May 5, 2022

List of 11 Reason For Divorce For Rise In Divorce Numbers

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Mistakes And Reasons For Divorce In Marriage

It is said where there is love there is no space for hatred and betrayal. If this saying is true why couples decide to get separated.

What are the top reasons for divorce? Why marriages fail? It’s a big question that needs to be answered. And I believe the answer to this question lies in your heart. Being in relationship it’s the couples who create unwanted circumstances which eventually turns into top reasons for divorce. In most situations we think sexual abuse is the main cause for rise in divorce rate.

But sexual abuse is not the only prime reason responsible for rise in divorce statistics all over the world. The top most reasons for divorce is lack of proper communication between couples that pushes your beautiful married life towards failure and divorce. Let’s find out some common problems faced by couples in their relationship which is the reason why most marriages fail.

reasons for divorce

1. Commitment issues

Lack of commitment is the most common reasons for divorce but how does commitment issue arise? Suppose you asked your partner to get some important work done in time.

In the initial period of marriage he or she would do your important work on priority as everything is new. You feel like the perfect couple ready to do all sacrifices for your partner. But later things change and there comes the commitment issue.

Can you continue to give top priority to your partner’s needs and wants for long enough even after your marriage gets old? It’s a big question pause to think about it for a minute. Commitment is not for a day, week, month or a year.

It’s for life time just like marriage is for life time. We don’t get married for a day, week, month or a year. It’s a life time journey same holds true for commitment too and when commitment breaks due to non fulfillment of little expectations.

It slowly turns into major causes for divorce which is the reason why divorce rate are increasing alarmingly all over the world. If you really want to save your marriage you must follow this link once

2. No physical affection

By physical affection I am not talking only about sex. No doubt good sex life is amazingly awesome and hot in any relationship.

But sexual satisfaction is altogether different from physical affection. Physical affection is by showing little gestures to make your partner feel special and happy.

For example goodnight kisses, a warm hello, tight hugs, holding hands while going out, gently curling the fingers in your partners hairs, a small note beneath the pillow saying ‘’I love you, you are the best gift of my life”.

This are small gestures but do world of good for moving your relationship a little farther. Couples who fail to build strong intimate connection in their marital relationship through little gestures of physical affection become stranger in the longer run. That is again one of the strong reasons for divorce and increase in divorce statistics.

continuous fight and argument

3. Continuous fight and argument

There is no harm in arguing and fighting every once in a while in marriage as it is believed little fights increases the intensity of love.

But continuous fight and argument without any outcome only creates frustration and anger issues in married life. It happens because you tend to look only in one direction trusting your own perspective and thoughts ignoring your partners.

You think only you are right and the other person is absolutely wrong. When you develop this sort of perception and feeling it destroy and kills your married life from deep inside. Relationship is all about finding solutions to problems by having healthy arguments and discussions.

When a couple lacks the will to discuss issues in a healthy manner to make their marriage work with mutual understanding. It shows the vulnerability of their married life which is again one of the top reasons for divorce.

4. Cheating in marriage

As per recent survey cheating is one of the most common reasons for rise in divorce rates in America and many other countries all over the world. Cheating or infidelity is not something that is planned in any relationship.

It happens on its own starts with friendship grows with close bonding turns into emotional affair and than physical. Ultimately you end up betraying your partner but have you ever tried to find the root cause of infidelity why it occurs.

It happens because of continuous ignorance, abuse, sex less marriage, lack of satisfaction, anger and anguish. Cheating in any relationship is the outcome of these unwanted behaviors which is the reason why divorce rate are increasing alarmingly all over the world.

5. Different interest and taste

It doesn’t matter what you like and what are your preferences when it comes to interest and taste. What matters the most how much importance you give to your partner’s interests and taste. Enjoying and exploring each other’s interest together helps to build to strong connection in married life.

It’s not only about “me time” it’s also about “our time” which is possible only by developing enough passion and interest towards your partner’s hobbies and experiencing them together and happily.

You need to get comfortable with the taste of your partner, it could be anything music, food, reading, movies, sports or cooking.

Every couple needs to build intimacy by creating environment where each other’s interest becomes blissful. If you are not able to create that environment you will feel like you are drowning and your marriage will fall apart which is again a major factor for increasing divorce statistics all over the world.

6. Emotional and Verbal abuse

It is very disheartening statistics that nearly 29 percent of couples get divorced due to emotional and verbal abuse. Abuse never occurs in a relationship overnight, it starts slowly but becomes chronic due to continuous ignorance.

Note that as the marriage gets old the intimacy level also fades with time. It’s tough to maintain the same level of intensity all the time.

If one partner has an off day he or she is not comfortable and the other partner instead of handling the situation peacefully thinks he is not as romantic as he was earlier or she isn’t as sexual. This sort of feeling slowly drops the intimacy level in marriage and later turns into emotional and verbal abuse.

emotional abuse

7. Sex less Marriage

Sex is very important for keeping the romance alive in any marriage. If sex dies romance will definitely die and your marriage too.

For men romance starts with sexual anticipation as sex keeps them going. As far as women are concerned sex is concerned with emotional touch. For a women romance itself is emotion and sex only is not their top priority.

Sex for women is a feeling of being connected and loved by their partner. As long as both are getting what they want things look green but the moment sex life gets disturbed the whole marriage gets disturbed which is again one of the top reasons for divorce.

8. He or She is changed

It happens many a times in married life where couple complain that he or she has changed over time. He or she is not the same person that you got married to. I believe it’s in human nature we all change with time and we change because the situation demands and not because we want to.

What important is to accept the change in your partner and move on happily with the relationship rather than blaming each other.

Change is inevitable but accepting the change skillfully and reconciling the difference peacefully is what is required in a marriage.

The ultimate goal should be to protect the marriage by accepting each other’s good qualities and bad qualities. If you fail to accept the changes in your partner it will only lead to divorce and failure.

9. Bad Addiction

This is really one of the common problems in married life where in most situations a woman is the victim of man’s bad addictions. Gambling, drug, alcohol and sexual addiction are common problems that lead to divorce.

Bad addiction most of the times turn into physical violence which is a sign of an unhealthy marriage. Being in such tortured environment can be threatening for a woman’s life which demands immediate action as being in that environment is unhealthy and unacceptable.

In most situations divorce is the only option left for the victim which is again one of the major reasons for divorce rate getting higher and higher.

Age plays a very important role in the success of any marriage. According to study by Wharton School of Pennsylvania university couples that get married at young age face lot of problems related to maturity, money issues, communication gap and love less marriage.

It’s important to get married at the right age, right time and with the right kind of girl or guy. Getting married is not about initial honeymoon phase and hot romance.

It’s a long term goal that requires maturity, honesty and commitment. Most couples who get married at early age don’t possess this quality to build strong foundation in their married life which is the reason why most marriages fail.

11. Married but not happy

Divorce happens when you are not happy in your married life. Sometimes you get married but than you realize you are not happy.

Though things are working fine still you get a feeling that something is missing and it haunts your mind. You feel dull and dejected as if there is no spark and no intimacy in  marriage. Nothing feels like it was before. You start to think whether you guys are compatible with each other or not.

It happens when two people unwillingly try to do things they don’t want to do to keep their partner happy. It eventually ends up in dreadful situation for both the partners creating doubts and instability in their minds.

In most situations this unhappiness in marriage leads to cheating. As you try to find love outside your marriage which is again one of the top reasons for divorce statistics increasing alarmingly in the world. Every couple in their married life needs to understand and realize one very important thing.

In order to make your marriage work both the partners need to keep their hearts open to talk clearly to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Rather than blaming each other understanding each other’s feelings and emotions is the only medicine for a healthy married life.

Work on problems and solve them mutually with each other’s consent. Note that little acceptance, little love and little understanding is a perfect combination and recipe for a healthy married life.

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