May 6, 2022

10 Magical Ways To Spice Up Long Relationships And Marriages

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Before we jump on today's topic "ways to spice up long-term relationships and marriage. I want you to recall your old memories.

Do you remember when you first met, you guys gave each other astonishing goose bumps, your naughty mind was packed with sexual fantasies, you vowed that you would capture and conquer! And you did.

You were certain to live together for life time and with each passing day your brand new love life headed toward the world of fabulous long-term relationship...Right?

If you have been in long-term relationships as a couple or married couple by now you realize that its not easy but certainly something to be proud of.

You’ve overcome bad habits, arguments, little quarrel and even sacrificed all for the  betterment of your relationship.

But one thing that you guys forgot was "how to spice up your long-term relationship with amazing sex life.

Somewhere in your mind you too believe that the passion for sex has decreased, the thrilled you experienced at the start of your relationship has faded away?

But do not worry guys this is absolutely normal in long-term relationships. In fact, we’re human and it’s only a matter of time before the monotony bores us or drives us wild.

But the question is how do you fill those loop holes and spice up your long-term relationship again? Confused!

Don't worry you're at the right page at the right time because today I'm going to show you 10 powerful secrets to reawaken the spice in your marriage or long-term relationship again.

#1. Go Out On a Date Every Fortnight

Living together as a couple is amazing, but there's a drawback to it. Seeing the same person each day often causes you to miss out on the thrill experienced of new relationships.

Say for instance: If you remember your first candle light date? You took hours just to dress good, smell good and look stunning just to please one another.

But all that thrill disappeared when you started living 24/7 together and eventually there is element of surprise. 

Trust me, it was something you enjoyed then, and something you still prefer to do now. Come on rekindle again and fix things up in your relationship and add that element of surprise by planning a date. 

I'll show how to do it:

Choose a beautiful location - Its important to choose a beautiful location so that both of you are thrilled and excited. Both of you ensure to look good and feel sexy, buy new clothes just for your date.

What I want to tell is create an environment build up the intensity for a hot date and night full of kinky sex.

Believe me even enough your sex life has turned boring over the past few months or years it will catch up the fire and intensity on the date again.

#2. Wear Sexy Clothes (Pajamas, Boxers, Red Hot Lingerie)

Whether you're a man or woman but there's certainly something special and warm when you sleep next to your lover every night.

However, this can turn sexless if you don’t add the spice and tinge for long when you sleep together.

say or instance: If you aren’t excited about what he or she’s going to wear tonight, it shows that the spice is missing in your sex life.

Likewise, when you repeat the same set of night dress each day it’s a clear indication that you aren’t trying to tantalize each other.

If you've ever studied about sexual seduction than you probably know that visual stimulation is something that activates your body, mind and sex organs.

Visualizing your girlfriend or boyfriend in a sexy lingerie or pajama can heat up the atmosphere in the bedroom. This is the reason why every couple should put effort to look sexy in seducing clothes at bed time.

It helps to spice up a relationship. Some hot moves that you try are: sleeping topless because it feels sexy or wearing red hot lingerie or boxers while going to bed.

#3. Get a Exciting New Look

It's important experiment with your look. There is a saying ,”This is the way you met me; this is the way I’m staying.”

The point is it feels lifeless to look at each other in the same fashion for years. You’ll be astonished what a difference a surprising new look can have on your relationship.

This statement is true for both the genders. Both men and women should experiment with their looks to spice things up in their relationships or married life.

I'm not asking you to alter your look entirely but look little different so that you both can get a chance to fantasize about one another sexually.

Guys just give it a try, break the shackles and feel the difference for yourself how your sexual fantasies will start turning into reality with this little change.

#4. Foreplay Twist

Do you keep repeating the same foreplay techniques in your long-term relationship? Do you kiss the same parts of your partner's body over and over again.

If you're doing this just stop it from today this is also one of the main reasons why there's lack of spice in your long-term relationship.

The problem is especially with men in committed relationships they tend to take sex for granted and assume their women is enjoying every thing they do in sex which is absolutely wrong.

Whether its men or women both need to deliver a killer performance. If you already know your partner enjoys oral sex, don’t give it to him or her right away.

Kiss him or her on sensitive parts of the body first; tease, flirt, add little kink by inventing new and unique ways to please one another sexually before going straight to oral sex or blow job.

Use some sexual enhancers like sex toys or sensitizing lotions. Believe me it can help you to feel the best possible orgasm of your life.

Remember, the key is altering, twisting and adding new techniques to your routine foreplay to spice up your long-term relationship.


#5. Start Every Morning With Sweetness

Starting your morning in the right manner enhances the probability of your partner coming home ready for action.

With all the hustle and bustle of the morning, getting the kids ready for school, getting to work on time and many other miscellaneous activities couples hardly get time to focus on one another.

The best way to spice up a relationship is: Wake your partner up with a gentle but warm kiss.

Instead of that irritating alarm wake your partner up. Then make a cup of coffee and bring it to them.

By doing this little exercise you'll set the tone for a beautiful and sensual day. Not only that it will also push your partner to think about you all day long and make them truly eager to get back home quickly.

PRO TIP - You can also spice things up and lift your partners mood from office by sending some seducing text messages.

Guys these are little things but if done correctly they truly have the potential to spice up long-term relationships and marriages.

#6. Maintain a Romantic Environment In Your Routine Busy Life

To keep the intensity and spark alive in long-term relationships and marriages its important to stay romantic and make love as often as possible in your busy routine life.

It not only makes your day easier, but also reduces the stress level in your bodies, you might have heard that romance is the biggest stress buster.

A great way to get your partner in a loving mood is by taking care of one of their chores. If he or she has to do the laundry or wash dishes during a particularly stressful time; jump in and do it for them.

Believe me – Your partner will be truly grateful, especially if the burden of chores was adding to an already hectic and stressful day. Call it a labor of love!

#7 Sensual Foot Massage

Massage WOW it feels so awesome the moment you think about it.

Even if giving a foot massage is not your forte, it should be a habit that you must develop for the good of your relationship.

Every couple should develop the skill to reduce each other's stress by giving a incredibly sensational foot massage.

Because the pressure points in the foot are connected to different parts of the body, and a good foot massage can really help to relieve some tension of the hectic day and at the same spice up your relationship too.

Here are some points for a good foot massage:

1. Put a damp washcloth in microwave for around 40 seconds.

2. Ask you partner to lay down comfortably with their feet in your lap.

3. Now gently rub your partner's feet with the washcloth. This will soothe the tension a bit and also increase the flow of blood throughout the feet.

4.Take some lavender oil and rub it gently on the arch of your partner's foot. Remember lavender oil is known for its soothing and calming effect.

5. While rubbing rotate the foot clockwise and anticlockwise right, left, up and down, which will help to relax the muscles and the joints.

6. Take both thumbs and move them up starting from the bottom of the foot. Start from the arches to the toe pads, and outward. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times.

7. After 10 to 15 minutes of the whole process gently pull the toe to release tension out of the foot. By pulling the toe at the end of the massage relieves all the stress and tension in the foot and the overall body.

8. Repeat the same process on the other foot.

Remember the ideal foot massage lasts 20-30 minutes. So take your time to do it perfect.

And see how this little trick will increase the love and affection in your partner's eye for you and also help to spice up your long-term relationship.

#8 Have Sex In The Shower

With kids jumping around, it is really difficult to enjoy bath together in the shower but that doesn't mean it should stop you guys from having romantic sex in the shower.

Believe me this is something that you must plan once every week it will keep the spice alive in your personal relationship.

Note that running water itself possess relaxing properties and a nice warm shower immediately releases the tension in muscles and joints.

The good part is you can turn this time into a sensual and romantic experience by playing with each other's body, caressing gently, kissing and touching sensually.

Remember not to miss a single part of the body while performing this sensual act of kindness. In other words use your hands with creativity.

PRO TIP- Touch the most intimate parts at the end.

Try this and see for yourself how arousing and tempting this experience will turn out and the best thing is it will keep alive the spice in your long-term relationship.

#9 Small Gifts Go a Long Way

When your love life was brand new I'm sure you guys must have exchanged lots of gifts.

But tell me what is the frequency now?

How many gifts or surprises you plan for each other.

Remember giving small gifts show that you’re still romantic and you haven't changed.

In other words the relationship is still significant than anything else.

Both men and women needs to reawaken the romance in your relationship by giving your partner small gifts of affection.

It can be as classic as bringing home fresh flowers for the dinning room table or buying your man his favorite perfume.

You can surprise your wife with that red hot sexy lingerie or a sexy bra and thong set.

An inexpensive gift which women secretly love probably more than most expensive gifts.

Or you can also give a two dollar card which will reignite the lost passion again in your partner's heart.

Guys these are small things but they mean a lot when it comes to spicing up long-term relationships 

#10. Buy Self-Help Programs On Relationships

As your relationship ages so do you. A common effect of aging is a lost or low libido  and also the spice seems to reduce and its natural.

But I suggest don't allow aging and boring routines wear your relationship and sex life down. Be open to buy self-help programs they can jump start the desire you lost.

In the end remember that reawakening sexual desire and intimacy is extremely significant to spice up long-term relationships and should be a natural phase in the relationship as well.

Just as things started off hot then sizzled down, the time has come to start the fire once again. Remember not every trick to spice up your relationship is going to be erotic.

That's the reason why I'm asking you to join good self-help programs that will help you to spice things up in your relationship.

Remember New sex stories are waiting to be made!

I will stop here, I hope you guys loved reading this article on how to spice up long-term relationships. If you truly did please do not forget to share it on your favorite social media with other stressful couples.

BYE for now have a great day and keep coming back I love your presence and  don't forget to watch the video above it's incredibly powerful and has the power to transform your sex life and also your overall personality as a human.

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