May 4, 2022

7 Seductive Sex Games For Couples To Get Horny Again

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One of the advanced tricks about taking control in the bed room is by understanding how to build in peaks and valleys to your sexual adventures by adding some kinky sex games in your routine sex life.

It's because once you’ve been in a monogamous couple for a while, you may begin to feel the need to spice things up in the bedroom with some sex games.

This is absolutely OK and you don't need to feel insecure as if something is “wrong” with you or your partner.

All you need to do is discover some freaking sex games that will reignite the sexual intimacy and lost passion in you and your partner again.

The point here is to keep the intrigue and interest levels high by building in some highs and lows. It’s also a way to add some thrill and chase into your sex life.

Remember surprise is one of the ways you trigger that flood of delicious dopamine in your brain.

Today, I am sharing with you some sex games for couples to open your mind to new heights of sexual adventure.

Now before we continue this article on sex games for couples. I want you to understand one thing that sex is fun and is the way you playfully connect.

It’s more to give you a working game plan that will be effective for your sex life.

Remember you are the boss, here! So with this words let's add some hot sex fun in your boring sex life again.

One last thing the content in this article applies for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.

Read till the end as in the end I have a special recommendation for you which will transform your sex life as a whole.

#1. Tie Me Up

You probably know how exciting bondage sex can turn out if done correctly. Just visualize the picture in your mind of your man wearing a leather mask holding a bullwhip, or a woman in thigh-high black boots and nipple clamps.

To be honest Full-on bondage or BDSM is a bit terrifying for many couples.

But there’s a related sex game that won’t have your partner calling 911. If you ask me we personally like to keep a silk scarf next to our bed. When my wife is on top, sometimes she tie my hands together.

The idea is to use a big loose knot, so your partner feels steady but not disabled.

So, say, “I’m going to tie you up. Let me know if you’re uncomfortable and I’ll let you go, okay?” With your partner’s consent, tie their hands over their heads, to the head board if possible, with a bow knot or something easy to untie.

The idea isn’t to hold them hostage – but to take away their power of control. Once your partner is tied, you can tease them with a feather, or light licks and kisses all over their body, or oral sex, or just about anything you can think of that is seducing.

This is one of the best sex games for couples that can bring the thrill and excitement back only if you're not afraid to implement it in your bedroom.

#2. Cards And Dice

There are three fun sex games that add lot of adventure, thrill and fun element to your sex life. The idea here is to add that unexpected element to your foreplay and sex.

# Wheel of Passion Sex Game - 

This is a quite straight-forward spin the spinner and do what it says. This sex game is not very imaginative. Still it can bring something new and exciting in your bedroom.

# Erotic Dice - 

This one is awesome! These plastic glow-in-the-dark dice come in pairs. One die has body parts on it (lips, nipples),and the other has verbs (lick, pinch). They’re a very simple and fun game that really keeps you seduced during foreplay.

#Card Game For Lovers - 

This sex game is more about exploring new and hidden sexual desires of your partner. Each game takes approximately two hours and consists of taking a card from the stack and following the instructions.

Some of them are sex-related, others aren’t. Even though it’s not 100% bedroom type, you will still love this card game because it inspires both men and women to explore their relationship.

#3. Dirty Talking Game For Couples Using Teasing Words

This is a bit different from normal couple sex games. It incredibly  powerful because it involves dirty talking.

But the fact is dirty talking when done in the right manner displays confidence and wit, and it’s a way to steer an otherwise normal conversation toward something naughty.

Adding a little verbal sexting with a wink and a nod playfully catches your partner's attention.

So how do you inject cheesy teasing words into a conversation?

The first step is to look for opportunities. Trigger words like wet, hot, hard, rocking, sliding, top, etc. are good to start.

Say for instance:

Him: Wow, it’s so stormy out today!

You: Hmmm, yes, I went outside and got all wet 😉

Him: The sales presentation went great. I think my bid will come out on top.

You: Being on top is the best 😉

Him: What movie should we go see?

You: How about something stimulating with a great ending ;)The kicker is when he responds to your use of teasing words, you playfully go back to the proper conversation you were having:

Him: Wow, it’s so stormy out today!

You: Hmmm, yes, I went outside and got all wet 😉

Him: Oh really, you are all wet right now? 😛

You: Yes, my hair is a mess. Now, what time will you be home?:)

Him: The sales presentation went great. I think my bid will come out on top.You: Being on top is the best 😉

Him: I like it when you are on top too 😉

You: Haha, so yes, let me know when you hear back from the client on your bid.

Believe me this is an awesome way to add some spice in your sex life with some sexy lines.

#4. Clothing And Sex Games

The best way to bring clothing into sex games is simply not to undress completely. 

Undress your partner but only little, and remember not undress yourself. Feel the tickle of your clothing against your partner’s skin.

Buttons, belt buckles, your cuff, the tail of your shirt all these stuffs can create mind blowing sensations. Many women enjoy the feeling of being dominated by their man and with your clothes on gives feeling of dominance.

If you ask me this is my wife's favorite sex games. It’s tough for me to explain why it’s so arousing, but she always tell me:

The thought of you being on top of me, fully dressed, really turns me on ; )

To be honest when it comes to role playing most couple have that negative mental barrier and that's the reason they avoid including role playing into their sex lives.

But you must realize that over time when sex life becomes stale you've to incorporate some naughty sex stuffs like role playing ideas to add new tools in your sex life and explore your fantasies fully. 

Remember Don’t be insecure – be adventurous. when you play sex games, you both win!

7 Incredible Sex Games For Couples To Get Seduced Again

#5. Play Time

Set aside some alone time when you won’t have to watch the clock and won’t be disturbed. Making a special night of it is fun. Going to a hotel room for the night opens up tons of role-playing possibilities.

You can be elaborate and do something spicy like:

#Pretend you are strangers who meet in a hotel bar. Have a drink and make small talk. Then slip this sexy stranger your room key.

#Role-play that you order up an in room massage where the sexy masseuse delivers more than a rub-down from the spa menu.

#Take advantage of a different environment and furniture. Sometimes it’s easier to let go of worries or inhibitions when you are in unfamiliar surroundings.

And you can also try this out in the comfort of your own home. There isn’t a wrong way to experiment!

This is again an amazing sex games for couples but this one is something that you can once in 3 to 4 months and not very frequently as it can get little expensive.

but I definitely want you to include this one in your sex games arsenal.

#6. Sex Games For Married Couples Through Skype

You may be wondering how is it possible to play a sex game through skype.

To be honest this one is not my creation I happened to read this information in language of desire program by Felicity Keith one of the best selling author of the program language of desire.

With Skype, you have the ability to do a voice-only call, but here, she's specifically talking about delivering this with video ON. You can also use Google Hangouts or an iPhone if you choose.

The point is you will be able to see one another in real time.

Does that freak you out? It’s okay. Doing a video call is a more advanced form of delivery. For some of you, you may never feel up to doing a video call.

Or you simply might not have the ability to if you live with other people or don’t have the technology. And that’s fine if you stay with text or phone.

The preparation is much the same as doing a phone call. Before you schedule the video call, you will want to practice reading through your script many times out loud.

You will also want to practice in front of the mirror. You will need to think about facial expressions since this is video.

Think about being “in character” when you read through. Yes, you are playing yourself in the movie, but it’s okay to have a little fun and act a little bit.

Tell him you’d like to try out a video call so you can see his face. Just talk about whatever comes to mind. This is your trial tech run for your movie, only he doesn’t know that 😉

Before you call him up on video:

Make sure you’ve done at least one video call together on the app so you are comfortable using the technology.

Read over your list of what turns you on

Read through your script and have your printout with you

If you can, put on the outfit you describe in the movie (or a close approximation). If that isn’t possible, wear something sexy like lingerie or a silk robe.

Make sure you’ve styled your hair and applied a little makeup so you feel pretty

Dim the lights slightly, but not so low that the camera doesn’t work.

Make sure all distractions and interruptions are at bay (children,pets, etc.)

Remember: you are confident and sexy and you are about to totally blow his mind! 😉

When you get him online, go ahead and tell him that you have a story you want to share with him.

Give him permission to sit back, watch,and listen.When you reach the end of the script, let him know you are done.

Just like with the phone call, I recommend ending it quickly. Keep in mind that he may have a raging boner at this point.

And if he is slightly shy and didn’t masturbate during the video call, he may desperately want to do that right now.

#7. Last But Not Least - Always Include Surprise, Teasers and Triggers in Your Sex Life

The reason why sex games for married couples and even unmarried couples matters a lot is because role playing and sex games are the best ways to raise your dopamine, and consequently oxytocin, is to add teasers, surprise, and specific triggers to your sex life.

Dopamine responds to triggers, and this is where the tips in this article will act as a catalyst to recharge you and your partner to have a sizzling sex life.

When you introduce a new way to enjoy sex—whether it’s dirty talk or phone sex, or role-playing— it’s acts as a teaser for you and your partner.

You can also use the element of surprise. Sending a racy text unexpectedly, whipping out a sex toy without warning, or suddenly changing into “character” are all ways to surprise one another. 

Because things like dirty talk, sex toys, or role play lead to sex, dopamine levels will rise due to sex being the predicted reward when you subsequently use them. 

Rise in dopamine = more desire and hotter, more connected sex!

This is the reason adding teasers and triggers is really important to prevent your sex life from turning stale in the long run.

And to overcome this problem, I recommend you guys try this amazing programs one is for women and the other one is for men.

Both are awesome programs best selling and designed to take your love and sex life to the highest level.

Check them below:

I will stop here I hope you loved this article on sex games for couples. Please share this article with other couples around you and also do not forget to watch the video above they're truly amazing. BYE TAKE CARE love you all keep coming back.

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