May 5, 2022

How to Control a Woman Mind Sexually (Sneaky Stuff Inside)

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Secret Ways To Control A Woman Mind Sexually

If you are a man then my friend this is going to be a very interesting article. If you have ever wondered how to control a woman mind sexually then you are at the right place.

Today you’ll learn exactly how to control a woman sexually and arouse her at the mental level.

You see sex is beautiful and most everybody would love to have more of it. But culturally we have been shamed into hiding our desires

Let me share with you a little story.

I was in my coffee shop last week and a couple of the female employees were complaining about their lives. "Working, eating, sleeping, a little TV, that's all we do," they said.

"Now I see the problem," I said.

So I told them what they were clearly missing was . . orgasms. They both needed to have daily orgasms to help them feel good in their bodies.

"Not only is it what I think, it's science," I said with authority.

They both looked at me directly, seeing if I would break under the pressure of their scrutiny.

Then one looked at me deeply and said, "Ok. Sounds good, sir. I definitely need to do more of that."

I smiled. Took a deep breath and relaxed even more in my body. I ordered my coffee.

Then she pulled me aside and began showing me the text sex she was having with her boyfriend. "See, I guess I don't JUST work." She looked at me hard to see if I would flinch. She's testing my authority.

I smiled and said, "Thank you for sharing these with me. I love how open you are to pleasure. I think that's really beautiful in a woman.

Being open to sexual pleasure." Her eyes looked at me intensely. She relaxed more and smiled.

Then she said, "Would you like to see more texts?"

I'll let you do the math from there. Here's the thing. Authority is essential to having more sex. Because authority is confidence.

“And Authority wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and it enables you to laugh at life's realities.” – Dr. Seuss

A woman’s biggest sex organ is her mind. And if you know how to control a woman mind half the battle is already won.

You can know all the karma sutra positions, you can be able to control your orgasm for hours, you can eat pussy like a pro, but if you don’t know how to tap into her mind, you will not be able to keep her satisfied sexually and mentally.

Learning how to control a woman’s mind sexually changed my sex life.

Let me explain. I discovered this as a teenager, but it wasn’t until I realized that talking to my partner in a way, during sex, drove her into a crazy, hypnotic, erotic frenzy.

Because, with mind control, it is possible to experience and imagine anything.

In this particular case, I knew she liked Japanese Anime. I also knew she had a fantasy about being taken by a multi-tentacled monster.

So while she was in a trance, I had her conjure the sexually starved monster in her head, and bring an impossible erotic, hypnotic journey to life by controlling her mind.

Needless to say, it blew her mind. And she came so hard. It was really incredible and showed me the sheer power of erotic hypnosis to create powerful experiences in her sexual mind.

So, So, basically controlling a woman’s mind is all about hypnotic fantasy.

Hypnotic fantasy consists of you putting your partner in a trance by taking control of her mind and then describing a wild sexual fantasy or event in great detail.

What’s amazing about this technique is that it makes it possible for you both to experience literally anything.

I know this might sound intimidating, but it’s actually really easy if you understand the key points.

Putting her in a trance: My Patented, Simple, 3- Step, female mind control technique. 

Step 1: Have her take a deep breath and hold it. Tell her to count to 5 inside, then let the breath go. (If she does this for you, you are already half way there.) Have her do this three times.

Step 2: Invite her to notice where her body is tingling. Tell her to allow that sensation to increase and spread throughout her body. Her body relaxing. Her limbs heavy and relaxed.

Step 3: Tell her to go inside herself and release all the tension in her body as she goes deeper and deeper down . . . into relaxation. Invite her to keep breathing, opening, deepening. Breathing, opening, deepening.

Now, she’s already falling into trance state.

Once she’s in a light trance, create an anchor by gently touching a spot on her body that is out of the way of normal stimulation.

An anchor basically means that when you touch the spot, she slips into the trance.

I touch areas like the underside of her wrist, the skin at the inside of the elbow bend, the back of her neck, or the back of her knee.

Use gentle but firm pressure to create an anchor to the trance state. Understand that neurons that fire together wire together.

Now that she’s in a deeper trance you have power and control over her mind.

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Now Describe the hypnotic fantasy: 

Step 1: Set the scene

Where it takes place

What you are both wearing

Time of day

Foreplay activities

Intercourse and positions


Step 2: Create the fantasy

Focus on how your body and her body feel. This is important to seduce her mentally.

Describe the sensations. Remember to include all the senses – visual, auditory, tactile, taste, and smell.

You are slowly undressing. My body aches as you pull your shirt over your head.

Your nipples are standing full and erect like tiny little soldiers.

I begin to unbutton my pants slowly and as you hear the sound of my zipper, you notice your pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Paint a vivid picture for her.

It is dark out and there is a full moon. The light of the moon licks your curves and makes your skin shine. I’m thinking about where I want to lick you first.

I can tell you’re already beginning to tremble with desire and that tremble grows every time you hear my voice.

As you lay back against the bed, you can feel your body expanded more and more allowing more space for more pleasure and more _____.

Tell her how she made you feel emotionally.

No woman has ever made me feel the way you do.

Sorry to interrupt but can you see how your words are already controlling her mind sexually and emotionally.

Trust me this little things make woman want you desperately.

Ok let’s continue.

When I see you feeling sexually open and free like this, just breathing and drinking in erotic flow, I can’t help but be overcome with love and gratitude for what an incredibly special creature you are.

My cock and my heart are expanding with you.

Read through Module 6 – “Erotic Porn-Script Technique” to trigger some creative ways to describe sensations, body parts, and sex acts.



You can also add a full-body massage while you tell your hypnotic fantasy. This may involve removing some clothes and/or lead to other sexual acts that are available.

If that sounds exciting to you, don’t hold back! Go for it!

Bonus Content.

What you are about to learn how to control a woman’s mind to establish a positive impression you will emanate feelings of safety and authority that resonate within another person.

In other words, if you follow these steps she will feel overwhelmingly safe and relaxed in your presence, and she will feel this from her core.

We will accomplish this using three ideas:

Idea 1: Make direct and / or indirect suggestions. (It's important to have daily orgasms.)

Idea 2: Understand that feelings of safety lead to feelings of shared intimacy, which can result in a desire for sexual connection.

Therefore, you want to have fun learning how to hack her mind and intentionally manufacture the feeling of safety in her body.

OK, we’ll start with Idea 1 – Let’s break down what a direct suggestion is and how that can work with her inner feedback loop to escalate her sexual desire and assure there is no last minute resistance to sex.

And ensure that she won’t call you a pig.

First, invite her into her imagination – a form of waking hallucination.

Once again it’s all about controlling a woman’s mind sexually and emotionally both.

Ask her: “If you were to imagine feeling really, really sexually free right now, how would that make you feel – inside?”

This will take her imagination back to moments in her life where she felt sexually free, inducing a similar feeling in her body with you, right now.

Here’s the thing – saying something sexually evocative requires that you have previously built trust, comfort, and safety for her.

And now for Idea 2 – the Safety Hack

Unless she accepts that you have the right to have the information you asked for, or the authority, and that the context of the situation allows her to feel your genuine interest in her, you are likely to meet with pushback – especially if you are making a straight-up suggestion.

Here’s exactly how to Establish Comfort Using The Safety Hack.

Use an indirect question to discover what makes her feel safe and comfortable:

Say this exactly –

"What do you need to feel in order to be really comfortable around someone?"


"Now (pause) . . . what does it feel like when you feel incredibly attracted to someone?"


"Have you ever found yourself aching to buy something you really, really, really wanted... and the rest of the world just seems to slip away . . . and all YOU can THINK of . . . is how much you need to have this desire fulfilled?”

The idea here is to have her re-vivify (recreate) the situation fully in her mind, which then releases hormones into her body.

If her answer is a simple “yes” or “no,” then ask her to tell you more about that feeling.

Say, “Really? Tell me some more.”

Basically, your goal is to entice her with questions that cultivate and create the feeling of safety in her mind and body.

The Safety Hack has four important advantages.

1. Whatever her answers are, they will provide you with useful information about the deeper structure of her worldview. Essentially, she will either see the world as a fun, open, exciting place to explore, or she will see the world as unsafe.

2. Understanding her worldview will help you to gain control over her mind and reveal which kinds of statements are likely to ensure her sense of safety. You are discovering which qualities are sought by her to feel comfortable with somebody like you.

3. At the same time, answering your questions will force her mind to actually go through the experience and establish feelings of connection and safety. This process happens automatically when she’s trying to describe things to you.

4. And because our minds manufacture our experience of reality, all you need to do is trigger her unconscious mind to feel safe. This will make her external experience also feel safe.

A sense of safety happens in the subconscious mind. It causes her to automatically associate her subconscious feelings of safety with you – resulting in her instantly feeling more attracted to you. Yes, it’s that simple.

Using the Safety Hack, always keep in mind that you want to stimulate the feeling of deep safety in her mind and body.

Practice speaking with authority. Be confident and relaxed. Look into her eyes and cultivate good feelings in your body about her. If you feel safe in your body, she will feel safe in her body.

I will stop here. I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to control a woman mind sexually and if you really loved this article with deep insights about female mind control then you’ll also love my powerful recommendation.

If you are still with me then without wasting any time GO Watch This Powerful Video Presentation to gain control over her mind sexually and emotionally both.

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