty text messages to get her wet and horny.

While Quickies can lead to lengthier conversations, the following sexy texts are set up the sexual tone and get a response and create a dialogue, even if the dialogue involves you doing most of the dirty talking.

These work best when you know you have her attention and she can reply back.

If you send one and she doesn't reply back immediately, you can leave it as a standalone thought or add an ending like "I can't wait" or "See you tonight."

The Sensual Texting Journey using provocative sentences.

If you're still wondering what to say when texting a girl to turn her on. Then, think about the word "imagine" it is so powerful.

You are commanding her senses and taking her on a secret journey with these dirty conversations.

First, I am going to give you a bunch of lust triggering dirty talk words and phrases, then I will show you how to put it together.

Read through them and know they are just in a general order right now.

 what to text a girl to make her want you.

The following sexual texts “locate” your collective imagination:

Pretend for a moment . . .

we are alone in bed . . .

it's Saturday night . . .

we are on a romantic vacation . . .

you are here with me now . . .

Imagine me/my . . .

Imagine you/your . . .

This witty text messages below describe a sensuous act:

fingers massaging your shoulders/neck/back/scalp

lips kissing your chest

my cock and how it reacts to your expert touch

my hands traveling over your soft skin

pull you toward me, I want you on top of me

slide my hands across your stomach

then down in between your thighs, so wet

move my face between your legs

I take you in my mouth, stroking your clit with my tongue

body arching in pleasure as you make me climax

The words you want to pepper in these naughty texts include:

Hug, Embrace, Slide, Glide, Caress, Massage, Touch, Wrap, Envelop, Between, Brush, Graze, Tease, Stroke, Rub, Scratch, Fondle, Cuddle, Feel, Pet, Grope, Grab, Taste, Blow, Lick, Kiss, Nibble, Bite, Grind, Push, Pull, Squeeze, Anticipate, Tickle, Shiver, Spark, Crave, Desire, Heat, Hot, Sweaty, Glisten, Fire, Sizzle,  Savor, Explode, Climax, Satisfy , Bliss

Combination of simple naughty text messages where you can put this all together . . .

You: Hey honey, let's pretend for a moment . . . 

Her: Hi! Pretend?

You: Yes, pretend that we are alone together on an overnight escape. 

Her: Mmm, that sounds nice

You: We arrive in our room and I gently pull you to me, unbuttoning your shirt. You wrap your arms around me and we pull close for a kiss . . . 

You: I know how stressed you've been at work. Lie down on the bed and I’ll grab some massage oil from my bag. I work my fingers over your back lulling you into a state of relaxation . . .

Her: Oh wow, I would love that

You: I glide my hands over your skin as you roll to your back. I stroke your breasts, kiss and tease your nipples, then slowly work my way down your stomach, kissing and licking as I go. I can feel how turned on you are getting . . .

Her: Mmmm . . .

You: I am aching to feel you., You read my mind and press against me, and I slide my very hard cock inside you. We move together, faster and faster, our bodies on fire with passion . . .

You: I want to savor this moment, the look on your face as you climax. You are so amazing

As you can see from the dirty conversation, you can create a sensual journey without using explicit language if that feels more comfortable to you.

20 Sexy texts to turn her on, make her wet and please her sexually.

Different than the traditional game of 20 Questions where she needs to guess what you are thinking (although that is another fun texting game to play), here you are just going to ask her a series of yes/no questions.

Do you like it when . . .

I lose control and fuck you hard?

I lick your pussy?

I cum for you?

I tell you how horny you make me?

I beg to fuck you?

you know I'm here, crazy with desire for you?

when I fulfill your fantasies?

I ask you how I can please you?

I make you beg for my cock?

Are you ready . . .

to get fucked long and hard?

to stay up late and go several rounds?

to have every wish be my command?

to have me tire you out and leave you happily spent?

to watch me lick your pussy until you cum?

Just how badly . . .

do you want me?

do you think I want you right now?

do you want me right now?

do you want to see me fully erect?

do you want me to lick your pussy?

Tell me . . .

just how dirty do you want me to be for you?

how badly do you want to fuck me?

how much are you missing my cock?

are you as horny as I am?

exactly what do you want me to do to you?

exactly how you are going to please me?

what fantasy do you want me to fulfill?

are you wet thinking of me wanting you so bad?


Sexy Memories to Turn Her On And Make Her Horny.

These sexual texts I can't write for you, so grab your journal and look through the memories that you wrote down. You are going to use the power of memory to take her mind right back to a sexy moment from your past.

Lead into your memory with these helpful starters:

Remember when . . .

Remember that time . . .

Topics could include:

your first kiss

the first time you made love

a time you were really turned on by her

a funny time you had sex

a particularly passionate time

a particularly romantic time

an adventurous sex capade

the most mind-blowing orgasm she gave you

the most mind-blowing orgasm you gave her

the most recent time you had sex

how she made you feel like a sex god

sex while on vacation

sex in unusual places

First This . . .Then That

The “First This . . .Then That” method is a way to quickly get right into the action of a sexy story. Start with the "first this" and leave an ellipsis on the end. Then send the "then that" section.

If we were alone right now . . .

first I would undress you . . . then we would lie down on our bed

first I would pull off your shirt . . . then I would pull your skirt up

first you would kiss me . . . then I would spread your legs wide

first I would greet you at the door . . . then I would pull you in for a passionate kiss

first I would lay you naked on the bed . . . then I would begin to rub and caress your body

first you'd come up behind me sitting in my office . . . then you'd grab my chest and lean down to kiss my neck

You keep adding to the story by telling her what you'd do next "Next I would...". She might jump in and start narrating what she would do, too.

Also, you can vary the story making her the aggressor "Next you would...Then you would..."

Next I would run my hands over your body...caressing you, teasing you, feeling every inch of your skin

Then I would slide my fingers up your inner thigh, pausing for a moment, knowing how badly you want me to slide my finger in your wet pussy...

Then you would grab my arms and flip me on to my back, pinning me by straddling my torso

Next you would trail kisses from my shoulders to my chest

Then you would slide your fingers up my inner thighs, feeling my muscles twinge in anticipation

Next you would lick your way down my body. You know this moment before your tongue meets my skin is the most delicious bit of torture.

Then you begin to lick, suck, and swirl until my entire body is quivering and quaking. I feel the most incredible spasms of sheer pleasure as I climax against you.

The beauty of these types of sexy texts is that you can control the pace of the action. It's like a more simple and improvised form of the Erotic Action Movie.

You can narrate the story to include your favorite bits of foreplay, oral, and intercourse as you want.

Would You Rather.

Remember this fun game you used to play as a kid? This time it's a much sexier version.

You can use these questions to not only turn your partner on but find out things she may not have shared with you before.

Would you rather...

wear a shirt or go shirtless?

have me wear underwear or boxers?

see me in skinny or loose fitting jeans?

kiss me or nibble my neck?

pinch my nipples or suck them gently?

give me a massage or receive one?

make love by candlelight or with the lights on?

have sex in the shower or in the bathtub?

be on top or have me take you from behind?

aggressively take you or have me beg for you?

be tied up or blindfolded?

have me tied up or blindfolded?

I ejaculate in your mouth or on your body?

be my sex slave or have me be yours?

slow and romantic sex or hard and fast?

watch porn with me or have me be your personal phone sex operator?

The sky is the limit here when it comes to thinking what to text a girl you like to turn her on!

Add in anything you can think of! You can also add in playful and seemingly random questions in there, too, to mix it up.

Would you rather . . .

be tickled for 15 minutes or get the mail wearing a towel?

have a car but no shoes or shoes but no car?

see a drive-in movie or outdoor concert?

go to a football or baseball game?

enjoy picnic on the beach or at the park?

take a trip to Vegas or San Diego?

eat in a 4-star restaurant or order room service (naked)?

fly first class to a vacation or take a helicopter tour once there?

plan a surprise or be surprised?

You get the picture. I've used Would You Rather as a sneaky way to get info on gift giving and vacation plans.

Once you are in the groove of asking questions you can throw in all sorts of "would you rathers" without raising suspicions.

Conclusion - What To Text a Girl To Get Het Wet And Horny.

Have fun using your smart phones to spice up your love life. All of these sexting conversations were created with texting in mind, however, you can use these for phone conversations and face to face moments, too to create your own sexual tone.

I hope that your imagination is overflowing with sexy ideas and that you are excited about trying them out to boost your sexual intimacy and dirty talking skills.

Remember, you might send an amazing naught text and not receive a reply back right away.

Keep in mind that when you aren't right there you don't know what is happening on her end.

So don't take it personally! I've found there have been several times where my wife had her phone turned off because she was busy, or she saw the text and loved what I sent but didn't have a moment to reply back.

If you send a text and don't get a response, the most important thing is to not freak out. Just give it some time.

Casually ask if she received it and let her know that there will be more sexy surprises in store for her.

FAQ's on What To Text a Girl To Get Her Wet.

#1. What to text a girl to start a conversation?

“What’s your name?”
“Can I buy a drink?”
“So what do you do for work?”
“Are you from around here?” 

#2. What to text a girl to make her smile?

“I really liked that color/dress/necklace on you. (Depending on the situation you could choose dress or necklace or whatever)

“You have a cool sense of style—I have to tell you, you looked amazing tonight.”

“I can’t think of a good pickup line right now, but if I could, I’d use it on you. You were look incredible in that dress.

#3. What to text a girl for the first time?

“You look like you’d be really fun to talk to. I had to come over and say hello.

“What do you like to do for fun?”
“What kind of music do you like?”

#4. What to text a girl that is ignoring you?

"Are you alright?"

"What are you doing this weekend?" or "How's every things at work?"

“I’m Sad that we are not together now"?

“Do you wish to share what you’re thinking?”

“I totally respect your space”.

I will stop here. If you enjoyed reading this powerful article on what to text a girl you like to turn her on than you’ll definitely love my recommendation below.

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