May 4, 2022

How to Make Girl Wet (10 Sex Bombs To Moisten Her Panties)

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Do you know that women talk about sex way more than men do? If you listen to a group of hot girls for ten minutes your ears will turn red. What I mean is women love sex as much as you and I do and still after all that men wonder how to make a girl wet?

Isn’t that strange? There are many ways to making a girl wet but understanding EXACTLY what makes a girl wet requires extra effort.

But do not worry in this powerful guide I will show you exactly how to make a girl wet over text and also using some other powerful seduction steps and formulas.

In other words, there are some amazing ways to ease yourself into the concept of getting her wet and catch her sexual attention (in a good way).

Here Are 10 Steps to Get HER WET, HORNY AND DIRTY.

#1. Be Physically Attractive To Get Wet.

It’s easy to get lackadaisical when it comes to making yourself all shiny and new for your girl.

If you wish to get a girl wet and seduced, you must keep up on basic hygiene as well as care about your appearance.

In other words, think about how physically attracted you are to your partner.

The more physically attractive clean and masculine you feel and appear in her eyes, the more will be your chances of making her wet and horny.

While it’s true that men are more aroused by physical cues and women less so, but believe me female population is also prone to noticing changes.

So your appearance really matters and it’s the little subtleties that will get her sexually addicted to you and also make her wet and sexually aroused.

#2. Make Her Feel Special to Get Horny And Seduced.

Making a woman feel special is not about getting her wet in fact it’s about letting her know that you care.

By offering a few hints that aren’t physical – a wink quick text, email or a short note.

By doing these little things you set the right tone for romance as this helps to slowly raise the heat with your girl.

Many sex therapists agree – women need to feel a connection with her partner in order segue into steamy sex.

Trust me boys it just takes two minutes to let her know that she is on your mind and it is also something that will stay on her mind for hours and also get her wet and juicy for you.

#3. Kiss Her Passionately To Get Her Wet For You.

What If I asked you to KISS her… I mean really kiss her to get those juices running.

Send her off with her heart pounding and her body tingling, or sweep her off her feet when she comes in the door with one long passionate kiss.

Stop and place your hand on her cheek or under her chin at a completely random moment, in the midst of everyday chaos look into her eyes and give her a wink.

Give her leg the gentlest of strokes on her back while kissing and see how wet she gets with this subtle little gestures.

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How to make a girl wet over text – Seductive Examples of Anticipation Builders.

#4. Create Anticipation With Flirty Text and Dirty Talk.

Read this dirty lines below…..and use them as text to get her wet and turned on.

“When we meet today . . .

” “Here’s what you’re going to do . . .

” “Here’s what’s going to happen . . .

” “Can you Imagine What I’m going to do to you . . .

” “I’m going to . . .

” “I’m going to make you feel sooo good . . .

” “How excited are you right now.

” “I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Trust me this text will not build the anticipation for sex in her mind but it will also make her wet and moisten her panties from inside.


Examples of Orders . . . .texts to get her wet.

“When you meet today..

 I want you to  . . .

” “Leave your panties in the car . . .

” “Lay down on the bed and close your eyes . . .

” “Meet me at (hotel or any place you both choose)

” “Don’t say anything when I see you . . .

” “If you want your surprise you’ll have to . . .”

Continuing Our Examples from Before . . .

You: Did you like that?

Her: Yesss . . .

You: You’re going to like it even more tonight . . .

Her: Really? But we have soccer practice . . .

You: I’ve taken care of it. =-)

You: I want you to come home tonight . . .

You: Go right to the bedroom . . .

You: Put on that skirt . . .

You: Lay down .

Continuing Our Examples from Before . . .

You: And wait for me to show you how sexy you are.

Her: . . . OK . . . (then later)

You: tic, tic, tic =-)

You: Looking forward to tonight?

Her: Hell yes. =-) You: I’ve got a surprise for you . .

Hot stuff… isn’t it… Use this or modify them to turn her on and get her wet over text.

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#5. Take it Slooow! Slow is What Makes a Girl Wet Horny and Seduced.

There’s a time and a place for “wham bam, thank you, ma’am” hard and fast sex.

Sure, it can be fun and exhilarating, but the truth is that just because she reacted well to it once, does not mean she is into it all the time.

If sex is done and dusted in the time that takes to heat up a microwave dinner, stop, slow it down, and the focus off the final act altogether.

Rather than rushing straight to the end result of ho-hum penetrative sex, take the time to slow down.

Forget the sex part, forget the nudity part even. Take away the element of having to get to the “end”.

It sounds cheesy, but sometimes women want to make love, rather than make the bed break.

Try starting off slow. She’ll be more than pleasantly surprised… and seduced.

And she being turned on is your ultimate turn on as well, after all.

Also don’t be afraid to ask her how exactly she’d want you to proceed.

Ask her to be specific about what she wants, as her idea of romantic sex might be different from yours.

You’re not in it just for yourself- making sure she’s satisfied should be part of your mission, so make sure you know what works for her also and dude she will certainly get her wet and horny.


#6. Hands are Sexy! Touch Her To Make Her Wet

You may not think of hands as being a sexy part of a guy’s body, but I bet your partner does.

And, if she doesn’t yet, she soon will.

According to a pool by, men’s hands comes in at the number 5 position in the sexiest parts on the male body as voted by women.

Not because the size of your hands, in theory, compares with the size of your genitals, either.

The allure of strong, sexy, muscular hands has to do with how it reminds a woman of what men can do with their hands like holding, feeling, touching, hugging, groping, squeezing and oh yeah, fingering!

Hands can be very intimate indeed and can be amazing tools for lovemaking.

A sensual stroke of your hands with a bit more pressure than a teasing stroke, rather like a caress. It is usually slow, seductive and lingering.

You can use your fingers, or the sides of your hands or full palms to create a sensual stroke which will certainly get her wet and have her juices flowing.

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How to Make a Girl Wet By Touching HER Intimate Parts.

#7. Touch Her Erogenous Zones To Get Make Her Wet.

The most obvious erogenous parts of her body we think of touching during love play are the genitals.

This includes on women the public mound, the vulva, the clitoris, the U-spot, the vagina, G-spot and A-spot as well as the perineum, PS-spot and the anus and buttocks.

However, there are other areas of the body which also react favorably to erotic touch including the breasts, nipples underarms, neck, ears, face, lips, eyelids, toes and feet, inner thighs, sides of the torso, backs of knees and inside elbows, the back and the head.

So, don’t neglect these areas, especially during foreplay, as they can be key to her arousal.

#8. Don’t Be Quiet….Communicate While Touching to Get Her Wet.

You’ve probably have read this many times, that communication is the key to great sex.

It really is! So, make sure she is on the same page as you are before you begin poking her with your fingers.

She needs to be highly wet and as excited about exploring this as you are.

Communication doesn’t end with the “before having sex talk”.

During your sexual explorations, you need to both communicate on what is working and what is not.

Tune into her body language.

Ask her for verbal clues like “Don’t stop”, “Slower”, “Faster”, “Harder”, “Softer”, “Right there”, and so on.

Let her guide you so you know you are doing it right. Finally, don’t forget to urge her on with your own words. ​

her know how much this excites you and turns you on.

I’m not saying you should be a chatter box during your s​​ex play, but the occasional:

“Oh, baby, you are really turning me on” will make her feel much sexier in your journey together.

How do I make my girlfriend horny without touching her

#9. Creating a Sexy Space and Get Her In the Mood

Create your love pad ahead of time to avoid interrupting your sexy time together.

You’ll want to create a safe, relaxed and sensual environment to get you both in the mood

This will ensure you have a passionate night of sex, rather than stumbling around in the dark looking for your play things.

To create your love pad try these tips:

• Dim the lights and light candles.

• Turn up the heat to create a cozy temperature.

• Turn off the phone and lock the doors.  You don’t want to be disturbed!

• Prepare your bed for sex play and erotic massage.  Cover your bed with a soft sheet. Gather towels to absorb any body fluids she may emit, such as female ejaculate. Have lots of pillows handy to prop her up and put her into position

• Light incense, add mood music, or choose scented candles.

• Have massage oils and lots of lubricant on hand and within easy reach. Having a pump bottle filled with lube and one with massage oil will give you easy access.  

And, remember, you can never use enough lube during sexual exploration.

You may want to even try erotic massage candles that once heated, you pour over your lover’s body for massage.  These are especially stimulating and erotic.

Make sure they are special massage candles, as these do not burn when applied, like regular wax ones do.

• Have vinyl gloves on hand. This is especially important for anal play and fingering.  Latex gloves will deteriorate when using oils, so I recommend vinyl gloves instead. 

• If you are using sex toys have them assembled nearby as well.

#10. Flirting, Foreplay and Seduction

Your date night can start earlier in the day with a little bit of flirting to build anticipation.

Think of this as a slow seduction that starts hours before the actual event.  

Leave her hot little sexy notes (pickup lines) that she can find around the house to remind her of what is to come later.  

Send her short sexy text messages throughout the day.  

Buy her some sexy lingerie and have it lying on the bed (in your new love pad) so she can prepare to greet you with sexy confidence.

The anticipation you create will turn on her sexy receptors and get her fired up for pleasure.

I will stop here. I believe this 10 powerful ways are sexy enough to help you learn how to make a girl wet.

Use them in your personal life as they work for single dating and already married men. Guys have lot of sex and give her all your love.

FAQs – How To Make a Girl Wet And Super Horny?

#1. What are the best ways to make a woman wet?

Sex is something that a woman needs to enjoy freely. Fortunately, there are many ways to make a woman wet. Lubrication, fingering her using lubes, or using your tongue can get her intensely HORNY in the bedroom.

#2. Which body part makes women horny easily?

It depends from woman to woman. You can get her wet and horny by licking her boobs, or caressing and biting her neck or earlobes. 

Every woman has different erogenous zones so you need to keep experimenting with your partner to find out what makes her more horny and seduced.

#3. How do you tell when a girl is wet?

When a woman is a wet blood starts to flow around her vaginal parts, making her vaginal walls and clitoris swell and turn red. This enhanced flow of blood also produces more vaginal fluid which makes her wet and sensitive.

#4. How do I make my girlfriend horny without touching her?

Talking dirty to a woman is the best way to make her horny and wet without touching.

Here are some powerful dirty talking lines you can use to make your girl horny.

#1. I want to French kiss you between your legs.
#2. I am going to Fuck you until you can’t stand it.
#3. Don’t wear your panties when I am with you
#4. I love the way you deepthroat my rock-hard dick.
#5. I want to lick you softly and then ravish you.

#5. What if she can’t get wet?

There are many reasons why your girl is not getting wet, but the main reason could be the alteration in the levels of estrogen and other hormones in her body. 

But if you follow the steps outlined in this guide there is every chance that you’ll be able to make your girl super horny and wet without any problems.

And Yes! before I stop I request you to Watch The Following Video Presentation to make a woman sexually and emotionally obsessed with you.

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