September 21, 2022

17 Secret Sex Moves to Surprise Your Woman in Bed Like Never Before

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If you want your relationship to progress from sex to making love, try this 17 sex moves to surprise your woman in bed.

Trust me once you start using these secret sex moves to please her - She’ll be able to mirror your actions and really enjoy a fully climactic sexual experience and return the favor to you.

The five most underrated sex moves Newsflash:

you don’t have to be a gymnast to be great in the bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief, the sex moves that will rock her world don’t always require you to be able to contort yourself into ridiculous porn-star-like sex positions. 

There are some instances when simplicity works.

And, trust me, with these sex moves, you’re guaranteed to win bedroom brownie points. Every. Single. Time you sleep with her.

So read these simple and easy guide on 17 sex moves to surprise your woman in bed until the end and see how it will transform your sex life.

Underrated sex moves #1: the words

There are few things more erotically charged than anticipation- the longer this lasts, the better the sex- and nothing builds it like a bit of erotic vocalization.

As much as it’s hyped in the media, talking dirty can be a little uncomfortable and weird, so forget about asking her to “do” you like you were homework.

Instead, all you need to do is lean over mid-movie or dinner party and softly say,

“I’m so horny.

I can’t wait till we get home.”

Bingo, instant wetter panties for her.

If you’re feeling a little more antsy and are seated beside her, place your hand on her thigh and keep moving north until you come to the land of the incidental panty graze (this secret sex move will certainly blow her mind trust me)

This is best done in company with no evident pause in your conversation or interaction with others.

Add some quick meaningful eye contact and the naughtiness of this pseudo-public exchange will have her struggling to focus on what anyone else is saying.

Underrated sex move #2: the hand hold

You know that tingle of magic you feel when holding hands as you walk down the street?

That extra sense of connectedness?

Well, it’s amplified and refined in the bedroom.

Next time you’re doing the deed, lock your fingers together- your left hand on her right and vice versa.

If you’re on top, place you hands above her hands so you can use your elbows for leverage.

Should she be riding you like a wild stallion, have her bend her arms 90 degrees at the elbow while you do the same thing so your hands meet.

This will add subtle new dimension of entwinement to the act and, at the moment of orgasm, it will give you something to squeeze like a love sponge.

Yes, that’s right. Love sponge.


Underrated sex move #3: the head grab

In terms of oral pleasure, you know that gag-inducing hands-on-head thing you do that she so much loves?

Well, she wants to do it to you just as badly.

Next time you go downtown, take her hands and place them on your head, underneath yours, “forcing” her to run her fingers through your hair and softly grasp handfuls of it.

As strangely as it might seem to you, women often contain themselves from doing this gesture because they think you might not like it or you might think they are not satisfied with your oral technique and want to teach you the right way to do it.

I know, silly, right? If she wants to hold your skull in both hands and direct it around like a dodgy shopping trolley at Wal-Mart, let her know you’re more than ok with the idea.

After all, it’s all about you going where she want you to go, and with a few indications that you’re getting it right, you’ll stay on task until she’s ready for you to stop.

Underrated sex move #4: the enthusiasm

For a man, oral sex is like a Sylvester Stallone movie: even when it’s mediocre, it’s still pretty good and he can be guaranteed to reach an explosion at the end. 

In other words, to truly turn a man on in this department, she doesn’t have to train her gag reflex into submission, perfect the art of nose breathing, or simultaneously work her hands like she was playing the flesh clarinet.

For a woman, oral sex needs a tad more technique, but there is one rule that leaves both men and women completely satisfied when it comes to oral sex.

The secret underrated turn-on here lies in simply conveying the impression that you actually want to do this.

It’s not a favor or obligation, but something you truly enjoy. For at least five minutes.

Just a quick word of warning, though:

The combination of your technique and enthusiasm could be so overpowering that things can blow up pretty… prematurely.

So, if you want her to last longer, the first time she twitches, back off and start pleasuring her elsewhere, then go back to the main course.

She’ll finish with a bigger bang than the actual… Big Bang!

Underrated sex move #5: The tilt and raise

Wanna know the one thing that takes her from dry to high?

It’s the tilt and raise. The what? Cast your mind back to that first tentative kiss with her.

Remember how she leaned in and then you met her the rest of the journey in a subconscious sign that you were happy with where things were heading?

Well, do the same with her vagina.

Some of you may already be doing it without realizing it, but here’s how to do it properly.

As you position Mr. Happy for entry, instead of simply waiting to reach contact, tilt her pelvis accordingly and move her hips slightly forwards or backwards, depending on the position.

It only has to be a couple of centimeters, but in her mind, this sex move signals that you’re so aroused that you can’t wait those extra, motionless split seconds to get started. 

Because, at the end of the day, the most underrated sex moves you can pull off in the bedroom is showing a woman she has really, really, really got you where you want to be.

#6. How to boost your emotional connection

In order to boost your emotional connection, which is what she needs in order to orgasm, you guys still have much more to take in.

If you want to know how to go from getting your leg over to a hand-holding climax, listen ahead, you’re going to be given some pretty intense pieces of advice.

Along With Secret Sex Moves to Surprise Your Woman Remember This Too.

#7. Size does matter

Inside the body, the clitoris is about 13 centimeters long and splits into two spongy tissue and nerve endings that extend toward the back of her thighs.

This means you can stimulate her genitals without actually touching them.

Try gentle bottom smacking. It can resonate beyond the derriere, teasing nerve endings in the groin, too.

#8. Secret Sex Moves - Sniffing your neck can bring her to orgasm.

You can affect the intensity of her orgasm by smell.

Sniffing male pheromones heightens the feeling she has in the sack.

Lots of pheromones are produced where your neck meets the shoulder blade.

So, firmly maneuver her into a position where she can nuzzle your neck as she’s coming.

#9. Clitoral timing

Clitoral sensitivity changes during arousal, so you need a variety of pressures to keep it stimulated.

How to work and stimulate the clitoris

1) gently massage around it, without touching it directly, 

2) just before orgasm, use strong pressure directly on it,

3) avoid touching it afterwards; the fired-up nerve endings can make her hypersensitive.

Stop moving right before she comes Women can lose their orgasm if the rhythm goes.

To avoid this, you should stop moving when she’s on the brink of orgasm and let her use you as a “point of resistance” to take herself over the edge.

At the critical point, when she becomes over-enthusiastic, just stop and hold her until she comes.

The upper lip is like a second clitoris According to Eastern sexual practices, her upper lip corresponds to her clitoris.

Apparently, she can orgasm just by being sucked there!

Do to her mouth what you do to her “down there” region.

Focus on the upper lip, and soon a line of emotional energy will form itself from her mouth to her clitoris.

#10. Kino Spots Sex Move

#14. Use your ring finger to touch her - This is a secret sex move to please her.

According to, a woman’s sexual experience is heightened if the parts of the body you and your partner use are “in harmony”, and the ring finger has “harmonic affinity” with the genitals.

Slide your ring finger inside her and then bend it before pulling it slowly forward, out of the vagina, to massage the clitoris.

The small of her back is a super-hot spot. Rich in nerve endings, this area’s also home to various pressure points that increase blood flow to the pelvic region, and is a neglected erogenous zone.

Sexpert Charlotte Kane, author of Sex Machine:

A Man’s Guide to What Really Pleases a Woman in Bed, reveals the sex move that will encompass the lot:

“Have her lie on her front while you dribble warm massage oil down her spine and between her buttocks, gently rubbing from her neck to the small of her back to her vagina.

You should then enter her from behind, so her back is stimulated by your belly.”"

A woman can be satisfied without an orgasm

#15 Secret Sex Move - A woman can be satisfied without an "O"

The secret is this: rather than building up to orgasm in one go, build up to it over four or five sessions.

Turn sex into an orgasm learning process that’s sexy for you both.

You’ll end each encounter feeling excited about the next one.

In order to learn exactly what makes her come, ask her to masturbate while you watch.

Describe aloud what’s happening to her clitoris and labia as she gets turned on.

It can be seductive to hear what happens to someone’s body during arousal.

This sexy show-and-tell will also teach you what she responds to so that you can try it for yourself.

Touching her earlobes can increase the chance of an orgasm

Weird, but true. Massaging her earlobes triggers a release of endorphins, which work to totally relax the body.

Brain studies show that women can experience orgasm much more easily if their brain’s stress centers are deactivated.

And endorphins do just that. Focus on that area, softly touching and massaging her ears.

This will heighten arousal even more if you keep up the eye contact.

#16. Secret Sex Move - She can come again and again

Not all women are lucky enough to have multiple orgasms, but you can help your partner have more than one by stopping for short breaks.

The clitoris can be painfully sensitive after orgasm, but the intensity will have lessened after about three minutes, so she’ll still be turned on and relaxed, and she should be able to come again.

Once she comes, pause for a few minutes, laying beside her and caressing her body in a semi-sexual way, to keep her interested.

Once she’s ready for more, she’ll turn to you for some more of your delicious treats.

#17. Secret Sex Move - Lube is your best friend It’s a proven fact:

Women who bust out the lube experience more satisfaction and stronger orgasms than those who don’t. 

Need some ideas for unleashing this lightning in a bottle. I thought of a few…

  1. Get a soft-haired paintbrush and “paint” her with lube. She’ll be dying by the time you’re done.
  2. Dab some flavored lube onto your lips in front of her. Once they’re nice and watery, go down on her.
  3. Throw a bottle in the fridge. Later, squeeze a few drops onto the small of your partner’s back and massage- it will give her sexy chills.
  4. Slather her with lube, but institute a no-hands-allowed rule. Seeing you get creative will seriously turn her on.
  5. Mix a few flavors to create new combos, like strawberry-banana.
  6. Apply a flavored type to her ta-tas, and draw a line along her inner thighs from her knees to her lady bits. Then lick it off. S.L.O.W.L.Y
  7. Put a drop in the tip of your condom to intensify your pleasure as well.
  8. One thing silicone types are perfect for: shower sex (they don’t rinse off the way natural lubricants and water-based varieties do). So keep a bottle next to her shampoo for spur-of the-moment ideas.
  9. To give her an amazing hand job, use warming lube to start. After a few minutes, wash your hands. Then switch to a cooling kind. The different sensations will drive her wild.
  10. During sex, coat your fingers and massage her perineum (the area between her vagina and anus).
  11. Work it all over your chest and massage her breasts with it.
  12. Blindfold her, and see if she can tell the difference between your lips and fingers when they’re both covered in lube.
  13. Squeeze some lube into your palm, then rub it against her clitoris. Since the stuff heightens her sensitivity, see if you can finish the job just by blowing on her.
  14. Use silicone-based lube to give each other pre-nooky rubdowns.
  15. Spread it onto her pubic bone region so she gets a tingly feeling each time you thrust.

FAQs:- Sex Moves To Surprise Your Woman And Drive Her Absolutely Wild.

#1. What can I do to surprise my girlfriend sexually?

Lick and bite every inch of her body sensually until she begs you to rock her between her legs. Eat out her entire body like a chocolate.

Her neck, lips, earlobes, breast, underarm (most men find the armpit very sexy and juicy) play with her inner thigh. Ask her what she exactly wants.

This is the best way to surprise your girlfriend or wife sexually.

#2. Can good sex Make a Woman Fall in Love?

A significant hormone released during lovemaking is oxytocin, also known as the 'cuddle hormone'. When a woman is satisfied fully she creates more of this hormone.

When this happens you can say that they are more likely to let their guard down and fall in love with a man after sex.

#3. Where do Woman like to be touched?

It's proven scientifically that the nape of a woman's neck is the most sensual as well as sexual part of her body.

Touching her there can make her feel intimate and can easily drive her crazy.

Also the skin around that area is thin and closer to the blood vessels, touching her on her nape is guaranteed to bring her closer to sexual bliss.

#4. How can I be a good husband in bed?

The one question that confuses every guy is ‘how can I be a good husband or boyfriend in bed?’

To be honest this is obviously a dream come true for any man to please his woman the way she wants.

Once again I insist if you want to drive her absolutely wild, then follow the ideas outlined in this blog to heighten her sexual pleasures.

Seduce her and please her using specific positions, erogenous zones, ideas that will make her arch her back like never before.

So guys these are my amazing well researched secret sex moves to surprise your woman in bed.

I truly believe that you loved reading this powerful sex moves guide.

If you really did. . . I request you to Watch This Amazing Video Below

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